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ASMR Radio 🎧 The Sensory Hour 🎧 Rain, Tapping, Meditation

ASMR Radio 🎧 The Sensory Hour 🎧 Rain, Tapping, Meditation

100 comments on “ASMR Radio 🎧 The Sensory Hour 🎧 Rain, Tapping, Meditation

  1. RE-UPLOAD 🌟 Let's just pretend that last night's upload of this video didn't contain a missed edit at around 36:00 where I sniffed really loudly, checked my phone and drank tea 🤦🏽‍♀️☺️
    Welcome to Smooth Sounds radio 119.3fm! We have a fun packed show for you this evening on The Sensory Hour.
    Time stamps 0:10 Intro to tonight’s show 1:07 message from our sponsors 2:06 the show run down 4:29 nature sounds meditation 15:14 tonight’s crystal segment 20:02 the tone for the evening 26:56 freestyle segment – sounds from the studio

    Thank you to Audible for sponsoring this video and for being open to me turning it into an RP! My love to you all XX Sweet Dreams XX Emma 🌟

  2. i wonder if the fcc even would allow you to broadcast this. because of the issue with driving and listening to asmr simultaneously would certainly turn some heads.

  3. love your work and big fun of all your videos! going to sleep almost all the time with your voice!
    Been through some stuff but the universe is working incredibly beautiful! just doing some Teta healing work atm which includes changing my subconscious beliefs and improving my health! in case you run out of ideas 🙂 I would love love to listen to you doing a material about healing and changing the subconscious beliefs to stop self sabotage. This contains positive affirmations about healthy mindful eating and body positive, self love and abundance, self worth, deserving a great relationship and basically healing all areas of life! I would be extremely happy and appreciative if you would ever do this kind of meditation asmr video. Also I am a big fan of meditation and just a suggestion hope you don't mind! you would be really successful I bet, if you would do meditation recordings as well! I would buy it and listen for sure! your voice is healing for me and great help to reduce stress and relaxation. Loads of love Emma x

  4. I love your videos, Emma. You are always generous with taking as much time as you can to make your watchers very relaxed. Thanks!

  5. For the past three nights in a row when I'm at the cusp of falling asleep, I listen to the last few things that Emma says before the rain sounds and it always gives me great dreams. Thank you thank you thank you for the peaceful sleeps!

  6. Okay, you can run a soundboard, interview a guest (from Cuppa series), and create tons of content. I'm über impressed with your range of talent. I'm also surprised I got all this out before falling asleep.

  7. This is straight up my favorite ASMR video in a long, long time. I love every part of this. It checks all the boxes for things I usually have to get from several videos in one! Calm spiritualism = check. Rain sounds = check. Awesome tapping = check. Singing bowls = check. Amazing, thank you <3

  8. Is this a real radio station cause in the morning I’m gonna try to find this station on my way to summer camp

  9. Emma, please make this a series, with all the crystals, and letters and chakras. Also, please make a positive affirmations video. plzzzz

  10. As someone who volunteered at a high school radio station this is quite accurate down to filling out papers when you play ads

  11. OK about 5 time I tried to listen this buy time I open my eyes it's morning so going to listen to whole lot lol

  12. I hope this is a series!! I love this! I love that you're always trying new things and ideas. One random things though, is it just me who can't hear or can barely hear the "tone" Sound? With the bowl and stuff. I can just about hear it but when she's used it before I can't really hear it at all. Maybe I'm just weird!!

  13. i wish this video had more views!!! i love it so much and i wish there were more of these but i understand that you have to do what most of your subscribers enjoy :(( this is just such a nice video, it helps me so much with my anxiety

  14. Is it wrong that my favorite part was the ad? How perfectly voiced. This is how you include an ad without annoying your audience.

  15. one of the best ASMR videos i've encountered!! i can only imagine how hard you worked on this video Emma <3 thank you so much!

  16. Seriously shocked you don't have a whole playlist of guided meditations. I could listen to this for days.

  17. I literally thought this was an actual station, and I was like “why is there only one video of this type on her channel?” BUT I FIGURED IT OUT!!

