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Chameleon Emcomm III Portable Antenna (Winter Field Day) – Ham Radio Q&A

Chameleon Emcomm III Portable Antenna (Winter Field Day) – Ham Radio Q&A

18 comments on “Chameleon Emcomm III Portable Antenna (Winter Field Day) – Ham Radio Q&A

  1. Very cool log cabin. I am considering one up on the ridge on my property. . That, or a cordwood hootch.  We shall see. Thanks. KC3BXZ Joe

  2. Throw the sling shot away!! I almost broke my fingers once! String got tangled and snagged something and 3oz weight hit me on top of my fingers! Thought it was broke but got lucky!

    Water bottle with only a small amount of water and use fishing line. Mono filament. Both are slick so they slide better. I use 10lb then tie it to heavier string / cord. But put the roll of mono in a coffee can or bucket! That will save tons of headache. Plus lay the spool on its side so it will fall off and not have to spin the spool.

    I use 200lb black trot line string. Once the heavier cord is over then attach antenna and hoist it. 20ft +-

    For more height get a kids bow and arrow. Same procedure. 10 lb mono first otherwise the heavier cord will reduce its height. Plus I added some weight to the tip of the arrow by taping a couple large hex nuts to it. Sometimes the arrow isn't not heavy enough to pull the string in some cases.

    For even more height use a full size compound bow! I can clear a 90ft tree easy with it. =] Plus i use 20 lb mono filament. Then pull the 200lb cord. 10lb is borderline at those heights. Any snag will put 10lb at its breaking point fast! Ive even broken the 20lb actually but it usually works.


  3. Snowshoe grog, everyone in northern Minnesota and Dakotas now this as life saver in winter. When you hear snow creak it is getting cold, down near or below 0. 73 cheese heads, KW7YZ.

  4. Stay warm both of you thank you for sharing this great video hello from Atlanta Georgia really cool really really cool

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