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Anand Giridharadas on why the socialism/capitalism binary is false

Anand Giridharadas on why the socialism/capitalism binary is false

Would you say that the billionaires election,
talking about it that way, is sort of a coded way, a coded critique of capitalism? And now, when you have Michael Bloomberg coming
into the race — he won’t be in South Carolina so much as Super Tuesday — his pouring millions
into taking on Bernie Sanders and trying to make this an issue about socialism, redbaiting
him as much as possible, trying to pose it as “You either have me, or you have Cuba.” This is such an American talking point that
Michael Bloomberg is engaged in, that we all need to educate — first of all, you know,
I think — look, I think there are some people who had a great life in the 20th century,
who should have considered remaining in it. Right? Like, if your framework — like, if you are
still running nuclear drills in your mind — right? — you may not belong in the 21st
century. Like, a lot of the — and I see it on TV
all the time. Like, there are people who clearly have Cold
War trauma, and I feel for them, but we’re not actually in the Cold War anymore. Right? We’re in just a completely different era. Right? And just as it would have been unhelpful in
the Cold War to be like talking about what we need to do in the trenches of World War
I — it’s just not a helpful framework for the Cold War, because it’s just not
now — it’s not particularly helpful now, in 2020, to be reliving your own Cold War
trauma as guidance for the United States. Michael Bloomberg is trying to present this
old American talking point, that you’ve got two choices, people: We can either be
a Goldman Sachs country, or we can be Maduro’s Venezuela. Those are your choices. Those are your — that’s the whole choice. We have come to a place in America, which
I find fascinating, where our understanding of gender is more fluid than our understanding
of capitalism, socialism and democracy. It’s remarkable. I never would have expected that. We’ve made tremendous progress in understanding
that it’s not like men, women, nothing in between; it’s complicated. People fall all kinds of places on that distribution. But capitalism and socialism? No, no, no, it’s one or the other. The reality is, for any person who’s actually
traveled or read a book, every country in the world, with maybe a couple of exceptions,
has some mix of capitalism and socialism. When you’re on the highway, the thing beneath
you, socialism; the things on the highway, capitalism — the cars and the trucks carrying
stuff. When you are on Wall Street, the banks, capitalism;
the regulators that make sure that brokers are not stealing their money, socialism. Right? When you work for 40 years at IBM, capitalism;
when you retire and have Social Security and Medicare take care of you, socialism. Right? It’s early in the morning. I have, already in the course of this day,
by eating certain things, engaged in capitalism. By taking a car here, engaged in capitalism. But I have also benefited profoundly, just
by 8 a.m., from socialism, from the fact that people — you know, there were roads. It was nice to have roads on the way here. It made it a much faster commute. You know, all the ways in which capitalism
and socialism are actually part of every hour of our lives, let’s end this ridiculous
binary and have some understanding of economic fluidity.

100 comments on “Anand Giridharadas on why the socialism/capitalism binary is false

  1. Bernie Sanders is a Roman Catholic Jesuit. Just like Jerry Brown Nancy pelosi. Look what's happening to Venezuela. Look what's coming to America. Goodbye capitalism. Goodbye middle-class. Hello rich, hello poor. People will be eating out of trash cans. Selling their bodies to survive. History always repeats itself. Church and state will come together. All sponsored by the devil. We should learn from history. But did we????? Ask the dark ages. The not so free United States United with Rome is making an image to the Roman Catholic Church. When church and state come together. Persecution comes to God's true church. This is history. The pope speaks for you whether you like it or not. Jesus warned us. Here is what he says it will be like before he returns. Matthew 24 Mark 13 Luke 21 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 Psalms 50 22 Romans 6 23 SIN is the reason for the coming season sin. The pope will make it a hell of a lot worse. He is the dictator of the world. Pope Francis. Jesuit Pope Francis. The Reformation is alive and well. The Protestant movement. Will move Rome right out of time. Jesus coming is Imminent. The book of Daniel and Revelation talks about the man of sin. Pope Francis son of perdition Pope Francis. All the world leaders meet with the Pope and all the merchants of the world. They don't have a choice. They will end up like John f Kennedy if they don't. The twin towers, done by your local government and papacy to make more Homeland security. Or take your Homeland security. Goodbye freedom of conscience. Goodbye freedom. Hello fascism. Hello common hell. The devil and the pope claim to be God???? Which one wears white????? The pope and the devil claim to be God???????? Which one wears white????????

