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2015年で1番素晴らしいかもしれないデジカメ、『OLYMPUS OM-D E-M5 MarkⅡ』【妄想レビュー】

2015年で1番素晴らしいかもしれないデジカメ、『OLYMPUS OM-D E-M5 MarkⅡ』【妄想レビュー】

Somehow hello, it’s OMINE. Miller by whom this time was sold from Olympus the other day lessly, the one of one ocular camera A delusion will review “OM-D E-M5 Mark II”. There was a time with which a digital one ocular camera including this E-M5 Mark II was compared together before. These design of the camera, image quality and performance stand out in particular, and I have been much interested. When the delusion review into which I dug more deeply can be done this time, I think NA. Now, then I’ll go for the first time. I made a list of a rough specification first first, so please see this. E-M5 Mark II where only about one month has passed since it was still sold. The number of pixels, nowadays, then they’re moderate 16,050,000 picture elements. When I see, you may be able to find the so flashy feature not to be found. But the place which should be seen, such, it’s trivial, but. “1920 x 1080 (60p)” and “40M high-resolution shot”. And the hand Bret correction ability for 5 steps of shutter speed is the “5 axis hand Bret correction in” the body which is here by far the most. When 3 mentioned to the top are being explained in turn. “1920 x 1080 (60p)” for? I think there are a lot of people who have judged a loaded slow-motion animation from iPhone6. It can be used, and to get the effect like that. It’s the function which can be used or to express a smooth movement simply. Because you could take a picture only by this half of degree to the front a little. An expression is broad-minded in case of work production, and it’s saved very much. “40M high-resolution shot” for? By the function which set total of 8 pictures to 1 in a very high-resolution picture beyond 40,000,000 picture elements together. Even each review site is high evaluation for the most part. A resolution sense rises so that I find out clearly that the picture will be compared with a picture of normality actually. They seem able to say the very strong function depending on how to use. And the last “5 axis hand Bret correction in” the body. When however wonderful whether the part be 5 steps I explain to the person who isn’t conversant with a camera. When a step of simple talk is different, shutter speed is different 2 times. So it’s 32 times by 5th power of 2! If it’s this, even if shutter speed becomes slow at a dark place, hand Bret won’t do that easily. The ISO sensitivity isn’t raised, so there is also almost no degradation of image quality and. So strong hand Bret correction is settled in the body above all. It’s surprise that every kind of lens can use this function unrelatedly. This hand Bret correction function is animated, by photography, it’s a lot, usefully. Though it’s photography of holdings, it’s possible to take the smooth picture which has no unpleasant hand Bret. Than an unskillful sample is put about this part. When going to a official site of Olympus, it’s a very nice sample animation. It’s opened in plenty, so it’s better to consult that. Since other attention points are done, “protection against dust, prevention drop and-10 ℃ low-temperature resistance” It’s concerned with basic performance such as “low pass filters lessness”, but other. As the function specialized in an animation photograph function. “Focus Peking” which knows whether it’s to the point by a look and. “Time code” etc. is the function conscious of use on business clearly. You can peep at seriousness of Olympus which was falling behind schedule at the function related to the animation relatively. That’s it. To participate in unskillful high picture element competition also cries. E-M5 Mark II which has pressed a basic specification as a camera up in high level. In only that’s having a high favorable public image. The super strong hand Bret correction by which every kind of lens move. There are no emplacements of a complaint 60P record by full HD and photography by high bit rate. In E-M5 Mark II which are one eyes such nice mirror lessly. When a score is put, I have just said 90 points. There are many good places. Personally, that the design is wonderful as the appearance-like problem by far the most. At a part about image quality, the hand Bret correction function and Low-pass filter less. And 60p by full HD, it’s a wonderful point per record. As a bad part When it’s hardly found, but it’s mentioned forcibly. “A battery doesn’t retain its freshness so much.”. “When it’s compared with first E-M5, it becomes quite heavy.” it’s about a fact. When the weight considers the function, oh, when it’s worthless, it divides. As even several review sites are being talked about about a battery. When being used by travel and work, the spare battery is indispensable. Attractive E-M5 Mark II where the fault is hardly found full of II places. It’s apparent to enter the class of one eyes mirror most excellent in the present lessly. It’ll be famous right now when it’s possible, good. “12-40mm F2.8” the place where I’d like to buy the lens and the kit of the lens which made one set. This kit of the lens sold in first E-M5 is also unfortunately. It isn’t sold in E-M5 Mark II yet. But if it’s bought, please go out to a town immediately. Super-low angle photography using abuse angle liquid crystal and. Such as the scenery of the town is put back as an animation though they’re high angle photography and walk. I’d like to do up to now, but it’s much by the feeling that I’d like to use it for picture production with the movement which couldn’t be done. Then saying good-bye which will meet you next week again. Not only youtube, but a podcast is being delivered to a program. A topic different from a youtube program is being talked with a member. 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  1. 素晴らしいできですね。余計なイントロもなく、ほしい情報がすぐ流れる。チャンネル登録しました。期待しています!!

  2. E-M5markⅡ買ってしまいました!中価格帯レビューと共に参考にさせていただきました!ありがとうございました!

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