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100 comments on “(+5 key up) It’s my life- Bon Jovi cover | bubble dia

  1. I had never paid attention to the word until NOW, the song was too much distorted and grumpy … Wow what a difference … a mixer cemetery VS a beautiful voice understandable.

  2. @!>></หลงรักน้องBubbledias!!I love you***&สุดเก่ง&สุดน่ารัก
    &"สวยนำ/""""/TheWorldVoicesIdolesses&AngelsCovers Inspirational///Socools"ThanksBubbledia"World "We're love you!!

  3. WOW 😍 BEAUTY GIRL WITH ANGEL VOICE ,please cover SKID ROW-WASTED TIME or IN A DARKENED ROOM,please read my coment 😊

  4. こんな人がいるなんて!!( ; ロ)゚ ゚
    パワフルで、歌声に力強さがある‼️ 国籍は❓❓どこ❓❓

  5. 버블디아님 팬 입니다 가요면 가요 팝송이면 팝송 여러 장르를 부르신다는 것 은 쉽지 않을 텐데 정말 대단 하십니다.
    버블디아님 항상 응원 하겠습니다 화이팅 입니다

  6. ขอนำ้ใจช่วยเหลือนำ้ท่วมที่ไทยหน่อยจ้านำ้ท่วมหนักที่อุบลและการาฬินจ้า. .ขอบคุณจ้า


    Miiyam na esei aC soidana pambigani tabiU ama di engkhat lakE bi Kangleipak ki folk singer kaya Cbu su support twbiU ❤

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