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7 Scientifically Proven Internet Flirting Tips

7 Scientifically Proven Internet Flirting Tips

seven scientifically proven internet
flirting tips hanging pictures of dogs doing yoga or posing with a smile are
some of the infallible techniques to succeed in dating websites new
technologies have changed many aspects of our lives including how to find a
partner there are people who prefer to try their luck through the internet
either to find love or simply to meet someone new with whom to maintain a
relationship without commitment this is love in tinder times with just one click
you can connect with someone or reject it without having to say a word due to
the success of dating websites a while ago Wired magazine published an
interesting article that we wanted to rescue in which they revealed the best
techniques to flirt online through a previous study in which the OkCupid and dating portals collaborated they study the most successful profiles
of such sites the most used words are user preferences among other things the
result was a list of tips for flirting online that we summarized next one sir
for yoga these are two of the activities best valued by both men and women in the
dating portals so hanging a photo practicing one of these two sports can
add up many points to selfies never go out of style if your goal is to find
love online a study revealed that women whose profile picture as a selfie are
the ones who receive the most candidates of course in the case of men the
opposite occurs three natural smile according to Wired 54% of the photos
that users considered sexier on dating websites were those made head-on and in
which both men and women appear posing with a sincere and natural smile for
better to have a dog than a cat a study similar to that of Wired subsequently
published the plenty of fish dating portal where they analyzed more than 1
million user profiles among its conclusions was one related to pets
girls who have dogs are more chaste than those with cats
in fact the first received 5 percent more messages 5 don’t hide your
achievements again we find another percentage according to research people
who specified in their profile that they had
more than one university degree or some graduate degree such as a master’s
degree received 7% more messages than those who did not indicate any type of
studies 6 if you like Pulp Fiction and listen to groups like Radiohead you have
it done at least according to Wired’s research which also analyzed the cinah
file and musical tastes of the users of dating portals thus fans of homeland the
office and the Tarantino classic pulp fiction succeed in the online world of
singles as well as those who listen to Radiohead songs please don’t forget to
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