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An Interview with Her’s for The Selector Radio

An Interview with Her’s for The Selector Radio

Hi, I am Stephen Fitzpatrick: singer and
guitarist extraordinaire. Yes. I’m Audun Laading and I play bass and I’ll do backing vocals and together We are Her’s! We formed when, I guess, I came
over from nowhere and you traveled over from Barrow with your dad and I came with my dad, and actually came from France, so that’s interesting. Yeah and then we met in
Liverpool and that was a good time where we bonded but we didn’t play anything
together for a long time. We got to create this bridge first. Yeah. Strong
friendship bridge. There got to be good foundations and whatnot and then you’ve got the band that comes in eventually. Yeah, on top of this strong wall we built. In terms of where we are right now, I feel like maybe we’re
on the cusp of something right now. Maybe we are. We like to think we are. We tell
ourselves every day when we wake up we’re on the, I’m on the cusp of
something. We’re just tick-tocking and rocking right now. What’s good about Liverpool is that you
quickly get a grasp of the city but it’s still like very big. You quickly
feel at home, you got your mates and they’ve got their bands happening
and everybody’s in this kind of group happening, all at once, and
it’s very supportive environment. We’re all playing in each
other’s bands for a while and different projects happening and stuff. It’s kind of
like a cozy place to go and live if you don’t want to go and live in a city but
you still want to engage in the music industry. I’m still comfortable
there and it’s not the Big Smoke. So About Songs of Her’s, that
kind of came about like a natural progression. Yeah. A little
collection of songs kind of felt like we weren’t ready to commit to the debut, the de-but, but ready for that one. So we kind of copped out and made
this collection of songs and still nine tracks. Nine tracks of everything that we
did over the first 12 months of Her’s so it’s kind of a bit of a time
capsule there as well and it’s jam-packed full of hits. I’d like to think.
Big sexy piece. Coming up, we’re looking at the album. We’re in
the early stages of doing that stuff now. So, you can expect we’re putting our
toe in there and feel the temperature about how the album is gonna be. Yeah not quite ready to dive in but you know it’s all coming together nicely. Still getting the
swimwear on, we’ll soon be in the pool of de-but album We kind of hoped to go to Japan.
Japan is… the collective… We made it to the States and that was great. We
want to go back and do stuff. That’s definitely what we want to do. We could not do SXSW even though that was great. Just to release a
good album and to keep building on our amazing stats. Yeah there’s something amazing about having your music
physically on this massive plastic disc. And piece number 2 is gonna be…
yeah and suddenly you’ve got a collection of your
own ego ego museum. The Ego museum. We like that.

70 comments on “An Interview with Her’s for The Selector Radio

  1. loved them for a while now, and then I just got the opportunity to see them and meet them at sxsw! They're great guys, so humbling and willing to talk to their fans, and even better live!

  2. So sad to see them in this interview planning the future of the band and now they have been so tragically taken before their time. I'm sure they would have produced so much more amazing music. RIP guy's

  3. So sad I have only heard of these two cool dudes as a result of the tragedy making the news. I am going to have a Hers binge here in the workshop today. I am an English guy in France and this certainly sounds like music that The French would love over here. Got that cafe-jazz vibe but way cooler than that! As a fellow musician I find this absolutely heartbreaking… You sound awesome. I am sitting here scratching my head trying to pigeon-hole your sound, and I can't which is the greatest compliment I could pay any group. RIP guys. 😎😎

  4. Breaks my heart to watch this 😥🌈 unimaginable that this tragedy has happened. Unimaginable and heartbreaking💔

  5. My sister died in a car wreck when she was 26 along with her husband and a friend. This story reminded me of her tragedy and I feel the pain for their family and friends. Thank you for the great music that others will most definitely come to enjoy.

  6. Rip Stephen and Audun. I'm shocked, sad, and heartbroken that your lives got taken away. I only found about Her's not too long ago but after hearing your music, I fell in love. Your music made me happy & I'll never stop listening. I'll miss you guys forever. 😔

  7. I only found out about these guys because of the tragic news. So sad. Their music is great man! They seemed like such cool guys. RIP

  8. I miss them more than I could ever express. I'm still mourning. I still cry listening to them knowing that there won't be any more.

  9. They would have made so much more amazing music. Taken by randomness. But these guys are still infectious – humour, talent, dedication and love. Still here through art. Not forgotten.

  10. I am a truck Driver from Arizona, I was traveling interstate 10 when your friends and loved ones passed me and a few seconds later the collision with a truck with no headlights, myself and another driver emptied our fire extinguishers but to no avail, wished we could have done more, as i sat at the scene I prayed for those souls I didn’t know, and I’m sure it was over for them as fast has it happened, I thought of their families and their grief that would be upon them, we were their to watch over them until they were free from there last earthly hold, as I sat for those 3 1/2 hours waiting for the road to open, a wave of softness came upon me and I felt a youthful presents that made me smile and cry, on the 16th of March our niece who was 18 was killed by a drunk driver who ran a red light, I cried again for Maddy, and felt her presents now even stronger.

    Friday morning I learned their names and a little of who they were, when I saw their ages it took me back to that night and the strong presents I felt and I knew it was those young men and Maddy was their to help them on their way, as I prayed for their souls that soured up above.

    Their gift of music left here with us all, has helped soothe the pain which I know will always remain, I grieve for Maddy, Trevor, Stephan and Audun at such a young age makes it so much harder.

    I’ve prayed for the Parents, for a loss no parent should bare. I think how proud their parents must have been, and of course still are. I think of our son who is in the theater and arts, and to see his amazing talent light up the stage makes my heart soar, then I think of those parents who are left with only their memories, and my heart aches for them.

    To Trevor’s wife I’m so sorry for your loss, and a special prayer to his children for the loss of their father, a pain I know to well, loosing my father at a young age myself.

    Thankful I am to be able to put faces and names to the souls I met that night, as it helps wash away the sights from that night. I put on their videos and close my eyes and feel their heart and soul that comes out through their voices with musical harmony that could only come from family and angels on high.

    I understand Trevor was a musician as well, I would love to hear his voice and works as well.

    I know your pain and how things will never be same, I hope my words help a little, I just wanted you all to know that they where not all alone.

    I will be putting up a memorial at that sacred place I pass everyday and I do say hello to the souls I met that night, I would like to get a close up of Trevor, Stephan, and Audun’s face, possibly an artist I know does etching, so either in stone, tiles, or marble, if you know anyone that has a picture I will get this done for them.

    My very deepest condolences to their families and friends, I just wish we could have done more.

    The Liverpool duo Her’s, made up of Stephen Fitzpatrick, 24, and Audun Laading, 25, died along with tour manager Trevor Engelbrektson, 37.

    So sad youth stolen away by 2 selfish disgusting individuals.

  11. It feels like comfort when I'm watching their interviews.. it's like it never happened. Listening to their music hurts now, somehow. It's beautiful but daunting. I'll miss you guys way too much.

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