  18. My anxiety was killing me all weekend but I didn't have services so hearing you again feels like you've saved me. I love you mom 💕💕

  19. I never thought I’d get tingles from an advert – you should voice over all adverts from now on. Let’s get rid of that gocompare guy! 😉❤️

  20. I would love to make a cool logo for your radio station that you could use instead of the heart, all for free I would just love to help out and make it look a little more professional if you were to do this again

  21. This was really really good. I got some strong tingles, which I haven't experienced since a few weeks (starting to get resistant :/), and I really got the feeling of listening to a radioshow – very well done 🙂 Got my subscription with this video!

  22. This was great, I hope you do more! I would love to learn some about malachite, please! Maybe some paper related sounds in your next episode. 🙂 Have a wonderful week too, WhispersRed!

  23. ASMR Radio, The Sensory Hour.
    Whispers Red, Please consider the following comment as my attempt to be constructive. You are a master ASMR practitioner. I keep many of your videos in a file called "Best Of Red". But your "ASMR Radio, The Sensory Hour" drew a thumbs down from me and I stopped watching the video after about 5 or 10 minutes. Please consider why I did so.
    There is a great temptation among artists and athletes to assume that their personal opinions are desired by their fans. They are lulled into a belief that their importance to their fans goes beyond their art or sport. Athletes start taking social action to the field. Actors & musicians feel the need to make political statements in their art. They do not take into consideration that their fans usually are turning to them to escape the troubles of the day. The last thing they want is a reminder of the issues "out there".
    With ASMR this is especially sensitive. ASMR artists are entrusted with people in a vulnerable state. Most of us are looking for sleep. We want to relax and slow our minds.
    Tingles are sought, sounds, whispered ear to ear conversations designed to relax the brain and relive the analytical side. Placing the recipients in a highly vulnerable and suggestive state.
    Unfortunately, I have noted that some ASMR artists take advantage of their fans vulnerability and start inserting concepts and ideas that should be consdered analytically. I am referring to Religious/Spiritual statements and instruction.
    Besides ear to ear whispers, my most effective trigger are bells and "singing" bowls and crystals. I relax at the frequency and soothing sounds they produce. However, when the artist starts attaching a spiritual or religious value to the sound, the session becomes manipulative. I am being influenced to a belief system without the benefit of my higher mind functions being engaged to assess if the concepts are right for me. It is unfair and a violation of the trust I place in the ASMR artist.
    Your radio program did exactly that. It was not ASMR. It used many ASMR techniques, but the entire program was an indoctrination into a spiritual realm. If you set up a separate channel to present your religious/Spiritual thoughts, that would be fine. I would have the freedom to decide if I wanted to be exposed to them. But to insert them into an AMSR session without giving your fans the choice is unfair manipulation and potentially dangerous to the recipient.
    Please consider creating a second channel for your religious musings and keep your ASMR free from manipulation.
    Respectfully submitted.

  24. Can we please have multiple installments of this? I have listened to this anywhere and everywhere and have fallen asleep or at-least meditated phenomenally. I need more.

  25. Dear Emma, it is my favourite video! Not even of all yours but of all asrm youtube vidéos. It seems not to have been watched as many as others of your videos but please can you make another radio show ? And what’s about a crystal asmr video? I can’t stop listenning/watching before sleeping sonce three months. So addicted, indeed
    A comment from Paris,
    With Lové,
    Anne Sophie

  26. Interesting video, but just want to stop by to let everyone know to checkout The.Only.Unique.Radio. On-Air Now! Google "TOURMusicinc"!

  27. I love this 😀 I can use it for yoga sessions now- I must've missed it as I was doing my exams in may, I missed a treat, I'm glad I found it now! Thank you Emma <3 I have a question, why do I get tingles on my right side around my hip and not my really my left? It's so weird!!!

  28. This was sheer perfection! It would be lovely if this was a regular part of your channel… A new tone, a new stone, a new nature sound each time… Love it. Thank you for all the tingles and relaxation, Emma! 💜

  29. this video should have more views. it's SO good! well put together all the way around, and great tingles too 🙂

  30. I came back to rewatch today and had no idea the tea and phone check was part of the show! I remembered it, and thought the show had “gone to commercial!”

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