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2013 Radio Disney Music Awards | Brooklyn and Bailey

Hey everyone! We’re Brooklyn and Bailey and we just got back from LA, from the Radio Disney music Awards! And we are so happy and grateful that Disney allowed us to come. I know you guys are all gonna wonder where we got our dresses so we will just tell you now! So mine is from ‘Dillard’s’ and the company is called “Tease Me” and mine was from ‘J Curb’. So let’s get on to the video. Comment: omg did you see that You ready to do a little wave Mindy? (Screams) (Laughing) Oh! That’s awesome! Oh! That’s amazing! I only put my fingers out! Hey girls! How are you guys doing? What? How are you feeling? We’re fangirling on the inside. So I hope you guys saw all the fun we had at the awards it was so cool. We were put in a tent with all the Disney channel stars and one girl came up to us cause we looked all professional and So we actually picked up a little something for you guys. They are vintage Minnie minis for your mini manis. They are actually OPI nail polish so they are really good and the way you can enter the giveaway is you have to subscribe to our channel and you have to take a picture of any Minnie style stuff you have, so shirts, nail polish, perfumes, lotions, earrings, hair stuff, jewelry, anything like that, anything that is Minnie. Take a picture of it and post it on Instagram and hashtag it #minniestyle. So we will find 5 winners and you guys will win the OPI nail polishes and they are really cool because they are discontinued so they are like one of a kind stuff so you can’t get them anywhere else. Enter enter enter. So the radio Disney music awards will air on May 4th on the so go watch it and we will announce the winners next Wednesday here on our video and we will see you next week. Bye.

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