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Интересные товары с AliExpress: Будильник K2, микрофон MAONO UA200, силиконовый ремешок

Интересные товары с AliExpress: Будильник K2, микрофон MAONO UA200, силиконовый ремешок

Friends, I welcome you to my channel! My name is Alexander. Today, a little unpacking of parcels. They all arrived from AliExpress. And here, of course, mostly Chinese electronics. First, I will open all the packages, and get to know them in more detail. There must be an alarm. Delivered in 50 days, priced at $ 2, weight 330 g. It took a very long time. I have even opened a dispute, because the naive seller believed that he would deliver in 35 days to Belarus, but for 50 days. Here is such an alarm clock. There should be a microphone in this yellow envelope – an analogue of the “BOYA BY-M1” of this one, but this model has two microphones. They rated it at $ 5 and delivered it to Belarus for 20 days. In principle, fast. Yes, there is such a box. And here is my second attempt to purchase a silicone strap for the sports watch “Pasnew Lapgo”. It seems like the size picked up the right one. Also 20 days, 27 g. And priced at $ 1. By the way, all the track numbers of these mailings were well tracked. The seller invested such a cord for happiness. It is hung on the wrist. And the silicone strap itself. And so I have 3 of these goods. We will get to know each other. Let’s go! I ordered a silicone strap on AliExpress for $ 3.41 after I got acquainted with the crazy prices in my city. The strap is even in width, which is exactly 18 mm, already has installed metal knitting needles and a buckle. There is a special lever, thanks to which the strap is easily fastened to the watch case. The length of the elements is 75 mm excluding buckle and 125 mm. The store has black, white and blue straps respectively 18, 20, 22 and 24 mm wide. Silicone has such a nice soft touch coating. On the outside, it’s smoother, only 2 grooves, on the inside there is such a relief protector with a bracelet pattern. Unlike the original strap, which had such a skirt expanding here to the body, it looked more harmonious. It’s thinner here, but it sits well, fastens like that. I recommend to purchase. Link in the description. Unlike the packaging of the “BOYA BY-M1” lapel microphone, on which I am now recording my voice, there is a very compact cardboard box on the sides of which there is a double lapel microphone, brand name, illustrated a deep neckline, the appearance of the microphone, 2 men, one of them has a wide potato nose, as well as pictograms marked for practical use for video shooting, presentations, interviews and selfies, and the ability to work with a smartphone, video and cameras, and a computer. There is a QR code for exploring products on the official website. Interestingly, this “AU200” model on the official website with delivery from a warehouse in the USA, Canada and Japan costs $ 29.88, and in the official store on AliExpress the same model is cheaper, only $ 22.99 when I bought. There are 2 models in the store: “AU100” with one microphone and my version of “AU200”. I decided to try recording 2 channels of sound. Opens like a matchbox. In a box under the blister pack: a bag with transparent balls that will probably drag you into crime, and a microphone in the cell, 1 battery of the LR44 type, 1 cap of wind protection. An adapter for 6.2 – 6.3 mm is already worn on the minijack connector. There is 1 clothespin. The entire long cable, in my opinion, 4 or 6 m is twisted and laid at the bottom. Here I also see the second microphone, a branded bag for storing the microphone, which also contains 2 spare windscreens, more precisely 1 spare, 1 is needed on the second microphone, and 2 more clothespins, total 3 clothespins. At the very bottom of the box is a small instruction booklet in English and Chinese with color illustrations, a radiation pattern and frequency response, which is more or less even in the range from 100 Hz to 10 kHz. Judging by the radiation pattern, the microphone picks up sound 360 degrees. Structurally, the “MAONO” microphone is similar to the lapel microphone “BOYA BY-M1” I use only in the “M1DM” version, that is, a dual microphone, with two microphones and the price is the same. I will not be surprised if they have the same circuit diagram. The case is the same metal, well, a little different in appearance. Also a switch from the camera to the smartphone. The case is also opened by unscrewing. Here, on one side, the fabric is glued, a battery is already installed here. There is a clip on your pocket, for example. Structurally, both microphones are very similar to the “BOYA BY-M1”, I mean the microphone bodies themselves, the same clothespins, everything is similar. The only thing is that on these wires that go directly to the microphones, in this version there are still Velcro. There, Velcro was only on the main cable, which already goes to the camera. I switch to the upper mode, that is, the camera mode, the