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Brian E. Kouri, MD – Radiology – Wake Forest Baptist Health

Brian E. Kouri, MD – Radiology – Wake Forest Baptist Health

Hi, I’m Dr. Brian Kouri, I’m an interventional
radiologist at Wake Forest Baptist Health. I came to Wake Forest Baptist Health because
I really enjoy the environment of the hospital and the attitude that many of the employees
have towards helping others. I also really enjoy living in Winston-Salem.
My clinical specialties are all areas of Interventional Radiology with particular interest in uterine
fibroid embolization as well as minimally invasive oncology treatments.
I decided to become an interventional radiologist because it’s one of the few areas of medicine
where we get to treat all patients from all different age groups with different medical
disorders – we treat children all the way up to senior citizens.
The disorders we treat range from benign conditions such as vascular access problems all the way
up to very serious disorders including cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.
My patient care philosophy is something I learned from my father who’s also a physician
and this is that: When that patient walks in the door, that I treat them just like I
would treat a blood family member. I enjoy working with patients because it provides
me with instant feedback about the benefits that my treatment are providing.
Recently, my wife underwent a tonsillectomy at Wake Forest Baptist Health and it was a
very interesting experience for me because it offered me the opportunity to be on the
other side. I had to wait in the surgical waiting room. I had to wait to hear what was
happening with my wife during her procedure. And I really understood the anxiety that patients
can feel when one of their loved ones is being cared for. It’s really offered me a good reminder
of what I do every day and what it means to my patients.

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