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A Look at Required Radio with Jasmine Jones ’19

A Look at Required Radio with Jasmine Jones ’19

Required Radio is student-run online Internet
radio. This originated from an advanced production
class that we have to take as radio majors. We’re actually trying to become a multimedia
platform. We do have a lot of local and up-and-coming
artists who submit their own music to Required Radio, and we have the opportunity of helping
them promote it. One factor that I really really love is the
classes that I take. Specifically I remember one class I took last
semester. We would have a guest from the industry come
in, and they would all be alumni that actually all had my professor. It’s really inspiring because I feel myself
being in their shoes one day. I had the opportunity to intern with Sirius
XM in midtown. It was pretty awesome actually, and I probably
would’ve never had that opportunity if I didn’t have the classes that I took here.

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