  2. The real reality of the situation is Bernie is really about "Keynesian economics" and everyone else is "laissez-faire economics".

  3. This is a pretty uniquely American understanding of socialism – basically the extension of "socialism is when the government does stuff". This viewpoint happily accepts policies designed to keep capitalism in place as "socialist" without looking at the way they worked historically (Bismarck's welfare state prototype and Keynesian economics as a means of staving off class conflict, for example). Defining socialism without looking at who controls the means of production is reductive and leads to confused conclusions.

  4. Problem is two fold. One, Americans are used to a "us (or US) vs them" mentality. Winner take all.
    Two, the super scary Cold War boogeyman of "socialism" is synonymous with "dictatorship and economic apocalypse" in the eyes of many of those who remember life before 1990.
    So for those educated who believe in inclusiveness, especially the young, not so scary, not a binary thing.

  5. America has a third choice, neither capitalism nor communism, but the ONLY CHOICE that the USA Constitution guarantees, A DEMOCRACY, that has rules and regulations, including LAWS that include the DEATH PENALTY for those that are loyal to another nation or that make decisions that put America in danger, to benefit those that make that decision.
    OUR KINGS, that have total control over the morons that call themselves 'american politicians' that are more concerned about 'hate speech', rather than if the 'hate speech' is the TRUTH. Until the new messiah, mIKE bLOOMBERG buys the presidancy of what is still the colony of the zionist JEWISH STATE OF ISRAEL, there really ain't much anyone can do to stop the INSANITY that now RULES 'america' from the swamp of washington DC, where dONALD dUCK the scumbag that promised to 'DRAIN THE SWAMP' has BECOME THE SWAMP.

    What is going to happen when mIKE becomes the next KING of 'america'? mIKE will try to enforce his NEW american constitution, that he said he will make when he tries to make owning GUNS ILLEGAL. OUR KINGS, rely on the American military and the police depts of the local police forces to enforce the KING'S new laws of gun ownership, but if you have ever looked at WHO owns those GUNS, you will see that it's REAL AMERICANS that own those guns, including the Military and the Police depts that have already made it clear, that when the 'orders' from OUR KINGS to remove the GUNS from the America people, that OUR KINGS will be the ones looking down the barrels of the GUNS of the American people that will still DEFEND and OBEY the 'OLD USA CONSTITUTION and THEY WILL EXECUTE the TRAITORS that 'think' they are OUR KINGS< but will soon be looking up from the inside of dirt-filled trenches.

    Which one am I, a WOLF, a sheep, or a sheepdog? According to the evidence, I'm a Sheep DOG, that is a VICTIM of the zionist WOLF, as is every American that is still fooled into thinking that 'voting' for the president of America when it's the zionist that will CHOOSE WHO the American People, can 'CHOOSE FROM" that NOTHING WILL CHANGE and America will remain the colony of the zionist JEWISH STATE OF ISRAEL, the WOLF that pretends to be a victim.

    Joe Magnets

    I may have missed that part of the video, but what causes a group of people that identify themselves as "VICTIMS" of a holocaust, then become the perpetrators of holocausting others? Is there ANY acceptable excuse?

    What is a better picture of psychopaths than the TOTAL CORRUPTION of America by the zionist as USA SOLDiers are sent into the Middle East to KILL and DIE, waste BILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS of USA tax dollars enforcing the 'RELIGIOUS' INSANITY of the INSANE PEOPLE that invented a 'god' that chose only THEM and gave land ONLY TO THEM, while THEY PAY NOTHING in THEIR LIVES or THEIR MONEY? It makes you wonder WHO REALLY ARE THE PSYCHOPATHS.

