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CareerExplore NW – Radiologic Tech – Q&A

CareerExplore NW – Radiologic Tech – Q&A

– My name is Steven Corbridge, and I am a radiologic
technologist here at Kootenai Health. A radiologic tech, what we
also call is a rad tech, what we do is we image people from their issues
that they’re having, if it’s a broken bone,
trouble swallowing, upset stomach, and
things of that nature. A lot of people think
that we just x-ray bones. It’s much, much,
much more than that. We do studies that
allow us to see the functionality of organs. We do the studies that
help us understand if someone’s not
swallowing correctly and they’re swallowing
food or liquid into their airway, which
can get them sick fast. We also do a lot of
surgeries, as well. A lot of people
don’t realize that a lot of surgeries are
not able to be done or completed unless we are
there, actively involved in those surgeries. So for use, we do a lot of
things around the hospital. We don’t just push buttons. We have to know
a lot of anatomy, we have to know a
lot of physiology, which is how the body
works, as well as pathology, which is cancer or things
that are not right. That way we can understand
what to do next, so we can make sure we get
the best imaging possible. I’ve worked here a
little under five years. What made me choose this
field and this career was actually a lot of
little decisions in my life. It started all the
way from high school. I learned real
quick of who I was, that I really enjoyed science. But I also really
enjoyed helping people. I went through a lot of
different career paths that I looked into. But the reason why
I chose this field is that, three main reasons. I love to help people,
I love to take pictures, and I love science. And so those are some
of the main things that I enjoy doing in my life, and I find a lot of
fulfillment in coming to work. To be a rad tech is
like the ground floor of the imaging world. From there, you can grow and
get additional certification to be a CAT scan tech,
or CT, to be an MRI tech, which is really good
for brain studies and soft tissue and
things of that nature. Some of the personal skills
and personality traits that I feel someone should
have for this field, number one would be empathy. You are asking
people to do things that they don’t wanna
do, because they’re hurt. And your job is to understand
that you need to figure out what is wrong with
them and to do it in a way that’s not going
to harm them any more. You need to think
outside of the box a lot. I find a lot of us in my
field, we praise ourselves of thinking outside of the box, we’re the outside
of the box thinkers, that’s what we call ourselves. If you can’t get a certain
image in a certain way, you gotta figure out how
to work around the patient, not through the patient,
but around the patient. So there’s a lot of thinking, you have to have
critical thinking, you have to have common sense. And you have to understand,
what are you trying to achieve. So those are a couple of
the characteristic traits that I feel someone
needs to have. Of course, anybody
in the medical world should have a A-type
personality, as well. You know, be gung
ho, get the job done, don’t slack off. But to always reach further
to be a better tech. Something to consider
about this career field is that it’s always evolving,
it’s always changing, you’re always growing. You’re not always behind a desk. You’re not always
in one department. You’re always moving around. And you’re always
meeting new people. It’s a great way of
learning about who you are, but also learning about
how to care for others and how to show that
care through empathy.

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