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03. October 2015 | ORF – Bewusst gesund (television report Austria)

03. October 2015 | ORF – Bewusst gesund (television report Austria)

The body is the vehicle for the mind – says Tulku Lobsang, a high buddhist master and doctor from Tibet. He teaches ancient techniques which train body and mind. Since several years, he teaches also in the West. That includes a running technique which was developed in Tibet, in order to run fast long distances without loosing energy. A special breath training is important and also the use of different herbs and plants in order to strengthen the body and keeps the power of youth. Tulku Lobsang is a high tibetan lama who grow up in Amdo, eastern Tibet. At the age of six, he entered the local monastery in order to receive a good education. I was quite naughty at that time. It was my families wish, that I become a monk and receive a good education. I was not taking any vows at that time, because I was too young for that. At the age of 13, his destiny became clear. We have a traditional oracle in Tibet. The oracle was searching for the reincarnation of a important lama. I remember, it was around lunchtime, when a woman came to me and told me: “you are the reincarnation of that lama.” The oracle was confirmed in Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet. And Tulku Lobsang entered a big monastery in order to study all of the four philosophical schools and medicine. Like many tibetans, he went later to India and also to the West. In order to make the tibetan knowledge accessible. Since 2006, he teaches beside buddhist philosophy also traditional methods for
health maintenance. It’s all about mind training. There are two ways that this can happen. Through meditation and physical training. This is the easier way to change the mind. Regarding to tibetan medicine is the mind the root for all diseases. I teach mainly what we call the vehicle of the body. Specially 3 techniques. One technique is Lu Jong. Lu Jong means body training. It is the foundation of the tibetan health practice. It’s a serie of 8000 years old body movements which was developed by monks after observing animals. The 5 element exercises are the heart of that practice. Goose Drinking Water Yak Rubbing Its Shoulder Falcon Turning in the Wind For maintaining health, the substances of all have to be in balance. This are the 5 elements fire, earth, water, wind and space. That soft ways doesn’t fit for everybody. Western people with a restless mind need a powerfol and dynamique technique. Which calms down the mind. That’s called Tog Chöd. Tog means thought. Chöd means cutting. Tog Chöd means, cutting the thougths with a sword – which is a symbol of wisdom. It is a very powerful technique which enables to control the thoughts through body movements. Tulku Lobsang educated worldwide more than 1000 teachers. They teach mainly in Europe and the USA. His headquarter is in Vienna. It’s called Nangten Menlang, which means buddhist medical center. 2014 Tulku Lobsang brought Lu Jong and Tog Chöd to India to the tibetan exile community. Two years ago, I met His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. He told me, that it is good to teach the people in the West. Why not to bring these tools also to Asia? Specially to our schools. Tulku Lobsang is a man of action. Tulku Lobsang trained 2015 teachers of each school. In order to establish Lu Jong already during the childhood as a daily life practice. Hand position, breathing technique and visualization are the secrets of Gang Gyok – a running method which causes inner fire and perseverance. In June, Tulku Lobsang organized a worldwide Gang Gyok run for the 80th birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Thousends of people were attending all around the world. “A huge success” says Tulku Lobsang. It’s his vision, to help people to become healthier and happier. Looks like that my dream comes every year more and more true.

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