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Adults Read Their Middle School Diaries

Adults Read Their Middle School Diaries

– Dear D, just why is it that all these entries are about guys? I mean, what’s the big deal? I think my 11 year old
self knew I was gay. (laughs) (sign swinging) – I fell under the nerd category. I still fit in that category, but I’ve learned to embrace it. – I was boy crazy. I was so boy crazy. Not much has changed. – I was heavily involved
with theater and chorus. I was very over achieving when it came to the performing arts. – That’s all I cared about, is trying to be cool to my older cousins. – I was kind of a loser, a nerd, I had a few friends, but
then I was also very weird. I was weird before weird was like a thing people like to do to brand themselves. ( staccato beats) – Oh man. – This summer, I met
the cutest Swedish boy. We played soccer together. Walked in the rain together. – Dear Diary, forget about Andy and Nick. How about Benj? He is so fine. – How is it that Swedish boys, are so much hotter than
gross American boys? (laughs) – Benj is so hot. He’s Korean and Norwegian,
with blond tips. – I hate my non existent
dating life so much. Why won’t Claire talk to me? Like why? I basically did her whole
entire lab report for her. C’mon Claire that’s so savage of you. – I really want a lead in the Wizard of Oz but there’s just two things in my way. Brats. N and S. S is such
a brat and she sucks. I pray to god she doesn’t get Dorothy. I want Wicked Witch of
the West, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow or Tin Man. Guess what? I got cast as Dorothy. – July 18, 2001 Today I thought I’d tell you about Zack. Two words M. H. Major Hottie. – This girl I have no interest in asked to be my date to
the 8th grade formal. But all I want to do is take Claire. I’ve never felt this
way about anyone before. I’m totally in loves with her. Does she loves me? I don’t know. I don’t know why I thought
a plural was a good idea, I was like 13, 14 by this time. – March 22, 1988 You’ll never believe this. All of the popular kids
running for class president got beaten by Andy Rebold. This was huge because Andy, he wore bright orange shoes, and his motto was, “Vote for the schmoe
with the shoes that glow” And he won and it was a great
victory for nerds everywhere. Thank you Andy, thank you. – And did I mention that
he’s from London, England? Yeah, his accent makes
him ten times hotter than he already is. – I had my first sip of beer today, it tasted like absolute ass. – The dance was so fun, the whole time we were dancing we were staring into each other’s eyes. (gagging) (laughing) – I hate this, I hate beer. I hate girls, I hate Christmas. Only Radiohead gets me. – I think it’s so funny to have a diary. And cathartic. You know even when I was 11 this was really important for me to write. – Yeah, I’m never going
to stop keeping diaries. And I’m so happy that I have these. No matter how freaking
embarrassing they are. – I would tell myself the things that make you seem weird now, will continue to make you seem weird. But as you get older that’s kind of cool. – ♫ The rest is still unwritten. ♫ – I’m under so much
stress of who I’m taking to 8th grade formal. I feel like I’m the President
of all of the states. I mean 8th grade formal is
bigger than senior prom. Time to get inspo from Radiohead. ( sign swinging )

100 comments on “Adults Read Their Middle School Diaries

  1. While my middle school diary

    ~while my diary is now all about how charming korean men can be…

  2. I'll look back at my diary sometime in the future and i won't cringe, I'll probably just see how sad I am

  3. Its acually good to keep a diary so one day in the future u can go back and read it and laugh😂😂💀

  4. I tried writing diaries but it just doesn’t fit me. I hate writing on paper. Even if I did it digitally it wouldn’t be as nice.

  5. Jeez, my diary goes back to 1987 and I stuck with it through my teens until I married my husband and we had our first child! I was excited to see the guy reading his diary from 1988!

  6. I wanna keep a diary so badly but theres like 10 other people in the house and i share my room with my brother and sister so keeping a diary without them finding it is impossible ;m;

  7. How I right my dairy: 3/6/18 Wright's hole page
    9/3/19 srry i have not written in a long TIME

  8. Swedish boys and Norwegian hot ppl

    And btw- did I mention he’s from Britain?! It makes him like 10 times hotter

    Omg Im dying 😂 😂

  9. I have 15 notebook/diarys and most of them are either 1. in code (I really like code) or 2. doodles

  10. I like how some of them are holding and hugging the stuffed animals!! Bless their hearts!!❤️❤️

  11. I tried reading one of my old diaries from when I was like 8 but I couldn’t read it cause I had literal Chinese looking handwriting 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣🤣

  12. I never kept a diary… I knew better….. My parents would have read everything in it and then asked me a million questions about what I wrote, or they would have grammar checked the whole thing…

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