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Acting for Film and Television at Humber

Acting for Film and Television at Humber

[music plays throughout] [Maddy] Today, we are in the studios
at Birmingham Building, and we are shooting demos
for, uh, our demo reel. We’ve been preparing for these
for months. We’ve already shot one. [Oliver]
Today is actually the one where we bring in
all the professional crew, and then, we shoot it
on a professional level. So you put it in your reel, and you can send it out
to a different agent. [John Bourgeois]
The Acting for Film and TV program is a two year
college diploma program. Almost every day,
the student is, uh, studying acting, or voice,
or movement. [Eric]
It’s been such a good experience to have a real film set
and crew working with you. You realize how much of a collaboration
it actually is on set. [Maddy] We shoot monologues,
we shoot tracking shots, scenes that are really
a lot of fun. [Joel] The facilities are really good.
Everything is accessible. We have break out rooms
where you can practice, study. We have these theatre rooms
which you can book. [Oliver]
We have all our equipment here. We have the black box theatre
in here. We have the dance studio
for our movement classes. [John] The emphasis here is
on being very versatile and castable, so that you can work
in a lot of different media and in a lot of different roles. [Maddy] Our professors
are all professionals in the industry, most of them are still working. They know exactly
what they’re doing, and they want you to succeed. They help you
every step of the way. [Oliver] I really enjoy
the feedback that I get from them. You know,
they don’t really sugar coat anything, which I think is really important. [John] And if you’re passionate,
and committed, and willing to work
very, very hard, uh, I maintain
that anybody can create, carve out a very interesting,
fulfilling, creative life as an artist,
as an actor. [Oliver]
The two years that I’ve been here, I’ve definitely grown a lot as an actor
and as a person. [Joel] One thing in the program
I’ve learned is confidence. It’s good to have that confidence
to stand and say that, “You know what? I did it. I’m gonna move on.
I’m gonna learn from my failure.” And I think that’s one thing,
um, I’ve learned and I’m still growing from. I trust in myself now to go out
and actually go to the real world and start doing what I love to do,
and that’s act. [music ends]

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