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100 comments on “5SOS at R101 Radio // The Worst Interview (Cringe AF)

  1. What.The.Hell. What is wrong with this woman? Seriously! Why didn’t she stop? Why did she even do that? They all were obviously uncomfortable. You can just tell by their body language. Luke and Ashton were laughing most likely because their bodies didn’t know how to react to the situation. My body sometimes react to an awkward or bad situation with laughter. Michael even said that he had a girlfriend. And Calum was to himself, probably thinking about why this happening or he thought that he should have stayed silent. They all were so uncomfortable and the lady should’ve stopped. She shouldn’t have taken her shirt off, sat on Luke’s lap, pull his shirt up, and try to pressure them to take their shirts off. This is just sexual harassment. She should be told off because this was inappropriate and unprofessional.

  2. This was disgusting they deserve a public apology, I am astounded they didn’t just walk off. It was blatantly disrespectful and rude, she totally just disregarded the fact that Michael has a GIRLFRIEND and that they were all clearly uncomfortable. This was sexual assault. I am furious that she would do something like this to 5SOS. She needs to be fired. I am outraged on my FAVORITE bands behalf!

  3. i’m not at the cringest part yet but the interviewer stopped ashton while he was talking about want you back and he was so happy and excited to tell everyone about the song and she didn’t let him finish. right now i’m feeling embarrassed being italian but ok

  4. I'm Italian and I'm very embarassed right now… I just want people to know that not everyone's like this, she just acted like a stupid, horny teenager…

  5. Esto es tan estúpido, ademas de hacer preguntas que obviamente a los chicos les molesta sobre quedarse estancados, cosa que si, a muchos artistas les pregunta pero sin duda la gota que rebaso el vaso es que la estúpida solo quiere que la desnuden y que ellos igual lo hagan. En primera la relación de mike con crystal es publica y ni eso sabe? O realmente poco le importa debido a que es Mike su primera opción para que le desabotone la camisa, luego en serio esperas que ellos te hagan caso en tus idioteces y se quiten su ropa? Si, son estrellas pero no por eso no merecen igual respeto que a las demás personas, puede que luke y ashton reían en la mayoría de la entrevista pero se nota su incomodidad y ni hablar de calum quien era el que menos reía y se nota por las expresiones de su rostro en especial al final de la entrevista su incomodidad respecto a la perdida de dignidad de ella . De esta entrevista podemos concluir muchas cosas, los chicos no por ser jóvenes y famosos son los tipios idiotas que se crecen y aprovechan todo para mirar tetas, hacer drama o lo que sea; un Mike completamente fiel y leal a su novia, cuando con anterioridad puede que no en la 5sosFam lo tachaban de badboy y el me como a todas y eso; los cuatro completamente incómodos ante la idea de si quiera ver a la chica en corpiño; un calum irritado; luke y ash riendo y en parte intentando aligerar el tenso e incomodo ambiente; no tienes que ser "rubia y joven" para tener a todos a tus pies ; y que puedes perder tu dignidad junto a tu trabajo por andar de estúpida y calentona

  6. I'm Italian and I'm feeling so bad right now. Are we serious? There are a lot of stupid people in our country… but this one is only cringe! (Sorry for my bad english)

    I'm italian and I'm feeling so embarrassed right now omg. I don't know if you can tell but at the end she also said in italian "Did I need to take off also my pants?"
    I don't even listen to 5sos but I'm feeling so sorry for them

  8. What the fuck!? She has no right to do that.
    What if the genders were reversed? The interviewer would have been arrested or something. Who ever thought this would be funny or in the least alright to do?
    That's downright disrespectful.

  9. Thumbs down for the interviewer. This is awful. This is pure, straight up sexual assault. Even if she's not physically doing anything, she's making them uncomfortable and that's not ok. If a male interviewer did this a a female celebrity, it would make headline news. Not only was this unprofessional but her interviewing skills were absolutely terrible. She should be fired. I feel so bad for celebrities who have to put up with this kinda thing. Smh 🤦🏻‍♀️

  10. Even she asked them to take her button off, they still did not want to do that cause they just 4 boys who is kind, polite, and respectful. Especially luke when he knew that the interviewer will take her clothes off, he laughed cause he felt uncomfortable, shy, but still do respect to her. Ugh I just love luke, michael, ashton and calum, they are so kind and innocent. (Nb. Calum is me)

  11. michael really is that picture perfect gentleman 😩😩 also someone tell me this woman don’t have a job anymore 🙄

  12. She's just so annoying… I'm blond I'm young bla black bla…ughh…cal and Michael was so umm idk💞💞💞

  13. At 1:11 she says “I’m blonde, I’m young” and after that Ash laughs and I swear he says “I’m gay.” That’s just what I heard

  14. And why is she doing this? This is live on radio, it’s not like anyone can see this.
    Also, this is unwanted sexual harassment. Please just stop.

  15. I want to kill myself.
    I’m Italian and this thing really embarrassed me, because they will always remember Italy for this terrible interview

  16. if the roles were reversed the interviewer would be sued for sexual harassment.. i cant believe they didnt just walk out when she started to make them clearly uncomfortable… 😖 im proud of them for being respectful even when being faced with this horrible interview

  17. i cannot believe that happened. can someone from Itlay please confirm that is not a cultural thing. even if it is, she should not have put foreigners in that position. oh meh gah

  18. Oh… I got to the part (not the blonde comment)
    Update: okay, that was really… just wrong and she DOES need to be fired, but she’s a female and gender equity only matters when a man is the perpetrator. Funny how the roles are often reversed now.

  19. Imagine if she was built like Sophia Vergara they would have really felt uncomfortable. But she is built like a pre-teen boy so the embarrassment was mild or small.

  20. I swear that not all italian girls are like this. I swear. I'm not even a 5sos fan but c'mon, this was really awful and disrespectful

  21. I feel like I should comment something, but all the other comments took the words from my mouth. What they said.

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