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Best FM Transmitter for Android Phone Updated 2019

hi this is a demonstration on the aFM
FM transmitter for iPhone FM transmitter dot net iPhone FM transmitter dot net. What we are
showing here is using the Android phone and see how you perform on the car radio
Now we have the radio set at 87.9 FM and will turn up the radio. You can hear
that there is static noise. Now we’re using the aFM
FM transmitter we will switches it on. And you will notice that the noice went away immediately and now we gonna plug this onto the phone. it’s HTC Android phone this is Phone HTC One XE and we’ll put this onto the phone and will turn on the music good you see the music is coming out loud and
clear and will switches this off you’ll notice that say as soon as we switch
is off the noise comes right back and we’re
gonna switch back on and will play the music the music come out loud and clear will stop this is the right now her okay
once again this amazing gadget this a FM
transmitter is coming from iPhone FM transmitter dot net iPhone
FM transmitter dot net and we using where using an
Android phone right now on thank you for watching thanks

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