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9 comments on “2018 Television Academy Honors Recipient: Andi Mack

  1. Que con uno ama yo siempre la f***** a ella Porque somos los Power Rangers porque están otros servicios las 24 horas por favor vean esto somos Rangers Bondadosos Esto sí lo haremos siempre

  2. The guy who played Pop's was arrested for trying to have sex with a 13 year old girl and seeing him like that next to Peyton makes me feel creeped out

  3. Son muy graciosos, los premian y después los clausuran. Es una jugada de la rubia mala?? Huumm

  4. "I feel weird, i like a boy!" ANDI said
    "I feel weird, I like a boy! CYRUS said
    What's weird, is that they both like the same boy & ANDI DOESN'T SAY
    "Keep Your Hands off of my Boyfriend or I'll Scratch your Eyes out!" LMAO

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