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Climate Change and Why We Should Panic voiced by Keira Knightley | Extinction Rebellion

Climate Change and Why We Should Panic voiced by Keira Knightley | Extinction Rebellion

these are remarkable times we’re living through a crucial moment
in the history of our planet yet we seem to charge ahead
towards a catastrophic future rather than seizing the opportunity to
pause and change our ways human activity currently generates an excess of carbon emissions which are released into the atmosphere causing higher temperatures
which melt ice sheets and glaciers contributing to rising sea levels and floods right now the planet is already 1 degree celsius
warmer than it was 120 years ago scientists warn that we need to
prevent the temperature from rising more than half a degree and we need to act
now or we will live to see the pollution of oceans and air shortages of food and
fresh water the extinction of many species the disappearance of low-lying cities and islands
mass migrations and social unrest millions of casualties due to floods storms
heat waves droughts and disease our children will grow up in
this devastated world what will we say when they ask the science and
data were all there for everyone to see why didn’t you stop this while you still could our governments must enter crisis mode before it’s
too late urgently investing in and implementing policies to reduce carbon in the
atmosphere let’s choose a different path right now
so we can leave a world worth living in for our children

100 comments on “Climate Change and Why We Should Panic voiced by Keira Knightley | Extinction Rebellion

  1. Buy an EV, get solar panels, stop eating beef, change heating to electric not gas, grow your own food and decarbonise your investments. If you can only do one of them it will help.

    We live in dangeriously exciting times. We CANNOT stop reusable space travel development though, if we dont make it in time space sun shades may be our only hope!

  2. It's already too late …… anyone who has been interested in climate change knows this already.
    Greed and stupidity has doomed us all, soon people will be eating what ever they can find and you can forget the privilege of becoming a vegetarian, vegan, or meat eater as you will soon have no choice. Good clean water is already hard to come by these days no matter where you live.Once upon a time I was optimistic about the future, Im not so sure anymore.
    Europe is burning, the U.S. is flooding, Australia is already running severely low on water with no rain in sight, no one can seem to grow crops this year.
    I'd like to be proven wrong I really would.

  3. OMG, its absolutely beautiful and important, do you need translation? I can do polish version if you need.

  4. Ah, Keira Knightly; part of the mainstream media machine that has helped promote over-consumption, fashion and propaganda now being used to promote greenwashing for the new “eco” capitalist growth market that will tip humanity over the edge of environmental destruction. Narcissism is a dangerous thing. XR is selling out.

  5. Unfortunately, some people don’t realize that 1 degree Celsius equals 1.8 Fahrenheit (almost double numerical value). Too many other videos simply state degrees without specifying which scale. This is important, especially for the uninitiated to minimize confusion and misinterpretation.

  6. 1C warmer from 1900, factor in 1750 and we are at 1.25 – 1.5C. or worse. Other than that, it's a pretty good presentation.

  7. Give us electric cars and mass transit, seas of solar panels, vistas of windmills as far as the eye can see and research into gravity/mag-lev zero point energy. Money will be made, good clean jobs created and great ideas produced as we shed fossil fuels. Zero-Point energy will give us access to space and the infinite possibilities of exploration. If we have the will, the courage and the vision to embrace new ways of living, there is hope for the species and the planet, but it will take all of us – globally – to see that better way.

  8. In the words of Douglas Adams, "Don't panic." It will get you nowhere. Work hard to find acceptance and make the most of everyday. Drink in as much of the wonder that is the natural world. I know it's not easy but I don't see sense in fighting the inevitable. I choose to appreciate every dawn, every sunset, every bird , every beetle, every tiny life, every single one of nature's creatures that shares my space and then, when the wheels really fall off, I will choose to go gentle into that good night. Best of luck to those who have tried and cared. The rest can get fucked.

  9. I can not believe Extinction Rebellion still uses "Future expressions"
    We have to act now "OR we WILL live to see": Pollution of oceans and air, Shortages of food and fresh water, Extinction of many species, Disappearance of low-lying cities and islands, Mass migration
    "All of them are visible NOW"

  10. Okay, do it again, but this time with Taylor Swift doing the reading. It's a shame nobody got Michael Jackson interested in this stuff back in 1982… we would have been okay by now.