    Joe Magnets


  7. Roads and Highways are not socialist as they help facilitate the flow of capital and freeways/highways are in place to move military equipment. These are examples of capitalist imperialism.

  8. Oh my gosh with all this petty nastiness going on in politics it make me really sad, so I'm really grateful I still have a couple quarts of my boyfriend's doo doo left to comfort me.

  9. it is NOT a socialist government or “socialism” that is FUNDING the programs being referred to. It’s our current government system funding theses programs. Take away our current governance systems, mass poverty for all. Just as ObamaCare total failure.

  10. Republicans have convinced conservative voters that voting against themselves is a good thing.  They've convinced them that it's way more important for corporations to horde billions of more dollars than it is for them to be able to get affordable health care. Basically, if you choose what's best for you and your family, over what's best for billionaires and corporations, then you're a "socialist."

  11. Please forward this clip to any 45 supporters (and also many old school Democrats) so they understand the differences and working relationship between capitalism and socialistic policies.

  12. Republicans have demonized anyone who wants to actually work for the people by labeling them as "socialists", or radical left extremists. If you try do anything that will directly improve the lives of middle and lower class Americans, then you're labeled as an evil socialist,  but if you're interested in providing welfare to billion dollar industries, corporations and the most wealthy, like giving them massive tax cuts that they don't need, well then you're a god fearing, red blooded American capitalist. It is easily the most sinister and diabolical trick in the Republican playbook, and they've been using it for decades now. Republican voters really need to wake up, and stop voting against themselves.

  13. the same people that fear monger about socialism are the same people that want to cut and privatize social security ,medicare, the roads, the water system ,the postal service etc that has all ways been the plane make people scared of the public sector so they can destroy it then they can give every thing to the private sector even if it hurts the masses

  14. Americans as a whole not only don't know what socialism and communism are, they don't even know what capitalism is or how it works. And that's deliberate public policy.

  15. Democracy is the operative word. Democracy thrives in the middle where conservative and socialist ideas can coexist. Senator Sanders, to me, represents a move to democracy for the people. It has been said that it is the duty of a constitutional democracy to protect minorities from the tyranny of the majority. That is what rights and freedoms is all about.

  16. This needs to be seen by everyone in the country! Very clear explanation of a topic so misunderstood and weaponized by the right.

  17. Anand has the ability to use a mindfulness approach to observe all that is happening and to provide us with a very special and unbiased perspective that would be very valuable for all of us to take advantage of and appreciate!

  18. thanks so much for posting this, I have said this or similar for years and it splats on the floor at the feet of the people I mention it to….I want a balanced system of economy, a system that isn't socialism or capitalism, but make up a new name but make it balanced and fair call it Unicorn, but just do it… and eschew those (tRump and Bloomberg and others) that continue to spout one or the other systems as being the only viable systems…in all things for our body and mental health doctors tell us to have balance, why can't we learn?

  19. Democratic Socialism allows and welcomes Capitalism, but under the control of a Democratically Elected Government of ordinary people.
    Capitalists unrestrained will destroy everything, because their only motive is Profit; they don't give a rat's a** for people. This is why Capitalist Billionaires and their money should not be allowed into the Political process. So-called "Lobbying", massive campaign contributions, and buying their way into elections has to stop. If someone wants to give you millions it's because they want something in return, we all know that.

  20. Exactly right!
    Socialism is not evil, it is necessary in every country to get things done.
    Capitalism is not evil if it is regulated so it does not hurt consumers, workers or the environment. We need to rein in its greed in the U.S.!

