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Car FM/AM Antenna Booster Testing and Installing to a Car 🚗🚗📻📻📶📶

Car FM/AM Antenna Booster Testing and Installing to a Car 🚗🚗📻📻📶📶

I ordered this 12 volts volt Autocar fm/am antenna booster from Aliexpress This unit can enhance the radio signals and make good and clear tunning the radio channels Since most of vehicle owners has the problem that when driving out of the city Some radio signals are lost or become weaker. This unit is the best solution for such situations FM signal booster has the following features enhance the radio signal and reduce the noise copper signal wire strong anti interference Providing better signal antenna booster thicken the horse mouth metal shielding cover all round protection work for both AM and FM radio stations and tenor amplifier item length about 330 millimetres able to provide high output current low harmonic distortion and cross insure security Operation very low external component can’t easy to assemble save cost and space Portable high accuracy shall we check this units functions and installation stay with easy mades? England that’s right number 30 Is ranked University out of all UK universities in sri lankan Again every two minutes you (Radio channel) You Yeah, hello dad did you Like sha tsui fast obvious it here Ha ha mom You told yourself years ago

13 comments on “Car FM/AM Antenna Booster Testing and Installing to a Car 🚗🚗📻📻📶📶

  1. This test what you did is a bullshit not test!
    You can't connect amplifier without power and compare it with powered amplifier. You must compare powered on amplifier with antenna connected direct to radio without amplifier!

  2. Обзорщик блять, хоть крышку б снял, нет там внутри нихуя..
    Тебя набали, браток…

  3. I've seen these. The way they work is when not powered they actually suppress your reception so when you turn it on it seems to magically fix your reception

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