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Annie LeBlanc’s Holiday Favorites | Radio Disney

– Hey, it’s Annie
LeBlanc, and here are some of my holiday favorites. My favorite holiday song right
now is “It’s Gonna Snow,” plug, but it’s a great song. So my favorite holiday
tradition is opening one present on Christmas Eve. It’s always pajamas, but
it’s always still so fun. My favorite holiday
food is cookies. My favorite holiday
decoration is hanging all the ornaments,
because we have ornaments since I was super young. And it’s always cool
to, like, look back and be like, I
remember hanging this like every year for Christmas. My favorite gift
I’ve ever given, it wasn’t actually
for Christmas. It was for Mother’s Day. And it was this heart. It was made of glass,
and it said, “Mom” on it. And you can like put
like a picture in it. And that was super cool. And she just told me that
she still has it today. My favorite gift I have
ever received was a bike. [BIKE BELL RINGS] I was like six, maybe. And I remember literally
running down the stairs. And there were, like,
two bikes– one for me and one for my older brother. There’s these two bikes, and I
was just like in love with it. And like, literally, Christmas
morning, we got the bikes, and we went outside
and enjoyed them. So happy holidays, and
thank you for watching. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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