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20 comments on “49ers Suspend Radio Analyst For Comments On Ravens QB Jackson’s ‘Dark Skin Color’

  1. How is he hard to see???!!! He’s an effin big ass man running with a football. That was a stupid ass comment and he needs suspended. He’s a moving object!

  2. It always amazes me when I hear comments like this because in today's social media frenzy and potential back lash of virtually everything you say, why would you even go down this road? You know what the consequences are going to be. He was fortunate that he only got suspended and not fired, which will almost always happen. Just not very bright on his part.

  3. Gotta be careful what you say; if it is even to cross the mind as even marginally inappropriate, then it should NOT be said under any circumstances.

  4. TELEVISION announcers should have a lawyer sitting next to them or talking to them with an earpiece if they want to keep their job eventually sports announcers and news will be all females less chance of offending the new genderless world

  5. What a stupid comment! Completely remove this dude from his job! Put this rat in the 49er locker room with the players, and he will have every ethnic group calling each other filthy names!

  6. The more i think of it? Its a bit suspect. I know what he was trying to say but it came off funky especially the more you think about it.

    Im black and i dont like jumping to conclusions. Initially i didnt think it was that bad. But it is a bit sus… But i know he didnt mean no ill behind it.

  7. He just might had been tryna make a good point…. I'm Black and I kinda see what he's talking about…. It's like Boise and the Blue field…. Sensitive Earth….

  8. What a load of crap. It’s getting to a point where you can’t say anything about anybody due to the fact that somebody is always offended by something somewhere somehow. Frankly, I’m offended by everybody being offended.

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