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Best Home & Away Radio Calls from Raiders Crazy Comeback Win Over Chiefs! | NFL Highlights

Best Home & Away Radio Calls from Raiders Crazy Comeback Win Over Chiefs! | NFL Highlights

Now Peters is playing way off of Amari Cooper on third down and 10 off right. Derek looks left, Derek is going to throw for the endzone… Caught!!! It is Caught! Touchdown!!!! Raiders!!!! Jared Cook!! With a touchdown to tie the game at 30! With sixteen seconds to go! What an amazing play! And again, they just threw it up in the air and Terrance Mitchell… ..gets outfought for the football by Jared Cook. It’s sixteen seconds left to go… in the game Again, receivers all over the same spot Yeah, there were three Chiefs there… …and Jared Cook went up and took the ball. They are going to have to review it. They have to make sure that he got the ball all the way to the ground. It is inside of two minutes… it has to be reviewed. The Chiefs really want this. It sure looks like it is going to come to about the half-yard line… And that is not good Kendall… …Because they can run more time off. Correct. Correct. It is Murray’s foot hits the foot of…. After review… Here we go. The ruling on the field has changed. The runner was down by contact at the one-half yard line. He was down with 18 seconds left. By rule… When you go from the spot clock to a running clock. There is a 10 second run-off. 10 second run-off?! Please put 8 seconds on the game clock. Timer.. Start the clock on my signal. Well… you spike it or run a play? It is 30-24, Kansas City… 8 seconds to go in the game. With 8 seconds to go in the game…. It’s still 30-24, Kansas City, the ball is inside the one. Hudson will snap…. There you go… They are going to run a play They run a fade route… Caught! Michael Crabtree! No… they are going… Penalty flag… Offensive Pass Interference. They are going to wave it off. That is a 10 second run-off. They are going to call offensive pass interference on Michael Crabtree… … And the Chiefs still lead 30-24. They may pick this up… Didn’t look like much. Here’s Wrolstad with the whole game. Pass interefence. Offense. Number 15. It is a 10-yard penalty. Replay first down. It’s not a ten-second runoff because it was a dead ball. Now you are going to be pushed back further… It gives Oakland a little more room in the red-zone. But the Chiefs lead 30-24 At three seconds to go. The shove-off by Crabtree on Marcus Peters. And there is just no question. The minute that happened… You knew that was OPI. One shot for the endzone… Derek back.. looks right… steps up… throws middle… And it is incomplete… A flag is down! This will be a holding foul on the Chiefs. The pass went through the hands of Jared Cook. Prior to the pass… Holding… Defense Number 38. Parker holds… The game will be extended for one down. An untimed down. I can’t take any more of this… We need a verdict one way or the other. We’re gonna put this at the five and a half yard line. The Chiefs up 30-24. It’s boiling down to this. Right foot in front of the left. Carr looks left… pumps… …throws another fade in the back of the endzone. Flag is thrown. They are saying it is out-of-bounds. Caught out of bounds but a flag is thrown. Holding again on Kansas City! Cordarelle did not get both feet inbounds. The ruling on the field is an incomplete pass. However… There is holding. Defense. Number 21. Murray again…. That penalty is half the distance to the goal. We will have another untimed down. You’re getting close enough here, Tom, is there any kind of moment where Derek could hit his back foot and try to run for it? You’re going empty here. Yeah, you could. They are going empty here. There is nobody in the middle of the field. We need the defensive linemen to break through and make a play. Chiefs, put some pressure on Carr. Chiefs: 30, Oakland: 24 Olawele in the backfield to the right of Carr. Snap… Now roll out action by Carr… Zips a pass near side…. It is… caught!! And it is a touchdown and the Raiders win the game. The Raiders! …And I think this time it counts! There are no flags! Got both knees in down… … in play… in the endzone…. Give it to me loud now! TOUCHDOWWWWNNNNN!!!! RAIDERS! Condo… Ready to snap it. Ball down. Tavecchio’s point after attempt is up… … And the kick is good…. … And the Raiders have won…. 31 to 30!! One of the greatest wins we have seen from this team in years! The game they absolutely had to have! That was one heck of a football game!

27 comments on “Best Home & Away Radio Calls from Raiders Crazy Comeback Win Over Chiefs! | NFL Highlights

  1. Amazing comeback by Raiders!!! um anyone watching in 10/20/17??? but yeah,great video by the NFL so good for Raiders!!!

  2. I have Derek Carr on my fantasy, and live Las Vegas so I think I have to adopt the Raiders….and the ending was rigged.

  3. Easily the best game of the Week, and a one Thursday Night Football DEFINITELY NEEDED.
    I saw three CRAP games in a row , Carolina-Chicago, Dallas-SF and Atlanta-New England. This was a helluva game – and it deserves a replay!!!  GO RAIDERS!!!  Raider NATION FOREVER!!!

  4. can't believe my own eyes at what I just seem from this time of way I cannot even suppose the look at what I have ever acknowledge this whole way moving forward

  5. talk about clock management!!!!!!
    have no fear for atomic energy, because none of them can stop the time………Raider Marley

  6. I'm a Raiders fan and I was freaking out by a 3 minutes of a 16 second to 8 second to 3 second to 0 second touchdown

  7. Hey roger goodell, raider nation needed this and also a super bowl win to make up for that tuck rule and also the BS touchback call against Dallas last season! Make it happen goodell

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