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APRS Text Messaging via SMSGTE – Ham Radio Q&A

APRS Text Messaging via SMSGTE – Ham Radio Q&A

8 comments on “APRS Text Messaging via SMSGTE – Ham Radio Q&A

  1. Do you have to register with SMS gte or can you do this without registering with them? I might be confusing my own myself

  2. saves messages for 14 days… just search for SMSGTE and you can get a list of a bunch of phone numbers… I guess it is good you blurred out the number…but it is still available to anyone to see who understands APRS. I personally do not need another way to spread phone numbers to spammers. Use at your own risk.

  3. Quick question: Is it legal for someone on a cell phone to reply to the APRS message? I'm imagining that since the station is under the remote control of another ham, that it is. Is this correct?

  4. when responding with a phone, you actually don't need to specify the @callsign for reply. It auto assumes the last conversation you were contacting is the default, and keeps that active. If you have more than one conversation, then you need to use the callsign.

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