  21. We've been living in a growing plutocracy since 1978, one no different than that of the period between 1870 and 1933 when at last FDR was voted into the Presidency. Plutocracy tollitariansm, and authoritarianism can only be defined as fascism. China and Russia are not communist countries, no they are plutocracies ruled over by the extremely wealthy. Both have capitalism, but like here in the United States it's unfettered and held within conglomerates and monopolies. In that light look closely at the economics here in the U.S. where we've become a country where government has been bought and essential overthrown by a mere 2 percentile over the past 40 years or so. That same thing is the only economic take one could have on the period of 1870 through 1933 when finally FDR was voted into office. Had the cold war accrued during that period he would have been attacked by not just Republicans, but his own party as well. Mind you both fought tooth and nail against his run for the office of President, but the American people would have nothing of it, subsequently voting FDR into office three times. We have an FDR for our times, and the Establishment is fighting against him tooth and nail because they know that should Bernie Sanders win in November their game is over.

  22. Brilliant, crystal clear analysis. If the rich stepped out of their bubbles for one second, they’d see how capitalism has left behind the poor, working class for 40+ years.

  23. Everyone should read, 'The Entrepreneurial State: Debunking Public vs. Private Sector Myths' by Mariana Mazzucato'.

    From Wikipedia, 'the book argues that the United States' economic success is a result of public and state funded investments in innovation and technology, rather than a result of the small state, free market doctrine that often receives credit for the country's strong economy.'

  24. The Deep State / Military Industrial Complex has resurrected the Cold War in order to maintain its grip on power. The guest does not understand the meaning of socialism at all. Nor does he understand capitalism. It’s not a false binary at all – socialism and capitalism are diametrically opposed.

  25. Excellently put Anand: "Let's end this ridiculous binary and have some underatanding of economic fluidity." Agreed. There is a tendency at times, to elect viewpoints which appease and appeal to, the narrowest of our imaginaries. Time to evolve. I say this with heart and compassion for those historically traumatized by the 'isms and schisms' of both Capitalist and Socialist menaces.

  26. putting money in peoples pockets =socialism ——–people using that cash to buy product =capitalism ——–business needs to figure out what their biggest asset is —-it is people with cash in their pockets ——socialism is good for capitalism

  27. Bloomberg? Is he really the person for president? People don't want Bloomberg Charity – people want True Equality?
    Bloomberg "gives" to people what it is our inherent human right.

  28. When all the nukes are gone then I will agree we are out of the Cold war.
    Historical fact, no matter the tax rate the government has taken 17% of GDP.
    And GDP is greatest with pro capitalist policies. Socialism always reduces GDP.
    Taxing the rich does little more than shut down the market and GDP. While it does make government grow exponentially.

  29. Bernie is not talking about millionaires, he is talking about Billionaires. That's with a B. Big difference in what a millionaire with a Porsche and a Billionaire who owns Comcast or the Washington post can do to the population. It's not the 1% that's the problem, it's the 0.01%. I'm going to donate $15 Bernie now.

  30. Labor/Capital relations is the elephant few among us are addressing…
    “experience teaches us that there may be a slavery of wages only a little less galling and crushing in its effects than chattel slavery, and that this slavery of wages must go down with the other.”
    Frederick Douglass

  31. Yes! So simple! Yet, simple people are usually led by the nose by rich people’s lies. Case in point? “Trickle down economics”.

  32. I seem to be disagreeing all the time with people on social media about this. It's not like picking a side with two opposing sports teams. It's far more complicated (and has far more opportunity!) than that. The old US propaganda has a lot to answer for.

  33. Preach Anand, Preach. I have been saying this over youtube the past week debating with people. We are ahybrid of both, accept that fact already. Pushing for a purity of one over the other is outdated and out of touch with the times and meant only to be divisive.

  34. We always live in socialism. Capitalism is a toy in a toddler. Issue is this. Americans always had choices and other nations never had them. Its not capitalism vs socialism. America had better growth structure. 100% socialism is death of a country. socialism should be there but underground ( like 30-40%) like building roads to education. i dont trust Anand Giridharadas words. He may sound eloquent but i disagree on finer points. Almost all of it.

