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Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System III : Product Overview

Hi. I’m Ian Noctor. and welcome to AdoramaTV. today we’re
going to be looking at the Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System. The trend for sound systems that are small in stature but big in performance continues with this piece of kit, the Bose Wave SoundTouch. Its about the size of an old 2 in 1 tape and radio machine from back in day but it’s crammed full super technology. It comes with the option of a CD player, but in this day and age I wonder why they even offer that option. If you have a subscription to Spotify, or are planning to sign up to Apple’s music streaming service, then every CD you’ve ever bought is there for you at the touch of a button. That being said for early adopters and for those of us who have long ago sold or given their CDs away, Bose have a version of the Wave SoundTouch that doesn’t have a CD player. That would definitely be my choice. Why pay for functionality that you don’t need. Use the money you save for a streaming subscription. Speaking of buttons, they are conspicuous by their absence on the Bose WaveSound Touch. There’s not a single button on the whole device, with the exception of a button on the back to reset the wireless. The touch-top controls for on/off/snooze are completely invisible. This system fits virtually anywhere in your home. It will sit perfectly on a side table or entertainment centre, or you can enjoy Bose’s high-quality, room-filling sound from high up on on a shelf. Place the system on the opposite side of the room from you and you’ll be amazed how Bose’s speaker set up fills the entire space with deep rich sound. Getting set up takes just a couple of minutes. You’ll need a smart phone or a computer, and a wifi connection. Download the app, follow the simple set up instructions and you’re ready to go. The Wave Sound Touch has an auxiliary in jack as well as the CD, but its streaming functionality is where it comes into its own. In all the time I had the system in my house I never once felt the need to use either, because it is so easy to utilise the vast universe of streaming music to fill your room with its rich deep sound. If you are a lover of radio and I am, playing internet radio through the Wave is a sinch. DAB stations are also catered for, and if you’re old school and like to listen directly through FM or AM, the Wave caters for your tastes too. The song and station information appears on the large visual display, with adjustable brightness and automatic nighttime dimming. The Wave doesn’t have Bluetooth, but again I didn’t miss it because the way in which the wifi is set up means Bluetooth Bluetooth isn’t necessary. The only time I used the remote control was to adjust the volume, because it is more sensitive to minor increases and decreases in sound level than the volume control on the computer or smartphone screen. The Wave SoundTouch also doubles as very high end alarm clock. For snooze control addicts there’s no fumbling around trying to find the snooze button. Just tap the top of the Wave SoundTouch. No remotes or buttons to locate. There’s also a very clever dual independent alarm set up to allow early birds rise without having to reset the wakeup time or a late-sleeping partner. Nice. And practical. Setting and changing the preset stations couldn’t be simpler. When it comes to music, you know what you like. That’s why the Wave SoundTouch system remote features six presets hat can easily be set and changed directly on the remote or with the free SoundTouch app. The Wave SoundTouch system features the legendary performance of the award-winning Wave music system. Patented waveguide speaker technology delivers clear, size-defying sound you won’t expect from a system this size. As well as the Wave SoundTouch system there are two other great options for you in this family – The Wave Music System III and The Wave Radio III, both great options to suit your musical preference and budget. If you love great sound, if you love streaming music, if you love a really well thought through interface, then this is the system for you. I love, love, love the Wave SoundTouch, and I’m pretty sure you will too. Thanks for joining me here today on AdoramaTV. Don’t forget to subscribe to AdoramaTV for more amazing videos. Let us know what you
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