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A Child’s MRI with Anesthesia

A Child’s MRI with Anesthesia

Hi there. Welcome to
Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. My name is Fin and we’re gonna
introduce you to the radiology department and tell you just what
you need to know about getting an MRI with general anesthesia. General anesthesia is just
another way of saying you’ll be sleeping during your examination.>>Welcome to pediatric radiology. This is where you’ll get your MRI. When you arrive, you will check
in here at the registration desk. You’ll get a bracelet with
your name and your birthday. You may have a little wait time, so
feel free to bring in some toys from home that you can play with
while you wait for your MRI. [MUSIC] An MRI is a big camera that takes
pictures to help doctors learn more about you and
the inside of your body. It takes pictures just like these. Once you’re back in the MRI area,
you can meet the rest of the team, including your technologist and
nurse. Here, your nurse will
listen to your heart and check your breathing to make sure
your body is ready for the pictures. And now you get to
meet your radiologist. She’s the doctor who will
look at your pictures and go over them with the doctor
who wanted you to have an MRI. They will work together
to take care of you. She will also answer
your questions and make sure we are all working
together to do what is best for you. The doctors need you
to be extra still for the pictures because if you wiggle,
it can make the pictures blurry. Some kids say it’s hard to hold
still, so they go to sleep for their pictures,
just like you will do. We all have a doctor here
to help you fall asleep. She’s called an anesthesiologist. She will use a small mask to help
give you some medicine that you will breathe in through your nose and mouth that will help
you fall asleep. And the cool part is, you can even
choose the way your mask will smell. [MUSIC] Once everyone is ready, we will walk back to the room
where you will fall asleep. You can change into hospital
pajamas before you fall asleep. Or if you would rather fall
asleep in your own clothes, the team will help you into hospital
pajamas after you are sleeping. You lie down like this
little girl is doing. If you have a blanket or
a toy that helps you feel safe and comfortable, you can
have it with you. Your parents can also hold your
hands as you breathe in the medicine through the mask and fall asleep. You’re anesthesiologist will stay
with you during your MRI to make sure you are safe and comfortable
the whole time you sleep. And now it’s time for the
technologist to take your pictures. Your family will be in the room
next to you the whole time. And a team member will give your
family updates to let them know how much longer you have
until you are finished. They will also walk them
to the recovery area, so they can be with you
as you are waking up.>>Hi Emily.>>You’ll hang out with your family
here in the recovery room until you are wide awake. [MUSIC] And then before you know it,
you’ll get to go home.>>That’s right,
now you can go home and get right back into
the swim of things. Bye-bye. [MUSIC]

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  1. Ik I might be a kid but btw if you wanna know more about a mri scanner just read this comment

    Ok so you wanna know about a mri so mri means magnetic residence imaging when a mri is done you will hear some knocking noises some it just sounds like someone’s knocking on a door if you have heard about a ct or cat scanner mri is different then a ct scanner cuz a mri does not use radiation now when in the camera you will need to stay still and I mean really still like pretend your a statue by the way before your scan you will get an iv or a catheter a medicine will be inserted in the iv the medicine is called contrast contrast lights up whatever part of your body is being scanned and also a mri is a giant magnet that is always switched on so you will need to remove any thing metal sometimes you will need to wear a hospital gown hoped you all learned something thank you for reading this

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