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Bill Nye – Space Love Story

Bill Nye – Space Love Story

Hello, Bill Nye here. I first got excited about space when I saw the Moon through a telescope that belonged to my father’s scoutmaster. It was an old telescope made of cardboard. This the cardboard you used for casting concrete pilings. I remember the smell. But when I saw the Moon through this telescope, I saw the craters. I had the Galilean moment that this perfect circle’s not perfect at all, instead it’s this extraordinary world with all these extraordinary shapes, and who knows what goes on there kind of thing. I stayed interested in space because I’m of a certain age and I grew up with the space program and the creation of NASA and landing on the Moon and so on. The thing that intrigues me right now is finding life on another world. If we were to find life on Mars or Europa it would change the course of human history in the same way Galileo did. I hope you’ll join us and together we can change the worlds.

7 comments on “Bill Nye – Space Love Story

  1. hey Bill, I have a telescopy, I just can see the moon, but I love see it, the People don't umderstend, but I think I feel the same as you. thank tô share your passion With us. (sorry for my inglish, i'm Brasilian and i'm tring lern inglish by myself)

  2. I fucking love the nyeguy! Keep fighting for our science funding and global warming awareness! 🤘🏻🖖🏻

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