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Hello everyone. We continue to design a wi-fi internet radio. Previous videos on this topic, see here at the end of this video or below in the description. Since there is very little on the Internet information on this subject is necessary to devote a huge amount of time to its search processing and also to testing and
Programming. Many thanks to my friend Sergey, as he, with his energy and desire to achieve our common goal, gives you already verified and projected information that you are now watching. In previous videos, we talked in detail about the modules with which you can now make yourself or your friends a simple wi-fi internet radio. It requires only a few components MP3 Module VS1053
Wireless module NodeMcu V3 Power Supply And firmware If you have an unused radio, a tape recorder or audio speakers at home then these modules can be installed in the device case and you will have your own wi-fi internet receiver. We plan to make wi-fi internet radio gadget with individual case made of acrylic, with two Audio speakers and with a touch screen For this we need additional components about which we told in the previous video. But while the modules are flying to us from China, let’s see what can be done from what we already have We flash the wi-fi module using a computer and connect the power with a standard USB cable We take power from the module and power mp3 vs1053. Through the audio connector in the sound card, you can connect headphones or audio speakers. In our case, the self-made amplifier was connected to the audio speakers. For the initial tuning of the Internet radio the firmware is used which was hardly found on the Internet. With the help of it we register in the wi-fi module the login and password from our router so that the module can connect to the access point and process audio streams from the Internet. Firmware allows you to add and edit the list of Internet radio stations, control the playback of audio stream, increase and decrease the volume display the names of the radio station and music tracks There is a small adjustment of the frequency range for audio stream playback. Since the firmware is used only for the initial tuning of the Internet radio receiver program for the operating system Androyd was written for the online control of the Internet radio receiver From any device on the Androyd through a wi-fi signal you can control the operating modes of the radio. The program allows you to switch radio stations, increase decrease the level
Audio sound, display the name of the radio station and the music tracks. Those. All the main functions that are necessary for the normal use of the Internet radio receiver If you have any questions or suggestions write in the comments under this video We will try to answer them. All references to the components that we use in our project are under this video Do not forget to use the discount ePN service to receive a permanent discount on the aliexpress website. All the accessories we order only through it and get a discount of 8.5 percent from each order. And in order to find the minimum price for goods, we Use the browser plug-in from the service EPN You need to follow the link below this video. Register on the service EPN, install the plug-in and receive constant discounts for all products at the lowest prices. Other our videos on other topics you can see here or here Thank you all for watching and for clicking on the likes and share. Bye.


    — Wi-Fi ESP8266
    — Звуковой модуль VS1053
    — Сенсорная панель
    — Arduino
    — Аудио усилитель
    — Сенсорные кнопки
    — Эпоксидные платы
    — Повышающий преобразователь


  2. Спасибо заказал тоже комплектующие со скидкой через епн

  3. Dobrij denj!
    Vse priehalo iz Kitaja, no u menja bolsaja prosba, dajte shemu kak nado podklucit moduli mezdu soboj, i sag po sag kak nado prosit modul danoj prosivkoj! Spasibo i privet iz Sebiji.

  4. отличная идея. Решил сделать wi-fi радио. Заказал по ссылкам под видео.

  5. отличная идея. У нас тоже такая проблема. Заказали по вашим ссылкам. Спасибо. Ждем теперь для посылки.

  6. да видел на эту тему. Классно. Но как то не слишком актуально это, обычно там где есть wi fi там же есть и гаджет на котором можно слушать интернет радио.

  7. ".. используется прошивка которую мы с трудом нашли в интернете…" бгг :))) долго трудились?

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