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Biggest Bar FAILS of 2019 | Bar Rescue

Biggest Bar FAILS of 2019 | Bar Rescue

– I’m done.
(plates crashing) Stop fricking lying. Look at this, for Christ sakes! Shut it down, clean this
(beep) place or I’m gone. – Okay, you got it. – Get on your (beep) knees! Pick that (beep) up! I want you to wallow in your (beep), John. Why don’t you picture your
kids down there with you? I want you to understand
what’s going on behind the bar. There’s a huge gap between
the amount of liquor that you sell and the amount
of liquor that you use. For every drink you sell,
they’re either giving away or stealing two more drinks worth. I believe you are the
biggest thief in the room. – No, I’m not, why I am thief? I never get even one dollar
on the cash register. Why I am thief? – Here’s how. She gives ’em a big drink, doesn’t she? What happens to her
tip when she gives them twice the drink that you do? – She make good tips. – So she makes more money because she gives away
more of your product. – That’s stealing. – You’re giving away her
liquor, more than you should, to get a bigger tip than you would. – No, I’m pouring the right pour. – [Jon] Then how did this happen? – That’s not my sales. – I see you over pouring. – If you continue to lie to me, I’m gonna turn around and walk out of here and not do this bar. Have you done it before? Have you done it, yes or no? (intense music) – (laughs) I’m kind of a spoiled brat. I’ve probably been
fired about seven times. They have to hire two or three more people to replace whatever I was doing. I gave up law school for this bar. I could run this place by myself. – She has flip-flops on? In the kitchen?
– Kitchen. First of all that’s illegal, not to speak of how dangerous it is. – Yes, you have oil and you
have these fryers and grills and I mean, carrying the food. – Oh, that’s disgusting. – Excuse me, can we order food? – [Maggen] Yeah. – Can we get the street
tacos and the loaded nachos? – Yeah, for sure. – All right, let’s see, the order’s in. (suspenseful music) Microwave, oh? So it’s going from a steam table, which is supposed to be heated. Obviously if it’s not heated, that means that it’s in a really bad
temperature danger zone. It’s a problem. All right, so now we have the food that she just took out of the microwave. It just does not look
appetizing, the beef. (chatter in bar) – That does not look right.
– It smells bad. – Those are no street tacos. (suspenseful music)
(chatter in bar) – She spit it out! (glasses clinking)
– Woo! – [Bar Owner] You want a lemon drop? – Guess you’re done in the kitchen. – It’s obvious, it’s a free for all. – [Cheyenne] Please, let me make ’em. – [Maggen] No, she asked me specifically. – [Cheyenne] Yeah, but
she likes mine better. – No, she’s not. Dude, Cheyenne, on the cool,
like this is what to do. I was told to. – How many– – Can you move out of my way, dude? Like this is what I was told to do. – But I’m on the clock, not you. – I don’t care. Like they asked me, dude, I’m not gonna take
the bar away from you. – But they ask you because you
were sitting at the table– – No, they asked me because she, no, I’m not gonna argue with you. On the cool. Like I’m doing what I was told to do. – No, I’m gonna make ’em. What do they want? – Okay, then I’m going home, (beep) it. – Bye. – Bye, Mom, I’m leaving. – [Tiffany] I’m mad, Mommy. – She’s acting like a six year old girl. – Wow. – She didn’t go back there–
– [Bar Owner] Yes she did– – Mom, just shut up. Just shut up, you don’t
even (beep) know, just stop. – This would be outrageous if
it was in their living room. Look at the customers
looking right at her. – [Maggen] She didn’t go back there. (yelling in background) – [Female Customer] Dang,
it’s like dinner and a show. (opossum squeaking) (gasping) – Oh my god, it’s a opossum! – [Mia] Oh my gosh, it’s a opossum! – Oh my god.
(laughing) (screaming) – They were asking, donkey balls. – They call it craft food. From scratch, craft kitchen. – Okay.
– Interesting. – That’s what it says when
I look them up online. So those are the donkey balls. – Yes, so the donkey balls that are there, very famous, super proud of these balls, are cooked in the microwave. – Let’s go see, all of us. So hit the kitchen, hit the bar, and let’s see what the hell’s going on. Nick caused Chris to invest a half a million dollars in this bar and then he doesn’t even come
in dressed professionally, doesn’t run it professionally. This bar is failing because of the choices and decisions that Nick made. Nick.
– Oh, hey, come on, Jon. – Enrique, the duck that
went out, do you make it? – (stammering) I don’t even
know where to start here. – This is as rookie as it gets. When you don’t know what
to do, you do everything. You don’t know which beers to put in, so you put in everything. – Where’s the dating? Oh my god, I’m losing my mind. – You don’t know what do
