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Bette Midler Slams Justin Timberlake!

Bette Midler Slams Justin Timberlake!

Live, from New York City. It’s the Wendy Williams Show. ♪ Oh yeah ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ Feel it feel it feel it, let’s go ♪ ♪ Come on, you need it ♪ ♪ How you doing ♪ How you doing? And here’s Wendy! (cheering) ♪ How you doing ♪ Hey! (cheering) Thanks for watching today. Say hello to my co-hosts, my studio audience. (cheering) How you doing? I’m doing okay, let’s get started. It’s time for– [Audience In Unison] Hot topic. Come on! (cheering)
(funky music) (laughing) Bette Midler has a point and boy, oh boy, does she have a point. Here’s what she wants. Bette wants Justin Timberlake to make an apology to Janet Jackson publicly. (clapping) Well? (clapping) I’ll tell you what she said and then you can have your own opinion, but I certainly do have mine. (laughing) All right, Justin Timberlake publicly apologized to his wife for holding hands with another actress after having too much to drink but says nothing else happened, who cares? So when is Janet Jackson’s boob going to get an apology? #JusticeForJanet! (cheering) Like, (cheering) Bette is my kind of girl because she could give, like pick a finger, you know what I mean? She just sits back and rants but you know what? She’s right. You know, he never apologized to Janet and while I do think in my heart of hearts, don’t come for me ’cause I don’t care, that Janet and Justin were in on Nipple Gate because it’s clear, no, we don’t have to W this, she had a star over it. And that’s why she got in trouble Why are we w-ing? FCC rules, because you see– No but she had a star. You see like areola and stuff. Wait, but the picture you showed me this morning in Hot Topic, she had a star over it. Yeah. Like a metallic– Like a, like a, like a piercing but that’s what got her in trouble, it’s still too sexy. But it covered her areola, it did not, you’re not familiar with an areola No, no I have a few. I’m promising you, it’s peaking through. We’ll look after, I promise you. (laughing) Susanne. Yes. Janet had a metallic star evidently put there by Janet and her team. Okay. You know what I’m saying?
Uh-huh. Over her thing.
Okay. I didn’t see any areola. Hmmm. But you know, he’s allergic. You know what I’m saying? (laughing) Alls I’m saying is tha to me, because she had that star already in place, but her material over the top of it, that they were plotting Janet and Justin Exactly. Okay, here’s what we’re going to do we’re going to create history at the Super Bowl you know, I’m going to pull it down and Janet’s like oh, I’ve got the cutest thing that my team put on top of it. You know what I’m saying? But, Janet was not forgiven. Justin was forgiven and still appropriated the culture and the whole bit. Janet, you all, I’m going to remind you, she was banned from all Viacom properties. That’s a lot. Including, MTV, BET, and all their radio stations. Fortunately, she’s still Janet and she’s went on to marry that man who was good for her for a moment but she moved out of the country, was cloaked in a lot of clothing, had the baby, has now divorced him, back in the country, and trying to get back on her giddy-up but she’s been gone for so long I don’t know how those concerts, I don’t know what’s going to happen with the rest of her career. She’s still Janet but, Justin went on to perform at Super Bowl in 2018. See, you see. And, and he went on to marry Jessica Beal, you see, and he went on to have his children and live his life and everybody has forgotten about Janet on the side of the road. Now, he forgave this girl that he is in the movie or his wife, you know, whatever. Justin, you’re wrong. Bette, thanks for reminding us. That’s all. (cheering)
(clapping) So the trailer, for part two, I know. R. Kelly, I know. We’ve got to talk though, you all, we’ve got to watch it as a family. Okay. The trailer for part two of surviving R. Kelly, the documentary is out. I have it for you. The original documentary helped put R. Kelly behind bars but part two, everything that happened since is now aired. Just take a look at this and then we’ll talk. Robert said don’t believe everything you hear. R. Kelly has been charged with multiple accounts of sexual assault. I have video of you, come meet me. I finally got around to watching that documentary it was a re-act of things they’ve known for years and everybody rejected it. Black women had been talking about this story since 1991. Surviving R. Kelly accomplished making America listen to these stories. Okay, so the bigger story is that his ex-wife, Drea, who I like her, she’s been here before. You know I’ve seen her out, you know, a few times and stuff like that. R. Kelly’s ex-wife, Drea, is furious that she is included in part two. Now, here’s what she told TMZ Live. Take a look. When they brought the idea to me, I let them know that in no way, shape, form, or fashion will I be a part of it. They reached out to my children without my permission. They reached out to my family members without my permission. But what’s more important about this, is that I’m not happy with the aftercare