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Are There Different Types of Mammograms? – UF Health Radiology

My name is Dr. Smita Sharma. I’m a
radiologist, and I specialize in breast imaging. I’m also the section chief of breast radiology here at UF Health Jacksonville. A traditional 2D mammogram is a
mammogram where they obtain a single 2-dimensional image of the breast. In 3D
technology, we have a special X-ray tube. This tube takes images of the breast
from different angles, and these images are then reconstructed into very thin
one-millimeter slices. It’s almost like a CT scan of the breast tissue. We can go
through layers of breast tissue and get a more detailed picture. The
advantages are that because we are able to see so well, we can find very
small, very subtle breast cancers which may not be visible in a regular 2D
mammogram. Because we can see so clearly, we are able to tell if the finding is
real or just related to overlap of breast tissue, so we have to call fewer
women back for additional imaging. It’s a great technology because not only
does it allow us to find additional subtle cancers, it is also preventing us
from doing additional unnecessary testing which can be very stressful and
inconvenient, too.

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