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Activities of Opus Dei

People of all races and all walks of life
are called to be happy, to seek and find God in everyday life, and to discover what it means to be
a follower of Christ in the modern world. Everything I do, from a surgical procedure
or prescribing a pill, is a chance to really please God and do His will. You don’t come to Opus Dei
because you are perfect; you come to Opus Dei because
you need actually more help. We all need coaches for everything we do, and this is exactly the same for the spiritual life. Saint Josemaria described Opus Dei
as “a great catechesis” and there are a variety of activities to help people deepen their appreciation
for the message of the Gospel, and the teachings of the Catholic Church. They are very practical, and they try to help you
to live your ordinary Christian life. There are weekly classes that cover topics
such as Catholic Doctrine, how to make better use
of the sacraments and prayer, or how to put into practice the Christian virtues. The personal spiritual guidance
is kind of the trademark of Opus Dei. They’re very practical. How do I live this virtue, that virtue,
this aspect of the Catholic faith? You make one or two resolutions
and say, okay during this week I will try to improve on this
or fight on that. You come out thinking, okay,
these are the two topics that I had, this is my challenge for the week,
I can do this. It is only through learning your faith that you are able to live it in the world. Courses on Christian Doctrine help
to build up a solid knowledge of the faith and the moral teachings
of the Catholic Church. They help people to deepen their faith, to actually get to know their faith. Every month there is a mini-retreat, when each person reflects on the Christian life, with the help of talks and meditations. And, once a year, people can
set aside their busy lives for a few days to attend a spiritual retreat. Every year, by the time I go on the retreat, I really feel like I need this time away to unplug from other things
so I can plug into God. It’s like an amazing opportunity
to really get very close to God. You have mass, you have talks about God. You have a lot of free time to pray. And that is a wonderful opportunity
to step outside the everyday busy life and to re-center my life on our Lord. For anyone who wants it,
Opus Dei offers one-on-one spiritual direction, which is tailored to each person’s own situation. I think the best thing about spiritual direction; it’s like having a personal coach. The way I would say of the formation of Opus Dei,
I would call it encouragement. We learn we are all sons of God, and I think that that gives you a lot of peace. To have somebody I can count on
and meet regularly with that really cares about my soul, I’m very grateful
I have somebody like this in my life. The activities are held separately
for men and women and are meant for anyone
who seeks to turn everyday work, and the daily routines of life, into occasions for growing closer to God. It’s easy to get caught up
and lost in the whirlwind of living. Those activities help to keep me anchored solidly so that I can stay in tune
as an instrument for our Lord.

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