and how the victims and survivors were handled throughout this entire process and it was pretty much, we got our ratings, got out marketing dollars, we got out numbers. Goodbye, see you, whatever happens happens. But my thing, Drea, is you can’t blame Lifetime. You know, your ex-husband is foul and you married him under a certain, (clapping) and Drea is a forty-something year old woman with three children by R. Kelly after they got married. Drea used to be a background dancer for R. Kelly and you can’t tell me, you didn’t see stuff when all the sudden he claimed you and wanted you to marry him. Now, you’re older than the rest, but she’s a little bunshkin you know what I’m saying you see, she’s youthful. If you squint, she could look sixteen and play the part. (laughing) Laugh if you want. (clapping)
(laughing) And so you were his girlfriend Drea, and you did marry him Drea, and you did go on to have not one, but three children with him, Drea. So, you were along for the ride and I understand Drea that he used to lock you in a room and you’d have to knock on the door just to get out of the room to use the bathroom and think oh yes, he treated her foul too, but Drea, tell me you didn’t know that some violation of the situation was going on before you even said yes to the first date. Now, what’s in this for you? And now you want to be all kumbaya. So, now here she goes, she wants to sue Lifetime. In my opinion, you don’t have a leg to stand on. Just sit down and take your lumps. (clapping) It’s hard sitting here, speaking my truth. It is, it is hard, it is hard. (clapping) It is hard, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. Oh my god, oh. I sit here, I take my lumps and I go about my life and mind my own business, I don’t care. Snowed all day yesterday in New York, I’m looking. Shout out to Jersey City, all that foulness going on. Like I just, I can’t, I can’t breathe. So to do a cheerful show, while knowing Drea is wrong, R. Kelly is going to jail, and Tommy is dead. Tommy from Alice, the sitcom. 55, doesn’t it, doesn’t it strike you odd when somebody your same age dies? I mean it’s bad enough when people die. I used to love this show Alice with Mel and Flow, Viera, they were all there, they were all there. (clapping) And, and all they said was he was passed away, he was suffering for many years with something or another but they never said what the something or other is. See, I want to know what the something or other is only ’cause, I’m the same age, you know. Was it the diabetes, then say it. Was it the cancer, then say it. Was it the substance abuse, what was it? Like why did Tommy die at 55? And shout out to his sister who was on Facts of Life, you know her, Nancy, Nancy Mckeon, yes, Nancy McKeon. Shout out to you Nancy, I mean, I don’t know you but I know you through the TV on the account of Tooty and all them. And yeah, rest in peace Tommy, yeah. (clapping) And based on, how we live right now, I would think that everybody bucks the system, even, no matter how you were raised, just because you have to find your own happiness, within the confines of doing right by people and yourself and not hurting anybody but Gwen Stafani and Blake Shelton they want to get married but they can’t. Now, Gwen is a Roman Catholic, so this is where her church belief is getting in the way of her own happiness. Now see, I’d be like, okay now the world is going to hell, I’m going to be happy. Now, God will forgive me, I can’t be bothered with my church upbringing because that was a long time ago when the world was a little different. You know, when we were all children. It was a little different. People magazine is recording that Gwen wants to have a church wedding, but she can’t get married in the church because she’s Roman Catholic and her first marriage has to be annulled so that she can have a church wedding. You know, I be like, all right come on over here to the purple chair. (laughing) Susanne, get anointed for one day. Yup, yah, yup. Get on up over here. Yup, I would do it, I would do it. Come on. You do, I do, you do too, okay, boom. Yup. I wouldn’t care what my mother, my father, my church members, I wouldn’t care what anybody says. I want my man, I want to be married, and I can’t get married in church, oh well. And what is this thing about getting annulled? Because, you know, in my first marriage they said that it can’t be annulled if you’ve consummated. You know, in other words, if you’ve had the sex. So, I was like, well we had the sex so it can’t be annulled because I wanted it, an annulment, like it never happened, that’s that. So, an annulment, but she had kids with Gavin so clearly they had the sex. (laughing) And, but she wants the annulment and the annulment from what I understand is going to take a very long time. So, she and Blake cannot get married because, and he’s religious also and he loves her. Like, I love them as a couple and know, you know, somebody in our morning meeting said why do they have to get married? I said because they do, in my eyes. You know, like, why not get married? You know, she can have like maybe one more baby with him or no more babies with him, I don’t even care but I