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Beware of radio advertising & sponsorships. Tread carefully.

Beware of radio advertising & sponsorships. Tread carefully.

Hi, this is Loren Weisman and I want you to
beware of radio advertising and be aware of who you might consider doing radio advertising
or radio sponsorships with. Radio has changed. While there is a quality to it, and while
there are aspects of it that are absolutely coming back, almost anybody can have a radio
show. Almost anybody can have a podcast. I have one. But I’m not looking for any sponsors here
and it’s a much smaller level and it’s hitting a much wider market. I don’t know who would sponsor my channel. I’m not looking for any, but a lot of people
are. Right here in Vero Beach alone, you have people
that are, they’re marketing to the baby boomers, they’re marketing to retirees, they’re marketing
to younger people. They’re coming off claiming they have all
these listeners or they meet you halfway and they state something like, Oh, there’s 80
million listeners on iHeartRadio, which is true, but those 80 million people aren’t necessarily
listening to this one person. And when that one person comes to you and
shows you all this exciting documentation about their demographic and all the people
they can reach, they’re not giving you the fullest sense of who they’re actually reaching. So, the due diligence comes down to you contacting
other sponsors that they have, looking into information to find out if anybody’s actually
listening, seeking what you can get for reports. They’re larger scale radio shows and larger
scale radio stations. They’ll showcase reports for that. Smaller ones, they might show you just what’s
happening in that day and that’s where a lot of people get fooled. They see a massive amount of listenership. All these listens, but they don’t realize
that halfway through the day it could be a national person on the air garnering all those
listens or they go, they go and they do a short kind of double check reference. They go to Nissan where they go to a given
car dealership and say, how’s your experience with this? And they say, Oh, it’s amazing. But also, I’m major car dealership. It has television, has radio on other stations. It’s really doesn’t compare. The point being, you’ve got to look beyond
the person that’s pitching. You’ve got to find out if that audience is
actually any good for you or if that audience is even there ,so that for the money that
you spend, it will allow conversions to come back. Yes, every dollar spent on advertising is
not always immediately going to come back, but advertising and sponsoring in the right
places of something that’s professionally growing is a great thing. Lastly, watch out for becoming an advertiser
or a sponsor on a show that’s basically an infomercial. If it feels like the opening spot is just
blah, blah and discussion and talking. How was your day and what’s going on here,
and then it goes into ads and then it comes back and it hits one point that somebody read
and then it goes into ads. Then you’re advertising on an ad show. It’s just like those magazines. If you buy that little spot that’s on a page
and four pages of ads, how many people are really seeing that? Take the time, do the due diligence, look
in beyond the paperwork and the hype that’s being presented to you before you consider
any kind of radio advertising or any kind of sponsorship. Watch out for the hype. Watch out for the spin and watch out for the
BS. So you can watch your true advertising dollars. Regardless of how small they are, convert
as much as possible.

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  1. Do you believe the hype? Advertisements, Infomercials & Paid Spots.

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  5. I have to call BS. The ROI is 10 to 1 if done right. I know because my revenue with my business has doubled and the only thing I do is radio.

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