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Andrea Brunello, Jet Propulsion Theatre, Falling Walls Engage 2018 (Subtitles available)

Andrea Brunello, Jet Propulsion Theatre, Falling Walls Engage 2018 (Subtitles available)

I’m going to tell you a story when I was a kid in high school. I really loved science I had a lot of passion a lot of curiosity for science and so, you know I really wanted to study and I went to the University And I still had a lot of passion now what does passion come from? I don’t know but it’s something inside of yourself You just find it and I studied really hard and I wanted to be a scientist and then around the third year of high school Of college. I realized that something was happening inside of me. I was drying up my passion was going away I know I said passion is something you have inside of yourself, but in a sense I feel inside that a lot of it also had to do with the fact that I was not inspired By what was around me my professors, although they were great teachers great Scientists they were not Storytellers able to elicit curiosity beauty and a sense of wonder inside of me so to get some of that I also studied some theater on the side and I continued to study science I wanted to be a scientist, so I went to graduate school I studied very hard and I also study theater on the side also there and then I finished I got my PhD then I went to do my first pass talk the second postdoc and then I realized that I clicked on me that science becomes interesting when we really see the connections with a human being when we understand that there is a Philosophy behind the formulas when we see the human side of science in other words when we become storytellers Scientists, so I quit with my research I went to further my education in in theatre and then in 2011 2012 I connected back again with the physics department at the University in Trento, Italy where With them we started the jet-propulsion Theater it’s a way to connect the rational and emotional sides through science theater and the arts Now the proposition theater is a factory that produces Original plays they end up in theaters augmented lectures that connect scientists with artists the theatre of wonder festival which is a traveling festival and also workshops on science communication through storytelling and scientific playwriting over the years We have done performed more than a thousand shows around Europe We also have connected with tens of thousands of people of all ages students and also older people theater goers and We feel that the impact has been Tremendous we have been able to excite people To understand to try to learn about science we have been able to train the trainer’s but not only the trains or train also the artists to connect with the scientists and also Dismantle stereotypes that exist in science and about science engage in unbiased discussions with people about science and then not people to further their interest in science, maybe their education or even to go against You know some preconceived notions they have we learned a lot. We learned that we can correct misunderstandings About science but most importantly I must say that we learned that people are Extremely intelligent and they’re very curious and they love to be challenged So all in all the jet propulsion theater is a win-win proposition and the reason is that in this time and in this age where science is shaping and our Society so much it’s wonderful to be able to engage with people at such a deep emotional level. So since we have so much time More than happy to take questions from you about what I have to say Are you getting people that don’t normally Engage with science or even with theater. Are you getting the the Trump voters we talked about earlier today? Yes. Yes for many reasons. One of them is that our productions are actual real theater So it ends up in the theater seasons of theaters and festivals. And so there you have all kinds of people and We make it an effort so that our theater is not Going to teach science, but just to excite and and raise a sense of wonder about it so we absolutely connect with people who are skeptics and We interact with them also through social media after the shows and we are able to answer some more questions And so yes, the answer is yes Well for one thing scientists the work with us become better storytellers they engage at a different level than just the head and they also interact with Artists and art and science are two of the most incredible endeavours of humans And so they also become more artists as well as scientist, and I think this really helps their research as well Thank you

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