love them together, I do. (clapping) And he loves her, like a wife, not a girlfriend and she loves him, like a wife, not a boyfriend. So, but that, clap if you’re with me, you would just get married anyway. (clapping) Okay. (clapping) But, and I know we’re a loose crowd, clap if you’re with the churchly belief. (quiet clapping) Okay Gwen, three people who have their happiness be blocked by society, Gwen and Blake, good luck with your decision. I just, I love you together, I do. (clapping) Now look at here, Future. I, he’s so cute. (laughing) Good teeth, good eyebrows, good skin, good hair, the whole bit, but I can’t with all the babies’ moms and the sloppiness behind the scene. Future’s alleged seventh and eighth babies’ mothers, oh yes, not what, one of the babies is 6 months old. Uh-huh. And one of the babies is 5 months old. Awww. Hood twins, okay. Two different women, this is seventh and eighth baby. The man is only 36 himself. Now you imagine meeting a 36 year old man, who tells you he has eight kids. I don’t care if its with one baby’s mom in a full grown Roman Catholic marriage. (laughing) It’s all too much. (clapping) So the (laughing) give me one of them Ws. (laughing) Anyway look, the seventh and eighth babies’ moms didn’t know each other, but they’ve teamed up. Whoa. See now, Future is denying that he is the father of these children. (gasping) They asked for a paternity test, he never took the paternity test for each child. Now one’s name is Legend. Legend Ary. Legend Ary, put it together, put it together, all right, all right. (laughing) My people. (laughing) (clapping) And the other’s name is Cindy. What? It’s Reign. Reign? Cindy is Legend Ary’s mother. Aww. Legend Ary. Yeah, but the other baby’s name is Reign. The middle name is Ary? Ha, yes, Ary. So Legend. Right. All right and the mom is named normal like Cindy. Yeah. (laughing) Well what had happened was. Anyway, so yesterday, they both posted the DNA results showing that they are half siblings. Now, looky here, this is all, you, you could’ve, you could’ve seen this yesterday yourself but that’s our job, I bring it to you. Look at these two children, you tell me they don’t look like twins Right! Now do they look like Future? I can’t tell ’cause to me all babies look alike, you can’t really tell what they look like until they grow up and start having a personality and they really form their thing but, all I’m saying is both women say that he’s cut off contact since they had their children. And now both of them have joined together to sue him for child support. (clapping from the audience) Another story that I don’t want to follow but I have to, for you. (clapping) Well that was quick, Common, who I love. Common was with a girl named Angela Raye and we talked about this on Hot Topics and what’s her name? Angela Rye. Angela Rye, she’s an actress. No, like a political commentator. Oh right, right, the smart girl who we thought was great for him because he does smart talk, smart lyrics, like he’s so conscious. She was good for him. Political commentator, but they broke it up. Well, Tiffany, you and I have talked about this I’m not going to say too much, alls I’m saying is you all know, that I’m close with Tiffany Haddish and last time I talked with Common about being with Angela Rye, I, I shouted out to Tiffany and I said, wait Tiffany, I’ve been hearing that you guys were together, I mean we never talked about it, she doesn’t have to discuss her love life with me and I don’t pry like that, like behind the scenes I’m not this girl right here, I mean, I do this because I’ve got to pay bills but (laughing)
(clapping) and I did use to be this girl 24/7 but then you get older, and you have more responsibilities, and you’re into other things and I just can’t be bothered. Tiffany and I have the best time ever and we never talk about anybody that you all know like we talk about our families, we talk about our nails, we talk about men, we talk about men. I mean, the talk about men is disgusting and dirty but not about the men that we know, about either people that we’ve been with or stuff we’ve seen that we don’t like or, or what not, you know what I’m saying? Right. But, however, she did mention Common to me and I acted like I didn’t hear it because I never wanted to repeat it because I’m not that girl in real life but the purple chair gives me a buzz in my butt. (laughing) (cheering) I feel, I feel like I have to say something and she didn’t say anything foul about Common except he’s smart, he’s delicious to look at, and I was like yup he is, and you know what, Tiffany is so smart and so, in my opinion, they would make a great couple and I told her that and she said well from your lips to God’s ear. So Common, I don’t know what you’re going to do, I do not want to be involved, I’m just passing it along, there is a very, very single, very accomplished, wealthy, no children, no relationship woman that likes you a whole lot. (cheering) And that’s it, clap a little louder everybody, we got more great shows for you up next. We’ve got the hottest holiday movies, so grab a snack and come on back! (funky music) ♪ Feel, feel it, feel, feel it, feel, feel it ♪

