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CAREERS IN ANCHORING – Certificate Courses,Diploma,Salary Package,Top Recruiters,Training Institutes

HI Friends..This is Devyani from Today i am going to speak about career options in Anchoring An anchor is a
host to a program. Anchoring is all about
the art of introducing and presenting a program to the audience. No matter to which field
of anchoring you choose, it is essential that you keep the audience engaged for the entire
duration of the program. One can consider the career as a TV news anchor
or a TV program anchor. As news anchor it is required to present the news and vital
information in varied languages – national, foreign and international. Alternately, program
anchors need to specialize in entertaining elements as they may host programs related
to music or dance shows, award ceremonies, cookery shows, comedy episodes, crime reports,
talk shows, quiz competitions and more. For all these anchors need to have lots of energy,
passion and enthusiasm towards work. Besides this, one can become a successful
anchor only if he possesses a certain set of precise skills such as articulation, excellent
voice modulation, versatility, knowledge about current affairs, good pronunciation skills,
spontaneity, smart disposition, flexible working approach, dynamism and great sense of humour. Individuals with such set of skills can have a booming career in anchoring. They can look
up to different employment opportunities and apply to TV channels, hosting awards, radio
stations, reality shows, ceremonies, game shows and more. Although, there is no specialized degree or qualification required for anchoring. But
with increased competition, most top-notch channels and companies have made it mandatory
for students to have professional training before they step into the real world. For
this, there are numerous certificate courses available. There are part time as well as
full time anchoring courses available, where even technical knowledge related to camera
handling and more is delivered to students. Training regarding voice modulation, television
and film production techniques, script reading, news reading, interviewing and acting is provided
at the reputed anchoring institutes. Due to the increasing popularity of anchoring
as a career option and specialized requirements of the recruiting companies, there are recognized
mass communication institutes, which have started certificate courses as well as degree
and diploma programs in this field. Some prestigious institutes imparting education in anchoring
are, Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT), Noida; Center for Research in Art
of Film and Television (CRAFT), New Delhi; National School of Events (NSE0, Mumbai; International
Institute for Media and Films (IIMF), Jaipur; International Media Institute (IMI), Gurgaon,
Garden City College, Bangalore; Indian Institute of Mass Communication New Delhi and Pran’s
Media Institute, Noida. When it comes to remuneration offered to anchors,
then the stipend is not very high initially, but it may increase drastically overtime for
those who gain experience and are able to perform well in the industry. Some, top recruiting
companies that prefer hiring anchors directly from above reputed institutes are:
• Star Plus • Doordarshan
• Zee TV • Sun
• Sony • Aaj Tak
• ABP News • Shara News
• Zoom • BBC, and more.
On completing high school one can try acquiring admission in any of the institutes. Some,
of the big names even held an entrance test for aspiring anchors. Interviewers, script
readers and host at small shows are a great start to this career.
Still, if there is any query and you want to know the detail information about career
in anchoring then you can log on to the trusted career portal at Thank you

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