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Bridgeport Hospital – Lead Radiological Technologist

♪ As a radiologic technologist in Bridgeport Hospital Imaging Department I work in the GI area. I coordinate all of the GI procedures. My name is Donna Travali and I have a career for life. They have a brand new radiology room. You can watch images on that monitor or this monitor over here. I was able to have a big input in what machine was purchased. I am in charge of that room. I am charge of making sure that the physician is there. That the patient is taken care of, that the procedure is done correctly. The images are taken correctly. Most of our people are long term employees. We have a lot of experience. People feel that they are in good hands when they are in our area. You are such a good girl. We keep them happy, we keep them entertained and they belong to us while they are with us. Bridgeport Hospital tries to make everybody feel like they are doing a good job, when they are doing a good job. Bridgeport Hospital is a family and they are very good at recognizing their employees. If you go to anyone, they treat you like a brother or sister or a family member. We are all together here and that is the truth. Careers for life.

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