amplifier is turned on. I hope that all the same here the microphones are connected to different channels, that is, left and right. To do this, I clamp one in the palm of my hand, in the second I pronounce some text: “1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, checking one channel.” I swap channels and record sound on another channel: “1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, checking the second channel.” In vain I thought that here each microphone is connected respectively to the left and right channels. No, this is a mono microphone and, as stated, is intended for 2 presenters, that is, both channels are parallelized here and mono microphones are fed to 1 channel. And unlike the “BOYA BY-M1” microphone, to which I wrote the previous scene, now I have connected the “MAONO” microphones, and you can hear how this microphone records voice, more precisely 2 microphones. “But in my opinion they are the same!” This is a universal microphone, which is why it is equipped with a 4-pin rather than a 3-pin connector. It has a built-in microphone amplifier, well, as I have already seen, this is a monophonic amplifier. When moving this switch to the upper position “On – Camera”, not only the activation of the built-in microphone amplifier occurs, but also the pinout of this connector. A 4-pin connector is used with a smartphone. In other devices, such as a photo-video camera, a laptop there is most often used a 3-pin connector. This is the case if it is not combined with the headphone output. That is, to record sound in specialized programs on a laptop, we translate this switch to the upper position, connect the connector to the microphone input. “1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, testing the MAONO microphone on a laptop. 1, 2, 3, checking the recording quality.” Now listen. “1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, testing the MAONO microphone on a laptop. 1, 2, 3, checking the recording quality.” Well, and in the case of sound recording from a microphone to a smartphone, you need to switch this switch to the lower position, that is, we turn off the built-in microphone amplifier, connect it to the minijack connector. In principle, we are ready to record. “1, 2, 3, verification of recording from the microphone” MAONO “to the recorder of the smartphone” Sony “. 1, 2, 3, verification of recording quality.” “1, 2, 3, verification of recording from the microphone” MAONO “to the recorder of the smartphone” Sony “. 1, 2, 3, verification of recording quality.” In the case of recording to a video camera or an action camera, we also connect it to the connector, again put it in the “Camera” position, turn on the recording and record the sound on this microphone: “1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, recording from the microphone” MAONO “to the action camera” Sony FDR-X3000 “. I liked the quality lapel microphones. The link is in the description. Well, I’ll go to the next item. In a white cardboard box are packed table clocks of the model “K2″, which are equipped with an FM-radio, two alarms, an indoor temperature indicator, two USB ports for charging external devices. All these possibilities are illustrated on the box. It is completed with instructions, such a booklet is only in English. Next, under the foam, there are watches in the package. Such watches. In a separate cardboard section, a power supply unit with a euro plug with outputs U=5V and I=2A. With such a round connector. The length of the wire is 1.5 m. A watch with dimensions of 105×75 and a height of 60 mm is made of plastic in such black and silver color combination. The shipping film is glued on the screen. At the bottom there is a battery compartment for 3 AAA cells, which is used to power the alarm when the mains voltage fails. There are screws under the four rubber mounts to disassemble the case. On the back there are 2 USB ports for charging external devices with current, as indicated, 1.1A and 2.1A. On the left is a 5V round power connector. And on the right under the glued perforated film, it even bends, 1 speaker is installed. On the upper edge there are 5 small buttons for setting 2 alarms, a radio, a clock, a temperature indicator, as well as a large wheel. There is a hole in the depths of which a temperature sensor is probably installed. In the store you can choose one of two types of power adapter: American or European, and 2 colors are present: white and so black, or rather it is rather dark gray. There is also an outwardly similar model, only these buttons are transferred to the rear side. In that model, there is also an additional aux input of the minijack type for outputting sound from an external source to the alarm speaker. And it also has a slightly different front face. When you connect power from the adapter or batteries, the gentle blue backlight of the 3.2” LCD matrix is turned on. This alarm clock has 2 main operating modes that are switched by the button “MODE”. The default mode