100 comments on “Bette Midler Slams Justin Timberlake!

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    I thought she’s a “new” Wendy with a “new” life. Trouble in paradise maybe?

  2. 11:48–12:03 deafening silence…as if ANYONE would be taking "getting married" advice from Wendy😒 we know what she's willing to put up with but telling people to go against God??? This camel has No Shame!🙏for her

  3. Come on…this was a staged act.  Janet only acted outraged when she realized the audience and everyone thought it was inappropriate what she did.  She thought it was going to be considered cool, like some of Madonna's stunts.  However, the fact that it was at a sporting event where kids could be watching was a factor that caused a problem.  So, Justin may need to apologize about going along with such a hairbrained scheme, but he does not need to apologize to Janet who was totally in on the stunt!

  4. Norman is correct! Janet's nipple was showing. The piercing was made to decorate the nipple and the areola and you can see everything. Google it Wendy and apologize to Norman.

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  7. justin and janet knew what they was doing, justin can sing bette cant sing, but i do like her song (wind beneath my wings)

  8. He should apologize, he career was crushed due to colorism or race or whatever, Madonna can show so many things but Janet couldn't show a decorated boob? It was choreographed, and Justin runs away as if he was clueless to the fact. He lost many fans after this. Not cool. If men start sticking up for the women in this industry it will be better,#justiceforjanet Wendy's opinions are the worst at times but we are not surprised

  9. The Roman Catholic Church thinks it okay to rape little boys and nuns but God forbid anybody wants to get married to a different religion. That is not what the Bible says. That is not what God say. He never said to follow the Catholic Church – they do things that are extremely unbiblical.

  10. Gwen can get married in church and have a huge Catholic wedding, just not the Roman Catholic Church, if you want to be part of an organization, religious or not, you have to abide by their rules.

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    As far as R. Kelly, he got away with what he did to those underage girls and now there are women who are coming out now thinking he's not gonna get away with other things he did, though! R. Kelly is nasty and abusive. He's been that way a LONG TIME. But Wendy, you need bring out other dudes who have been found to be shady and awful, too.

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    Also, this is NONE of Bette Mider’s business.

    Lastly, Wendy, your half top thing you wore today was a mistake. It made you look lopsided.

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  16. Nope. Janet has worn nipple piercings in the past. She was already wearing that way before the Superbowl came up. Get on point Wendy. Justin is trash.

  17. That true but that happen many year ago but yes he should got in trouble to not just her he was in the wrong to as well

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  19. On the subject of Gwen Stefani and her divorce the church is clear That and an element may be granted when one of the members in the marriage has committed adultery.

    That being said the vows of marriage state that you will stay together for better or for worse. People have been having extramarital affairs for Centuries and still stay together no matter what.

    We're not getting the whole story here.

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