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Цифровое домашнее развлечение. Обзор Android Smart TV-Box CS918 на eBay.

In front of me is a plasma analog TV Panasonic TH-R42PV7. This unit has an analog TV tuner. But there are no digital solutions here. The only thing that he already has one single HDMI connector, through which you can connect various digital TV set-top boxes, using this TV as a monitor. By the way, the resolution is 1280 x 720. I have already unpacked the bought, probably, almost at the beginning of this year 2015 Smart TV-Box on Android 4.4.2 “CS-918”. Well, today a small surveyor, a brief review. In principle, I will not say anything new. So I connected it. Connects via miniHDMI-HDMI cable through the receiver and on to an external TV. In addition, I have a flash drive connected here, an OTG card reader. It has a radio mouse adapter. So, and in the kit came the IR-controller. Red LED. Turn it on. Now the glow changes to blue. And before us there is such a menu. By the way, the first updates began. We can radio with a mouse such here a line here to open a window such. Here you can see all our updates. Here you can turn it all. From this side, the same window opens. Here settings: WiFi connection, bluetooth, FLIGHT mode, that is it is a full-fledged tablet, but some tablet functions, let’s say, phone functions are not used in it. Although all kinds of labels are present, but they are not active. This button is a transition directly to all our tags, applications. Back – you can press the right mouse button. That is, unlike a computer, there is no need to double-click the mouse. It is enough left – we call it – once clicked, right we go back one step. Well, here we are in the application MUSIC. Basically, I have HDMI connected through the receiver, the sound goes through the receiver. Well, sound and video. And already after the receiver sound goes to the TV. That is, in principle, here we can start, immediately reproduce some music files. Well, here is GOOGLE CHROME, pre-installed already in advance. In principle, using the mouse is very convenient, unlike remote control. But the remote … I will also note its convenience. When the TV is off, there is a key to switch between the tracks being played. And here you can change or mp3-files from the flash drive can be switched or, if it’s some Internet radio, we can switch these buttons to the station, the Internet broadcasting station. This is convenient when there is no monitor, and it is not visible that we press the mouse. We will go directly to the SETTINGS. A standard tablet view for settings. Here you can set the required number of screens, which can be moved like this with a mouse. Even standard applications are installed, or their widgets installed, uploaded here. From the applications here were pre-installed standard: calendar, calculator, GOOGLE maps. Translator, in my opinion, he installed. What I like about this function. When I did a review on the receiver of my Yamaha 563, I paid attention to the fact that it does not have an Ethernet connector connected to the network. But with this Android TV set-top box, I can directly install the application, for example, PC-Radio, listen to some music stations. That’s exactly the same way we can switch, as I said, these buttons. Here we also see here the movement through the stations. So, I put here also applications for tests. Well here’s speedtest. I’ll show you the speed of your Internet. Well, as we see, PING is 16 milliseconds. To transfer 18. Well, it’s that it happened so by accident. Actually, I have a 10-megabit grid. And we will launch the application AnTuTu I will show you more. By the way, I did not say that although it was stated by the seller or the manufacturer that this console broadcasts the video image in fullHD format, in fact it is not. The maximum resolution it gives is 720p, 1280 x 720. Here’s AnTuTu. And here are the results. The processor is used. Android version. And the screen resolution. My 10-megabit grid allows you to watch what we video, the videos in Youtube without brakes enough. Run some video from Youtube. You can also quite safely view videos from some applications. Well, for example, “Three Musketeers”, say. Let’s start another Megogo. You see, it opens quite brightly. Well, here’s the show “Freedom-Jazz” on Megogo. There is a club here, so the lighting there is quite dark. Some kind of animated advertising. Also you can see the trailers on the “Kinopoisk”. Famous application VINTERA TV. By installing the PRESS application, you can read some newspapers, magazines on the big screen. Well, even play games. But this requires some kind of joystick or wired or better … It’s quite possible to play games. Also get acquainted with some new recipes, cook something for yourself. Here for example, pies “Male joy”. TVZavr. But TVZavr something long enough to load in comparison with MEGOGO. He also swears. It feels like he is waiting for the children to leave. I tried to watch some kind of Internet TV using torrent stream controller. But it seems to me, this is some stupid absolutely application. Here if you select HD-channels, сonstantly everything hangs, no matter how many connections there are. All the time buffered. And there is really nothing to watch here. Television programs? For this, do not buy a Smart-box. And the films here go with advertising. Who do they need? Pressing and holding the left mouse button, you can change widgets, delete something, install. Right – we return. In this prefix there is no built-in microphone, so we can not perform a sound GOOGLE search. You need external bluetooth devices to connect. Or a camera. Although Skype is installed, there is no video recording capability. Well, perhaps, probably, everything. I made a short review. I’ll cut something too long that I will throw out the protracted ones. I advise you to buy this Android TV-set-top box. There is enough RAM and 1 Gigabyte for installing applications. They do not take much time to occupy Such large amounts of memory. For the house is quite enough. Someone’s requests are much higher. Perhaps, it is not worth the money to throw out the extra $ 50. In this case, I bought it for $ 50. You can buy for $ 100. The only thing that I do not recommend buying such baiters in the form factor as a flash drive. They get very hot. Even this prefix is ​​quite hot. Not immediately so, as you use. That’s all. Bye.

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