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Car Internet Radio for iPhone by Livio Radio

Car Internet Radio for iPhone by Livio Radio

Hi I’m Jake Sigal, Founder and CEO of Livio
Radio Today I’m going through our award winning
Car Internet Radio app for iPhone The app lets you listen to over 45,000 AM,
FM, and Internet radio stations through your phone with a graphic design built for the
car. To get started, press the menu button and
browse stations. This is where all the free stations plus the premium radiotime stations
are selected. After you select a station the app goes back
to the main screen and starts playing. To stop the radio, touch the artist and title.
If the radio starts skipping, touch the album art to reconnect. If you love what you’re listening to, Press
and hold a preset to store a station just like your car stereo. Tag songs and buy in
iTunes. To find similar stations to what you’re currently listening to swipe your finger on
the direct tune bar. Advanced features can be found in both the
settings on your phone, and the settings in our app. If your car doesn’t have Bluetooth, check
out our car kit. We also have an Android version of the app
available. For more information check us out at

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