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Ask the Specialist: Interventional Radiology – Kurt Openshaw, MD

The field of interventional radiology continues to change dramatically with new devices, new ways to treat things like cancer. The equipment we use now for procedures just did not exist when I started the field 20 years ago. So, where it’s going to go I’m not sure. I’m sure it’s going to have a bigger role in cancer treatment. I’m sure there will be improvements in the way we treat vascular disease. The last 20 years have seen such a dramatic change from angioplasty to now stenting, and then drug diluting stents and then covered stents and the pipeline is amazing. And one of the great things about the field is everything is less invasive. So we can do procedures for patients as outpatients that used to be 3 or 4 hospital day stays. So, there is tremendous growth in the area and I suspect that we will find new ways to better treat things like cancer, and as well as vascular disease and venous disease etc.

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