is when the current time and room temperature are displayed. And 2-th mode is the broadcast of FM radio channels. The block of small buttons has a single purpose. The large wheel in various modes has different functions. In the current time display mode, a single press on the wheel allows you to change the brightness of the backlight. Conveniently, when you change the level from the minimum brightness, this step is small, and you can set a comfortable backlight at night, so as not to disturb the sleeping person. The readings of the LCD indicator are visible, in principle, from any angle. The only sector there is a small one in which the readings disappear, this is when viewed from below, but usually the alarm clock is on the bedside table, and we usually look at it from above. From above, the clarity of the image is excellent. Only here the image disappeared, and then it will be restored again. Side brightness is comfortable everywhere. To go into the setting mode of the current time, you need to hold the wheel until the hour value flickers. Then turning it clockwise, I increase this value. By a single press, I switch to setting the minutes. We also set this value. Press again, go to the current time display mode. Holding the upper left button for a long time switches the temperature reading from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa. Holding the top right button for a long time switches from 12-hour to 24-hour time format. At 12 o’clock, it is displayed here before noon or afternoon. With a 24-hour format, there is no time indication. For only hours and an alarm, just install 3 AAA batteries in the battery compartment. To configure one of the 2 built-in alarms, you need to hold the corresponding button with the numbers 1 or 2 until the value of the clock readings flickers. Further, by adjusting the wheel, we set this time. Further, by single clicking on the same button we set the value of minutes. Pressing the button again selects the zoom: this is the zoom or select the FM broadcast with the wheel. Also in a circle. Press again – select the volume level of the zoom. The default is U10. In total, as in the receiver, 16 volume levels. And by clicking on the button we exit the alarm settings. Set up the 2nd alarm in the same way. Hold this button with the number 2. Set the time with the wheel and exit the setting. Subsequently, with these buttons we turn the desired alarm clock on or off. An alarm clock uses a single melody. If you do not take any action to turn off the alarm, then the sound of this melody will last an entire hour. Then it will automatically shut off. If you press the large wheel when playing the alarm, the alarm will go into snooze mode. The corresponding inscription will appear on the indicator. This is a delay for the alarm for another 10 minutes. Such opportunities 3. 3 opportunities for 10 minutes to sleep. To use the FM radio, press the button “MODE”. The corresponding symbol will appear on the screen. Holding the wheel activates the automatic scanning of the FM band with the automatic preservation of the detected radio station. After the scan is completed, the first station detected will be played. During scanning, the detected radio stations are played for a while. The high sensitivity of the FM-receiver built into the alarm clock allows you to automatically tune and remember 17 radio stations out of the 23 present in Minsk. In this case, one of the power wires is used as an external antenna. When you disconnect the power cable, the FM receiver automatically turns off. Using the buttons “Forward”, “Back” you can switch the radio station. If it was not possible to automatically tune to the frequency, then holding the “MODE” button, go to the fine tuning mode and, turning the wheel, adjust this radio station. Next, click on the wheel and save it. Also, in the broadcast mode of a radio station, a single press on this wheel allows you to mute the sound. Pressing the wheel again returns the sound to its original state. The alarm clock is also equipped with a sleep timer for FM radio. To do this, press and hold the “Forward” button. The corresponding inscription “SLEEP” appears on the indicator. You can turn off FM radio broadcasting in multiples of 15 minutes, maximum 90. Since this adapter uses a 5V, 2A adapter, we can get the maximum output … I set 2.1A in the load. In this case, the voltage drops to 4.5V. Well, this makes it clear that we cannot use 2 outputs at the same time to charge external devices with the declared current characteristics. These were the goods in today’s unpacking. Rate this video! Subscribe to the channel! And see you in the new videos! Alexander was with you. Until!

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  1. Будильник понравился. У нас радиостанций нема. Только в городе. Друг себе прикупил подобный Telefunken. Я тоже думал купить, только с Алика, но отсутствие радиостанций, остановило от покупки.

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