put on your menu, do you? So you put on everything! – The whole menu is available all day. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, all the brunch, the breakfast and everything’s always– – Breakfast, you serve breakfast? – Craft from scratch food. – Yeah. – You’re a (beep) liar! – What I saw out of Brad last night is a complete disconnection
from what’s going on in his own bar, which has lead to bad team
morale, untrained staff. So today in training, we’re
gonna take it back to basics. All right, so last night you
guys were asked about a gimlet, which is a very much classic cocktail. What’s in a gimlet? – I have no idea. – Nobody comes in and
orders a gimlet ever, which I have never sold
in 16 years, not once. – I’ll just tell you right now, Elisa, as a bartender, you should know a gimlet. I don’t know what Elisa’s
deal is with the attitude, but Jon brought me here to help and Elisa is not helping
any of that happen. What’s your drink you served last night? – Alice.
– The Alice? – Alice. – Would you mind maybe jumping
back here and making it? – I don’t wanna play this game. – Devin, you’re the manager, man, this is when you step up. (upbeat music) Are you just winging it? I mean, are you counting,
what are you doing? – Little bit of both, I guess. – Let’s all taste it. That watermelon still is too punchy. And, Elisa, in no way am
I knocking your drink. I just think the proportions might be off. (beep) But the whole point,
(beep) the whole point of this training, Elisa, is to improve and get better.
(beeping) I hope I didn’t offend ya. – This is exactly what I don’t want. – How ’bout some food, what’s
going on back there, chef? – You like burnt meat? – [Jon] Looks like the kitchen’s on fire. – [Ryan] Yeah, it is. – The kitchen’s on fire? – Let’s go in there and watch. – Why is that grill burning like that? – That grill has not been cleaned for as long as they owned this place. It has so much fat, that’s
why the grill is on fire. – Why is the grill on fire? – [Chef] I guess too hot. (laughing)
– You guess what? – [Chef] It’s too hot. – I want you to help me do something. – Sure. – I don’t believe they have enough money in their cash register to run this bar. Here’s a $100 bill. You order one drink and
pay with that $100 bill. – What can I get for you, baby? – A Texas tea. – $6.25, baby. Out of 100. $94.25. – I’m out of ones! – [Bar Owner] Walking next door. – We have two dollars and $100 bills. The next person who orders a drink takes the whole damn place down. How do you run a business like this? Listen, folks, we can’t do this. Shut it down, there’s no way
we can do transactions here. This is unbelievable. Come back in two nights, we’ll show you how this is done, okay? (cheering) – Excuse me, here’s the change. Here, here, here. – Too late, he already closed it down. – [Bartender] He already closed it down. – I went and got change. – While you stopped for your
Slurpee I shut your bar down. It ran out of money. – Okay, I ran to the store,
that first store didn’t have it. – But you had enough
time getting a Slurpee? – No, she was getting the
change out the bolero. – Give me this. Come with me! I’d like everybody to know this. When you guys ran out of money in the height of your frustration, your owner went across the
street and got a Slurpee. (bar patrons yelling) That’s how she took care of you guys. That’s how she took care of you. Now take care of your bar, come on. Jesus.

100 comments on “Biggest Bar FAILS of 2019 | Bar Rescue

  1. 1. kleptomaniac
    2. Entitled whiny millennial whose college degree is probably in gender studies
    3. crook
    4. stubborn
    5. lazy
    6. defeatist idiot

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  4. And the guy with Alesa was def trying to offend and cause a problem show has become beyond fake and most places don't even accept 100's

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  6. 1:44 "I gave up law school for this."

    There is no way on earth that sloppy, disgusting, hideous PIG ever went to law school!

  7. “I’m doing what I’m suppose to be doing” um clearly not other wise you wouldn’t have been fired 7 times already . Like there comes a time where you just have to get the hint that enough is enough you clearly aren’t cut out for this job ( and clearly your definitely not close to being cut out ) and move on and let the business be

  8. ME: After that embarrassing public display, the state of this bar couldn’t be in any worse shape.

    Possum enters stage right

  9. I agree with him but I don’t agree with some of his excessive abuse…for example: when he threw the plates n food everywhere n then told the guy to get on his knees n clean it up…the part when he yelled “on your knees”…. just left s bad taste in my mouth no pun intended

  10. I used to bar rescue every Sunday night on channel 57 but it's off the air now I wish it come back on tv on channel 57 again I miss that show

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