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15 comments on “Banning Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer?

  1. In a country that is driven on votes, why are these things not voted on? Because its not really about what people as a whole want, its about a bunch of insecure morons full of hate and NEED to learn the movie teaches that bullying is wrong of ( I guess they are incapable of understanding the message it gave) the rest of us are stupid enough to let it happen. We should go to the decision makers, and take a hammer and hobble their dumb ass, give them something that has actual reason to be full of hate over as they limp the rest of their life, but maybe they will learn to stop bitching over little things…….

  2. The point of Rudolph is to "not judge a book by its cover" or something like that. Everyone liked Rudolph and I'm pretty sure they apologized by the end of it. It is just a big lesson.

  3. What's next? Are they gonna banned Yellow Submarine?

    I've been verbally bullied by adults before and Rudolph should just tell them don't pick on someone who is different

  4. It’s so dumb how people get so offended and want to ban a jolly little Christmas song, but nobody gives a shit about all those raps that say “FUCK DA POLICE”

  5. Some people are just so whiney about every little thing. They went straight for the negative parts of the film and completely over looked the positive ones. Yes, Rudolph was bullied but in one clip Clarice sings to him about being himself not to mention he meets Kirby who also dealt with bullying from the other elves. They form a friendship and in the end everything works out. It is pretty shitty to want to ban something because It makes you upset. Like seriously grow the hell up and just deal with it. If you hate it so much then why don't you just NOT WATCH THE MOVIE!

  6. Yeah, I remember that scene where Hermey and Rudolf join the KKK, find and lynch a black elf then beat a gay reindeer to death and it was awesome…oh wait…THAT NEVER BLOODY HAPPENED!

    What a bunch of lefty loony toons!

  7. They should ban the assholes promoting P/C culture. It is a divide and conquer strategy that the powered elite have used throughout history.

  8. Well guess what if I was in that movie I'm going over to comet and punch him in the face and punch him and punch him and punch him and threw him in the volcano far away

  9. He is the hero at the end…as his little "deformity" saved the day–or should I say saved the night. No one is hurt by Rudolph…Ridiculous

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