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90-Second Video 1

90-Second Video 1

(Music Playing) Like most Montana parents, I’m concerned about
underage drinking. As my daughter
entered high school, I used tools I found
on to help establish our
family rules about alcohol. I learned how to get her input as we talked about her
goals in high school and what hanging out with
friends might look like. I found information to
teach her about alcohol and Montana laws around
underage drinking. Then we established our family
rules, and consequences. I learned how important
safe opportunities are to practice our family rules,
when she’s out with friends. I learned how to support her
by talking about her plans before she goes out, checking
in while she is gone, and reflecting with
her as she fills us in when she gets home. I make sure she knows
that I’m proud of her for following our family
rules about alcohol. The process I learned,
at, builds her skills in
making healthy choices., tools
for your child’s success.

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