  11. Great animation… few things: mass migration is not a problem… losing home due to climate crimes is the problem. This is not a future problem this is a historical crisis of colonial capitalist politics leading to extracting and exploiting the planet [public domain] to breakdown. Got to name the problem if you ant to solve it…

  12. STOP DRIVING CARS!!! STOP EATING MEAT! If we all stop then change will happen now – it's in our hands – don't turn the ignition!!!!

  13. Stop burning fossil fuels and plant more trees. There are solutions! You just have to open your mind and get educated ​

  14. My utopia: Let the forests be and convert our energy needs to nuclear. Open your minds people! #nuclear4Life #withouthotair

  15. every-BOdY CRY-SOS manager !!!!!!!!

    one hEARt 4 one EARth ????????

    zelfVertROUWEN AAN DE TOP !!!!!!!!

  16. All for saving the planet but members graffiti all over a local historical wall around a Roman water tower and leave their mess behind that not really going to help save the planet. And that’s the key isn’t it don’t leave your your rubbish behind! And since it’s the big companies that profit of things like single use plastic one way to project without looking like an idiot is to project with your wallet and start switching to resealable goods and biodegradable products.

  17. I don't think you'd like to hear about the consequences our government here in Australia are threatening for any sort of disruptive behaviour that Extinction Rebellion are participating in… I support your cause but I'm not going to risk a long jail term for it… I'm nearly 71 and don't want to die in a jail cell when I could be more use helping to spread the word…

  18. Our current monetary systems & economic systems will not allow the changes that need to be made. We need a resource-based economy, like the ones advocated by the Zeitgeist Movement & the Venus Project.

  19. Thanks for this video. For all of you people who would like to share this message with music videos, please have a quick look here and feel free to share this with the world !

  20. This is great… I will share with my Japanese friends.

  21. The young actress Ellen Page can and would support Keira's position on climate change. See starting at the 5:30 minute mark…

    One more comment in the Keira's narration… and thinking abut the following might not be a bridge too far. She says: "We're living in a crucial moment of history on the history of our planet"…. Although it may sound trivial, it never ceases to amaze me just how much we overuse the word OUR when describing the Earth, the oceans, the forests and so on… Although the distinction may be obvious for most adults, it is far from obvious for children. They literally understand the concept as being OUR forests, OUR oceans, OUR planet.. and so on,.. when it would be just as easy to relate to the Earth as THE planet. THE oceans, THE forests… Do words mean anything… or not ?

  22. srsly adults and governments. Srsly


  23. Wow stopping traffic during peak hour to save the environment is a very special kind of dumb. Aside from alienating almost everyone and risking lives you caused a massive pointless increase in CO2 and pollution emissions. Congratulations.

  24. I too am very troubled by the every day , real examples of how our climate has changed , and how it is now showing us all , that it is real . While i struggle to try and contain my " Fate " , i am just dumb founded by all the Conservative /Republican and Religious leaders , that for their own reasons , can not and will not accept that , the Climate is Changing , and all Life is at risk . Unless we brush aside these Leaders , we are Doomed . We have a real Crisis on our hands and we collectively have to get it together now !! As for my own personal opinion , i think we have passed the tipping point , of no return . But i do not have the Heart to say that to my Grand Children . When we lose Hope , then we are finished . But as i say , any Political Group or Religious Leaders that stand in our way , must be Voted out and pushed aside NOW . We've debated this enough . Now we must act .

  25. We need a new paradigm. Money is evil. It makes us selfish and greedy. It keeps us from doing things which make sense and encourages us to do things which are nonsense. The lottery is nonsense. Political activism makes sense. Take responsibility for the future.

