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Ask Dr. G: Television

Ask Dr. G! Alright guys! Guess what? What? What? Does anybody know what a pediatrician is? Yes! No! It’s a doctor who works with…? KIDS! Kids! Good job! We’re gonna have a pediatrician come in today
to talk to us. Is that cool? Yes! You guys excited? Yes! Yeah! Good! How do I look? Bow tie? Good? Eyebrows, are fine? Do I need some like color? Like rouge? How are you feeling about the audience today? Uh, yeah, it should be good, right? I mean, they’re just kids. It’ll be good. Yeah! I’m sure, I’m sure I’ll be fine. I mean. I’m a doctor, yeah, that’s what I do. Right? Alright guys! Thanks for inviting me, it is so nice to meet
you guys! Now who here has been to see their doctor? Me! You have! Wonderful! Do you like seeing your doctor? I had to see my doctor too. I was scared. It sometimes is scary going to the doctor. It’s scary when you think you’re gonna get
a shot, but I wasn’t scared when I got a shot. Well, even though sometimes going to the doctor
can seem scary, do you know why you go to the doctor? Why? Because the doctors like me, we see you so
you can stay healthy and grow big and strong. So every time you go to the doctor, you get a little
stronger knowing that maybe you’re getting some medicine, or maybe we’re just teaching
you how to stay healthy too. So that’s what I’m here to do, is hopefully
maybe answer some questions that you might have, so that you can make sure that you grow
up big, strong, and healthy. Speaking of which, do any of you guys have
any questions for me about your bodies or how to stay healthy? Dr. G, why can’t i watch TV all day? That is a really good question! Do sometimes your moms say “No more TV”? Do your moms ever, and dads ever say that? My mom does. Yes! Why do they say that? Because you have to go to bed! Sometimes we have to go to bed. Why else do our moms and dad say “No more
TV”? Because you’re being bad! That’s right, very good. Well let me tell you something. There are some things that make our brains
grow really big and strong, and there are some things that make our brains tired and
go to sleep. OK? But we want our brains to be strong and active,
so what do we do with our bodies to stay strong? We eat healthy and we exercise! Who likes to exercise? I do! Very good! Now, we also want our brains to grow big and
strong too. Wait. Do brains even have, do brains have eyeballs? They don’t have eyeballs, but they connect
to our eyeballs, and so we want a strong brain to power our eyes and to power our hearts
so that we can be as big, and strong, and healthy as we can be. One thing we can do is read lots of books. Does anybody like reading books? Yeah! What’s your favorite book? The Grinch. The Grinch! That’s a good book! I like the Jungle Book! I do too! Well every time, you do read a book, believe
it or not, it’s like doing exercise for your brain. But, just like we can eat junk food to make
our bodies wimpy and sleepy, we can also do things for our brains that isn’t good and
makes it wimpy and sleepy. And watching too much TV is going to make
our brains not as strong as it should be. Not as strong as if we read lots of books,
play games, and dance, and color, and all of these things are really healthy for the
brain and will help it grow big and strong. Yeah, and my brother plays too much Fortnite too much. And my brother plays Fortnite. Yes, we can have a whole other segment on
Fortnite later. That is a great question.

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