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This is awesome. This is just stupid on so many different levels. What’s cracking guys? The time is eleven minutes past four. And the Thumbnail is correct. So we have just been raving all night and we thought… This guy we know, called Martin is like “Lads I’ve got a boat”. I’m like we’re gonna get on that shit. …fallen over the years… (Giggles) Shit. That’s quite a, quite a way just to get up. Let’s go to work! We have to have safety hats. That’s how crazy this shit is. …I’m just holding it out of the way for the… (Norton laughs) Not looking forward to the thought of going down. Holy shit. This is our first ever safe explore. Toilets. I wonder if they are original? OG There is so much history to this place. It is unbelievable. But I’ll tell you about that later. At the minute we are just getting a shit, and then we are going to have a look around. Oh wow! Oh it’s like a proper… I wouldn’t walk too far in there. Anything you see with a round cut hole is fine. But the problem is, certain areas we haven’t tested it in there. So we don’t know how thick the steel is in there. Right. Open this again Steve. Right, are we going up?
-Didn’t realise there was someone upstairs. Yeah. Ohh… Fuck! I wasn’t paying attention then, I didn’t realise that was just straight out. This is well, this is quite cool. Ohh… What? Oh this is just where you get a cuppa tea and that Lloydy, no point filming this. You what? There is no point filming this. This is just where you get a cuppa tea and everything. Like the reception? I wonder what that is? Oh… It’s absolutely red hot… That’s err… proper period. Who’s on their period? Look at the paint… All of it’s cracking off… Look at the radiator! Why have they cut the radiator? Shall we go up? Not yet, I want to look in here because there is like… Man that door is ace! Holy shit. If you’ve never seen… Kevin Costner… In the film Waterworld… I suggest you watch it, because this is just like it. That is a right view out of a window. Look at it… (Wheasy laugh) My god… (Lloydy giggle) There used to be bridges connecting ever single one. Like, everyone out, there would be a bridge. Apparently there were 350 odd people that worked on this when… It was, back in the day. Can you imagine working on this, back in the day? With all the guns on the top and stuff. Looking out for planes to shoot down. Be sick, They shot down 22 planes as well. And one submarine, I think he said one boat as well. This used to be… was it 1960 they put… After they had finished using this for the war… Some guys came out here and set up a pirate radio. And built a massive mast, and… Broadcast some illegal shit. That door is weird. There’s a Barbie! I know. Oh I think it might be… Is it the roof? Yeah. Oh shit… Ho, ho holy shit! That is insane. So that’S where that fucking huge gun would have been? Yeah. Fucking… Sat on top of that? That’s where the shells would have been. Oh, that’s the cupboard they were on about. You would have expected them to have more wouldn’t you? 4, 8, 12, 16. Explain to me 12… 16, 32, 64… You would think they would need more than that wouldn’t you? You’d have thought so. If it’s going, Boom, Boom, Boom… This whole thing would shake, like you wouldn’t think they would make it out of concrete. You’d think it would just shatter but… All go for a normal carabiner with a friction hitch. Just make sure I’ve got a stopper underneath and tie it off. So, what’s going on at the minute… is, there is this huge piece of… metal hanging over the side. And it is slowly deteriorating. Eventually it will drop. So they are going to try and take it off before it drops because… if it falls off it will just pull a big hole in the side which they don’t want. So they’re taking it off. It’s not going any further. Very, very sketchy. Lloydy are you getting harassed by some seagulls mate? The whole reason why… we got to come out here is because… we are just pretty much tagging along with them, so we are here… all day…! Right send her, send her in. Lloydy…! Did it cool you down Al? You are about to find out… It went a bit what’s the words? Broke? Tit’s up! Your about to find out why the drone… In weeks to come, why the drone is acting up a bit funny. Because I’m a shit pilot. Shout-outs. Right, guys. I just want to say… If you are asking for shout-outs, it will probably… It will probably take a while. Because we film like maybe… 2 months in advance. We’ve got Katie Duke. Good luck with the operation Katie. Erm… Sophie Francine, Adam Billson, Big Dan Fance, Ashleigh and Sammy from Derby. Rosie Ver…new, Vernow, Verneux? Jamie Cooper, Harry from Milton Keynes, Christo. KK from Dorset, Susan Winter and Buddy. Geordie Jack, Emma Thompson, Sunny Anderson, Charlotte and Dan. And Launa. There you go, you’ve all been, all been shouted out now. Right guys what are we doing? Called er… Sebastian Balthazar Bux. What are we doing?! Going the fuck home. We’ve been out here for… 4 hours. 5 hours? 6 hours. And we took, the drive here was like 5 hours. Mark Lloyd has changed his name to the Health and Safety Supreme. Right we are finally going anyway. Who are you? THE MACHINE! That was awesome. That really was, awesome. That was Noisy Castle… That was… Just like Noisy Castle on the sea. But look at this shit. And there are 6 more out there. Erm… Yeah that’s about it. Woo! That”s… That’s about it I don’t really think I can say much more. This place was absolutely awesome. If you are brand spanking new, And this is the first video you have ever watched of ours, and you liked it… You know what to do.


