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Antenna Fire with 1,000 Watts FT8 at Ham Radio Station

he put a thousand watts of ft8 so I’ll get an email on Saturday night which worried me to be honest
hello Callum I’m not gonna read it out he’s called James but he don’t need to
know be surname or anything and by the way the rules of this video let’s not
poke at him or anything because I don’t think he’s done anything wrong okay but
it’s a lesson in here for all of us and I need to pull your brains and like so
if you know anything about this please check that and I would like you to
comment on the channel rather than emailing me about this if you can so I
get an email from this J’s fella he says um he’s built a DA’s commander which is
a bunch of quarter waves in a nest like a fan dipole but vertical right it could
have been any vertical by the way I just had to have my name on it but that’s
beside the point he’s used a wire that I don’t know
anything about there we aren’t I’ve got the wire here I’ll go through these
pictures of him in it there’s nothing to identify him in these pictures by the
way you know he doesn’t want to be identified and frankly neither do i the
starways he put a thousand Watts there abouts could have been a bit more I
think his amplifier is capable of a bit more of ft8
on 20 meters now before you start shouting what’s he doing that for he’s
doing that for because he’s got a license up to 1500 watts
okay now just because it might be due rigor as the French would say to you
know do ten watts whatever seize day one he’s done a test
he wants to know if it will hold it up presses the button and does because he’s
15 seconds a shot isn’t it ft8 and I’ll see you about this today
because for these fool duty cycle modes and there’s only two I can think of one
is our tty but there again at full power I don’t know if you would have a 15
second over it becomes you know five six seven seconds FG 8 is extra
really strenuous on your equipment by the way because it’s full duty for 15
seconds the whole time so SSB is a lot even though the peaks might be at 1500
this average powers quite low down isn’t it so let’s just think about a vertical
a minute the bottom the base are vertical now you can’t touch this lucky
can a battery with your tongue okay so you just got to go by the physicists the
base of the Ariel has high current and the tip of the Ariel has high voltage
okay it caught fire right on the end so the insulation we reckon must have
caught fire first the the heats from that started to melt the plate where
everything connects to which is made of a substance called pe4 it’s like a nylon
6 if you’re a mass it material science that scientist out there you might know
the difference and it’s called pe4 it’s black and once that go ago it all
started dribbling down they noticed WR Steiger eyes went outside little bloody
things on Phi Z so always I have recounted this to well three of my
scientist friends and and without replicating the experiment we don’t know
because ignoring the fact it’s a dear it’s commander let’s just take a tree if
you like hang up a four point nine meter long 17 feet or sámi vertical put 25 17
feet radials cuz that’s what he did stick off key down the kilowatt into it
what would happen now I don’t know we got a blowtorch on some d-10 and we
only got it to keep keep the fire going if that if we started a fire so the
flames were going upwards but it knit to kick that off we actually needed a
blowtorch and if he’s watching it well it must have
been seven or eight seconds be to get that sort of level of heat into p2 into
d-10 now I don’t know this is his let’s go through these pictures so that’s his
that’s the spec of the wire okay I don’t know I’ve got some pictures of the wire
so he’s got I mean it looks like this looks fine copper wire I don’t know
anything about the installation so I can’t really comment about it I mean
it’s the insulation clearly caught fire and he said he did a little loop like
this okay um there’s nothing in that picture to identify lime is there no so
he did a loop like this and he thought oh something to do with the loop now I
don’t think it is I don’t think it is I’m working on so he’s built these
ground radials really ignore the fact over here as looks like a bit of burning
that’ll be when he made it okay so that’s fine I love the way he’s done
these I mean the whole installation looks tremendous actually and had it not
cooked I’m sure he would have been great really good um you can see where the PE
force has fallen down the pole here look at melted I mean I’m gonna send him
another one I don’t care whose fault it is
I’ll send up some new bits so obviously on the left-hand side of the picture
we’re at the top of the 20 meter element the insulation call because I’d start
with I thought oh shit the PE 4 has absorbed RF had gone up but it sure be
it was the 20 meter element so it’s the 20 meter element which is over here on
the left-hand side of the screen which caught fire and there’s enough of that
fire to come all the way out and melt the PE for a plate I keep trying to
adjust you they’re not quite sure we should be I don’t know III I don’t know
what this is and at the very very top of the screen I’m we think that’s the 30
meter element that went through the plate okay because if you remembered
nest of of the elements that go through the drilled holes it in the plate so I
guess once once for know is anything in here no he said so it’s probably
something I did he says porch up I don’t he’s done anything wrong at all the fire
looks like the 20 meter wire and it he says for 30 meters wires not cool what
caused it but he wasn’t transmitting on 30 okay oh I did not do a test on 30
meters the 40 meter wire looked fine I like the idea of parts getting back to
me so there we are so and that’s so the and that’s his radial field you know
he’s got the space I mean now this was gonna be and still is I hope I need to
find what wire we use for very high Judy cycles thousand watts ideally might have
to be bare copper okay I mean I I don’t know
with an insulator between the bare copper and the paracord if you know what
I mean a full on you know insulator this perhaps this copper has to be you know a
situation at all with a little bend over and I’ve been interesting now I’m
applying for something called a research permit in the UK because I need to
replicate these dangerous experiments really and I can’t do that 400 watts
which is my current license but DX come on are limited well under my callsign I
need to write to Ofcom and all the people that needs B because I don’t
particularly want lots of power but I do need to be able to test things out like
this to replicate these experiments and to find out what would happen for
instance if we used bare copper I don’t know
I’ve only burned through two wires in my life one was a ground radio an elevated
radio system that was connected directly from the insulation to a metal stake
that flashed through at our four kilowatt and I had a bit of d-10 going
past at the high current point another piece of metal and it flashed through
there when the thing is with d-10 once it goes
it’s gone yeah it breaks snaps gone whoosh where this was strong enough to
keep going keep accepting the power keep heating up the insulation and off it
when what is your experience and how can we advise this chap other than turn the
power down how to stay safe is it the wire I don’t know I am I know
I lost right I know I know I know I know I know and lots that sounds like a that
sounds like a song I know I know a lot but I don’t know the answer here
all right so someone about to come in the door and oh no they’re not so there
we are good good good story yes but hopefully
read the comments below and come up with your own suggestions please and let’s
have a debate on the topic ok so I managed Callum from DX Commander the guy who’s responsible for all this in the first place
See you next time hmmm…

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