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well I built this website basically for
CB radio operators , cb antennas cb radio information, and guide to cb radio antennas wrong information from cb forums , cb radio friends, cb radio manufacturers set record straight CB RADIO and CB RADIO ANTENNAS Guide to cb radio antennas Best cb radio antennas for mobile cobra cb radios, wilson cb antennas maco, jogunn, hygain antennas, many cb radio antennas cb antenna and manufacturers from around the world, guide to cb radio been I’ve been a amateur radio operator
for over 40 years so let’s get to CB radio antennas , guide to cb radio antennas. antennas first being mobile cb antennas
what are the best mobile cb antennas some of the obviously big-name and
manufacturers here and just what I think after years of use are the best cb antennas
that you can buy for your for your car and then we move on to cb base antennas and
there’s a lot of misinformation about the info about CB radio on cb forums are
garbage cb radio antenna gain exact and not not really real but here’s
some of the typical CB antenna base cb antennas that you see a lot of
discussion about all of those I go into actual DB gain here as well as a little
bit eznec I’ve been an eznec software Pro user not the one that everybody uses
that’s a hundred dollars or less that cb radio has gone through changes and so have cb antennas CB beam antennas you’re a little bit about cb beams a lot of
bad information about these type of cb antennas too and so I explained a little
tutorial on cb radio antennas they can help you and why spend the
money to get one and then I again I go through a lot of the cb antennas that
people typically have a lot of these designs which are good which not so good
and so good information there I’ve used them all by the way any cb antenna on any
of my site I have built and used so I’m not relying on anybody else’s
information I’ve modelled over 600 amateur radio antennas these are all my
opinions here all based on cb radio antennas I secrets to know about cb radio lots of good links to cb radio antenna manufacturers different types of cb antennas in much
greater detail so certainly when you finish reading the CB radio sections you
can go here and you’ll see lots of more information about other cb antennas you can
check out my q was dead page here you Yes, that’s my wife cubical quad antenna multi band homemade cubical quad on the 24 foot boom on an 85 foot towel with no amplifier other pictures of other
hobbies my radio setup other antennas might be built by my beautiful wife
again so you can look through this stuff and see if you care to see Who I am and
what I’ve done and just some other stuff here about FTA not a favorite mode of
mine but seems to be pretty popular a link to Times Square because I actually
am in New York and so he you get a live view of Times Square if
you so care so look at the site and take cb radios, cb radio antennas, guide to cb radio, cb radio beam antennas

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