  1. The Maunsell forts are an amazing place, nice to see somebody is actively working to preserve them. As if you guys sailed right past Grain Tower and didn't do a little detour though πŸ˜‰

  2. first thing that comes to mind is this might be were treyarch got the inspiration for the map battery on call of duty world at war

  3. Nice one, gents! I've always wanted to see inside one of the Maunsell Forts. Good to see that they're being cared for, and brought back from the brink of destruction. The site is of historical value, as much as any on the mainland. Even it's use as a pirate radio station (Radio London) is worth remembering – it pre-dated Radio Caroline by several months, and led to modern music programming on radio as we know it. A great video, gents, and you had perfect weather for it, too.

  4. A very interesting day out you all had there,,WOW,,Great commentary,always looking for adventure,,you make a real team,,,good luck with forthcoming productions

  5. You should seriously explore Leeds girls high school in headingly Leeds, been empty 10 years old fashioned building

  6. The goverment bild, destroy, creat trash and never clean it out when they abandone it, its the same over and over, more more & more trash over and over and not one force them to clean it back, the same the have been doing in Puerto Rico, culebra island, viequez island, etc etc 😑😑😑

  7. I live in Whitstable and I've always wanted to go out and explore these forts! Thank you for doing this video, it's awesome. X

  8. f***ing hell, wat a great video, i've heard a lot about this place, but never thought of a visit, but now it's on our list, nice movie guys

  9. Thanks guys….I've always been interested in these Sea Forts…..but would never have gotten to see them without you….keep it up.

  10. This is such a bonus when I watch you guys smashed drunk etc. coz like it says I have watched this but it like the first time I seen it. Winning

  11. Good video. Got this in mind soon with others, Is a geocache there, Got to be done, quite expensive to get a boat. Someone working on now. Is a generator for power, see a microwave and fridge. little wind turbine on roof.

  12. my grandfather was one of the pirate broadcasters on these forts

  13. A question how come on YouTube when I search urban exploration I don't see any of ur guys videos I found u gys be searching that but changing YouTube to show play lists

  14. If someone could buy them forts they could make them into sweat party forts with swimming pool on top and bars, restaurants and hotel rooms

  15. We're heading off here soon, but the last two planned landings have been cancelled due to bad weather. Looks an awesome place to go – looking forward to it. Thanks for sharing the video, hopefully i'll get some shots too but they won't be aerial as I don't have a drone. Cheers guys.

  16. This is awesome lads. Always wanted to check this place out and you have done it for me. How hard was it getting on there and how did you arrange it. Is there a guide with you. David

  17. These forts are just like Britain, once strong, powerful and mighty, now slowly deteriorating and close to collapse. Foreigners flood in and take a little piece here, and a little piece there, only to leave their trash behind.

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