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[ASMR] Lost Memory | Miranda the Witch

[ASMR] Lost Memory | Miranda the Witch

Take a seat. Thank you. How can I help you? Hi … It took me a long while to find this place. How shall I describe my problem? I feel that … I have always been followed by a shadow. I’m not sure what that is. In addition, it seems that I have forgotten something, something … really important. But I cannot recollect it despite all endeavors. I heard that you possess inconceivable power So I came here to ask for your help. I see. Now, come closer. Do not move. Let me feel it. There is a huge black hole in your heart. You threw everything you are unwilling to face inside. These negative thoughts are like living things, growing, fermenting, bubbling. Now, it wants to come out. Your feeling is correct. Its shadow is projected. Please help me, please… Now, I need some preparation. Before starting, I need three items. Firstly, I need an item that offers you peace of mind. Even in the darkness and fear, it helps you to find peace. Something comforting? This comb. This comb was given to me by my mom. When I was a child, I really enjoyed my mom combing my hair with it. I feel peaceful and safe by my mom. Later, whenever I feel terrible or desperate, I comb my hair with it. It feels like mom is still by my side, protecting me. I ‘m in a warm and safe room. The room is bright and shields the darkness. Nothing can hurt me. Perfect. Now, you can use it to comb your hair, and remember this feeling that comforts you. Hold it in your hand. We will use it later. In my hand … always? Secondly, I need your fear. Something frightens you the most. Something suffocating. Fear? I’m fearful of the fire the most. No matter how small it is, Whenever I come closer to it… It feels like…the fire is expanding… greater and greater…closer and closer slowly spreads to my feet…my body… until it devours me. By body is burnt, squeaking… Pain and fear are all over me, holding my breath. Fire… Lastly, I need one hair of yours. My hair? Very well. I use your hair to make you a potion Hair… and sage to purify Your fear, fire. Burn all of them. The formulas? The formulas of the potion are all my secrets. After taking the potion, you need to find the answer by yourself. I will guide you and assist you with my voice. But you have to remember one point. When you enter the inner space consciousness, Your mental strength will become exceptionally weak. Hold your comb tightly. It will become your anchor. Remember everything you believe in and insist on. Do not be scared. Do not give up. That’s all. Now, drink it. What do you see? I’m in front of a mirror. But I feel that my reflection in the mirror is unusual. The image in the mirror is what you want to see the most. Listen carefully. What have you recollected? Nothing. I’m so scared. I can’t breathe. What do you have in your hand? A comb. Very well. Hold it tightly. It is your anchor. Now, I will bring you into the deepest layer of your memory. I … I’m at the entrance to a room. I … I see myself… with someone that I cannot see. What do you see yourself doing? I was holding a candle. It seems that we were playing hide and seek. Look, she is inside. “Sister, hide into the cabinet.” “I will hide outside.” “They are coming to seek us.” “Ah … it’s so dark inside the cabinet. I’m a little scared.” “Here, take my candle. Hide well. Don’t be found.” “Okay. Go hide yourself too. See you later.” Three …Two … One … Wake up. Now, you have already known the answer. This time, do you choose to remember it? Or… forget it, again?

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