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CB Funk Ablage Box während der Entwicklung – eflose #616

So, I would say now it is final
finished, I have a switch off all I can to, so it switches,
So even when the switch is turned on here is, the switch is now only 2 pins
goes into the chip, ie a pin from the switch on Mass, so easily, really needs
only a very simple switcher as the Chip da druchleitet easy, I have the
Again changed program and indeed if I right now, I am ok now because on
27.415 when I send, 1 2, I have a little But the institution Verhögerung press I
can not mess up the thing matter what I do, no matter how I do it
and no matter how much the switch scrapes here Either way, it does not slips up. So receiving
at 40 and send to 1, now when I use the Switch turn sends it to 40, and
1 is clear, when I turn on him, I have since a slight transmission delay there but
if I right then, I’ll go directly to Then it goes a little faster, but is
because it only needs to switch the channel and only then can send, so a slight
Delay it. Well, if only briefly pushes you realize it switches back and forth
but he sends for 0.2 seconds but since the PLL from the radio that resonates not so
quickly, the need for frequency change a little time to settle, which must
I consider with. So 1 2 3 goes super, jo okay, so beautiful with a little echo,
Echo Mike, yes, and reception even goes so … Squelch back in, so it switches,
if you turn the thing off, and foolproof It is do I switch the thing, comes
not messed up, I tuhe sending and unlock the thing when sending to, and does not
confused. It moved not the channel, so it always remains at 40 1 no matter what I
making, transmitting and switching, yes, the chip thinks a little with what he sends to the radio,

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