  35. My whole thing is even if Russia is pushing ;Bernie. Maybe they just want us to lead them. Don't let the haters divide us. Who are we to judge to point fingers if we act like hypocrites. There needs to be a balance.

  36. M4A helps the poor and homeless more then UBI my YG friends. Please debate me on this. And the people have spoken already and refused to support any candidate who back stepped from their fake version of it. Its the fight for modern civil rights whether you want to accept it or not. Its a human right and thats only radical to say in racist America.

  37. I like listening to Anand Giridharadas. But in this instance he is incorrect. In the USA, public roads & bridges, water & sewage, various regulatory agencies, or the "New Deal", etc., came about out of Keynesian Economics, i.e., the necessity for "Government Intervention" during the "Free-Market" economic failures of the 1930's Great Depression. Unlike Socialism, Keynesian Economic Theory doesn't call for Citizen/Government ownership and control over markets and the means of production. Most types of Socialism, aim towards some form of equitable cooperative or public ownership and control of a society's natural resources and means of production. IMHO, FDR was not nor is Bernie Sanders a Socialist. FDR used some aspects of Keynesian Economics to correct the failing capitalist economy. Bernie Sanders seems to advocate some form of "State Capitalism" as I've not heard him address the means of ownership, control over markets and means of production. Sanders appears to be for state regulation and control over markets that are largely held or owned by private corporations.

  38. Socialism is not "when the government does things" please stop spreading this lie. It is WORKING CLASS OWNERSHIP OF THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION.

  39. Morning Cough Cough, quckly call the NHNS we have it here as well — oh wait:
    Trump: The Coronavirus, it will all be over in April, no fear folks

    Trump: Cuts NHNS / CDC…

    Trump: Oh god, what is going on???? why is the virus not stopping,,,, Quickly Save WallStreet,, Quickly Schedule a flight to India – Im outta HERE…

    Trump: The stock market is great – ive told the feds to continue to print money and keep the interest low whilst stoping trade deals, – and you, my poor tax payers are paying for it, by giving BIG and BEAUtIFUL companies a chance to buy backs, for your money, and at the cost of even higher inflation….

  40. 'Redbaiting' a Communist…Now why does that feel unique😂
    Thats great Anand..a whole lot of squat in attempting to blur reality.

  41. Socialism has failed everywhere, but this silly young lazy generation who lives for a hand out and free stuff will have to learn the hard way and experience the failures of socialism first hand. But can the country afford that

  42. This man is a complete idiot. Money is set aside and place in a fund out of your salary to pay for pension, medicare etc this is not socialism. Socialism is when bernie steals money from the rich to pay for people who dont want to work

  43. This False Prophet is using people’s ignorance of history, our economic system, the current economic, military, National Security threats to sell books of his fallacies exactly as Hitler, Stalin, Castro, China, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, North Korea, etc. It is a material fact there are NO differences in the horrible realities of Socialism, Communism, and Totalitarianism no matter how False Prophets fallacies attempt to rebrand it, as every major country that has tried any form of Socialism fails as millions suffered greatly as the math does not add up and never will. We will NEVER allow our God-given rights and the millions of Americans and others that have died protecting these rights as also stated and guaranteed n the US Constitution, Declaration of Independence, etc. be taken away. I will gladly publicly debate this False Prophet fallacies in a national televised broadcast for all to see. My family died protecting the US flag, US Constitution, Declaration of Independence, etc.

  44. Seriously? None of these players have the first clue as to the meanings of capitalism or socialism – therefore they are all talking past each other. Which suits capitalists down to the ground. They can smugly sit back and laugh.

  45. A.G. I wish you were in politics. Since you’re in journalism and hold your responsibility so genuinely to provide a check on power. I’ll be watching for any articles or videos where your viewpoints are so cogent and on point.


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