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Amateur Radio Op M0MCX asks, “Do you call CQ CQ”?

WARNING – COMPUTER GENERATED SUBTITLES Nutella sandwich welcome friends countrymen comrades so
well first of all you know a lot of us call CQ some of us don’t interesting
enough the first contact only ever had on the 2 meter band I got my license
through that day you know come home CQ CQ Mike Mike three of us at the done
bike three Mike Charlie x-ray calling CQ and it’s old boy answers and we had a
chat and he actually told me he had never ever called CQ in his life way but
when I don’t know something you know gone the Internet
this is what happened with this story see well on the internet what why do we
call CQ I mean what are we what does he actually mean
well apparently although it sounds like CQ and it comes from the French because
the International Telecommunications Postal Service standardized language
apparently is French and it comes from the word set view it mm-hmm security
security pay attention CQ it got it got shortened it also
slightly sounds like say key who’s there that’s more like you are said there was straight off the Wikipedia page by the
way anyway I’ve had some rather wonderful experiences calling CQ because
if you actually call seek I mean we’ve all but I remember being on 12 medium
and 12 meters I went to FM I just won’t know did it work
and I thought oh it’s not on the band plan cuz you’re not allowed six
kilohertz whatever it is he’s a band dead there was nothing going on a called
CQ on FM and this Italian station came back as amazed as only was and I think
the and we’ve all done it oh you’ve heard somebody calling CQ on
it on a dead band and you’ve gone back to them and the guy calling CQ is as
amazed as you are the band is open if you don’t call CQ you’d never know would
you so I’ve done it on 10 meters 12 I mean
you see thing is on 20 you can buy yourself onto that band cart me you just
buy the big linear 100-foot Tower and you open the band up you know so I’m not
so so keen to be honest calling calling CQ on 20 but I’m very comfortable
calling CQ on on 17 or 15 70s good band you know call CQ there because you know
or try it before dark or something or an odd time that band will be dead and you
know eight times out of 10 you get nowhere but the other two times a friend
of yours 20 miles up the road our answers go what are you doing up here
calling CQ and you wouldn’t have spoken to him and but then that one had 10 some
miraculous little DX comes out the woodwork and starts calling you I
remember being on faulty meters it was a little bit dead it must have been in
that kind of time when all the Germans were having tea or dinner or something
and the Sun hadn’t gone around about enough so that the US was coming in yet
you know in the dark and I’m calling CQ in this very unusual station from
Iceland came on and when we had finished he ended up with a pile up which he
didn’t want he did he was answering me I didn’t at that time have Iceland on 40
meters is only about he told me there’s about seven operators in Reykjavik but
if you don’t call you see and nothing happened so my encouragement is and I
haven’t got the title of this of this video yeah I think I might call it and
do you call q because lots of us don’t call we spin
up a dead band oh there’s nothing there and you see them they people complain
don’t know you’re on the Internet oh yeah 15 was dead but he didn’t call
CQ though it’s difficult one to call isn’t it and by the way if you want a
bidder DX you can plan it I decide that was away with the chaps for a long
weekend so older chaps my age about 60 we had this beautiful cottage in the
middle of Wales and the mountains they want to go out walking high so were you
out walking I’m gonna actually took the the nine ninety cuz I got a flight case
for this put it in the car bit of coax DX commander set it up in the card and
got on the radio really quiet there’s no electrical noise and I planned I got on
the grey line calculator and I thought right I’m gonna get a VK so you
Australian boy sometimes people are a spam for you let’s go for the most
extreme DX we can on forty I got a plan for you and I knew when I had to start
calling was let’s say about twenty to eight and I knew I had to call off
twenty to six I can’t remember what it was but I set myself a one hour a one
hour session calling c.q starting it then and I thought about half an hour’s
time I should get I think it was sort of Sydney Melbourne I can remember when and
I did I did actually get a VK I could look it up with my local common but it
was about two and a half years ago maybe three years ago and but don’t get me
wrong I got a lot of other stations but periodically I would just ask you know
and I wasn’t running high high power or anything I was just you know I know this
is a 200 watt radio so I was willing 200 Watts big deal that was three DB more
than 100 watt break okay but and I and I just periodically would say listener
just on the off-chance is there any DX any scene if you do that people a little
bit further with maybe three thousand mile hop a little bit of
you know almost DX they’ll hear there you go it’s a guy trying hard you put
you on the cluster now I know that I hate the bloody cluster but it is a
handy tool and then gradually that leapfrogs around you get a going
Indonesia there and he goes oh wonder if I can hear him oh I can so and the one
last tip I give you if if you haven’t if you’re not a CQ caller honestly give it
a go one of it one of the great tricks because you don’t know ten thousand
miles away if there’s someone on that frequency so I always pick a really odd
one so let’s start off with seven one fifty I would never you can’t see my
YouTube cushion I would never call cq7 150 I’ll go just under maybe 760 if it’s
his voice now cw’s not sabbaticals seeing just saw a little twinkle but a
lot of people in our game don’t they they like the idea of I mean maybe it’s
the OCD hereness seven one six zero so what I do is I
come down like a kilohertz and a half seven one eight point five because the
some guys with click-click-click v fos you know the but my RC mm which is the
remote head for him for a TS mm but I must give you a little review of that
upstairs in one of the spare bedrooms at the moment and you can set it for either
kilohertz click or a half kilohertz cake because not everybody’s got a spinner so
seven one seven one five eight point five I think it is my favorite just that
kilohertz and a half down from a big zero or up from a big zero you can’t
hear anything but the DX then if they’ve got some qrm it’ll still pick you out
you see little tip but that’s what CQ means that’s why we call CQ CQ m 0 m CX
listening for any calls I particularly called DX I just say any
calls and see what happens if I got told off one night because I
didn’t call DX only on the top end of 80 meters that’s cos øz just generating a
bit of bit of noise and the DX would have come wouldn’t them but whatever
some people just get a bit paranoid in this game that they um anyway just tip
for the day have a lovely week enjoy your radio chaps and as I said I’m going
on a holiday and I’ve got some really interesting video so I want to make that
challenge is what we do and how we do it and I’ll be making that down in a couple
of weeks time so remember to subscribe and you’ll get the notification when
that will I do that and you can contribute into the comments down here
so do you call CQ I don’t know maybe I’m the odd one out
have a nice day bye for now

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