  26. There is no environmental problem that does not have a solution. Whether it’s CO2 in the atmosphere or a local river being poisoned. We are ingenious enough to solve it. Panicking achieves nothing. Panic can be defined as “sudden uncontrollable fear or anxiety, often causing wildly unthinking behaviour”. Does this really seem like a rational course of action or a considered reaction?. No. By all means demonstrate, campaign and otherwise let the world know how passionate you are about the earth and its environment. Those who advocate panic advocate chaos, fear and distrust. Often leading to rash political decisions, civil unrest, persecution and sometimes war. These are complex issues that require thoughtful solutions. We can’t think and panic at the same time. I say no to panic and yes to reason. Extinction rebellion does not. Why is that?

  27. you guys are doing all that you can to get the government's attention and nothing is happening.

    I personally don't believe in climate change because everything is fully explained in the bible.

    The world is baffled at the events taking place in the weather.

    But This was all foretold 2000 years ago

    As you can read in the following bible verses below of the events that will happen on eath

    Luke 12: 54- 56 – discerning the times

    luke 21.25 – the stress of nations

    Luke 21:11 – Earthquakes in various places

    Daniel 2.28 and Daniel 2.43 – Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism

    Daniel 12:4 and Daniel 12: 9-10 – AI Technology

    Matthew 24:6-7 – wars and Ezekiel 38- 39 – war (Russia, Iran and Turkey) will attack Israel and Revelation 6:3-4

    Revelation 6:1-2 and 6.8 – one world government and the population of the earth

    Revelation 13.7 – one world government

    Revelation 13 (16-18) – monetary system

    Matthew 24.12 & John 3.4 Timothy 3: 1-5 and Genesis 6: 5-13 – lawlessness (crime)

    Matthew 24: 37-39 – Days of Noah/ son of man – society

    Matthew 24.21- 22 (7 year Tribulation)

    Matthew 8:23– 27 and Job 37:5-13 – control of the weather

    Matthew 24: 7-8 – More frequent and intense extreme weather (pestilences)

    Revelation 16:21 – 100-pound hailstones

    Revelation 16: 8-9 – scorching Heat

    Revelation 6:5-6 – Famine

    The treat of the world Ending

    The bible says this about us being the last generation as read in the following verses.

    Isaiah 66:8

    Matthew 21:19 and Matthew 24: 32-35

    Hosea 9:10

    Joel 1:6-7

    Psalm 90:10 – A generation is between 70 and 80 years and Israel became a nation in 1948

    1948 + 80 years = 2028

  28. And the mass killng of coyotes continues, this species of ours is a killer for all of life on Earth…and now, they are killing off giraffes, any other animal that gets in their way….and the seals, too many seals they say, get your gun out and kill them too!

  29. I know that everybody is really sad and mopey about the utter annihilation of our society as a whole (in precisely twelve years because the IPCC said so), but I wouldn’t at all be surprised if the world doesn’t end until the end of the century (bare minimum). Does that mean I am an advocate for the continuation of fossil fuels? Hell no! Does it mean that I still believe we have time to create a reliable, effective renewable energy source to prevent our species from committing any further damage to the world? Probably.

  30. if you believe this is true and you don't stop consuming fossil fuels, electricity, food grown/harvested/transported with fossil fuels, transportation, technology, clothing, entertainment… all from fossil fuels… aren't you a really big hypocrite ?

  31. We have had thousands of warning, from a myriad of sources over many decades now. Nobody listened.

    Now, only the consequences remain. Do not have children.

  32. At the 0:25 point the narrator talks about the human activities that are contributing to climate change. They show pictures of cutting forests, transportation, and electricity production, but they notably leave out that human activity which is the single largest contributor to climate change: animal agriculture. Raising animals to produce meat, eggs, dairy products and animal parts for human consumption and use is, out of all human activities, the top producer of greenhouse gases, and, yet, in this video and so many others it is intentionally downplayed. If we are going to be honest about what we can do immediately to address climate change in a way that would be good for human beings, then all people should consider discontinuing the use of animal products – as clothing, as make-up, and as food.

  33. Idiots and now you're just scaring your kids! Do you have a clue of the scale of the catastrophes the earth has survived? And now tou think we can destroy a PLANET in 100 years. Why was it hotter on earth in the medieval times than now? Why was there an ice age about 15,000 years ago? And where are you getting this temperature increase data? If you told me that earth's temps had been rising for 5000 year, or even 20,000 years it would be the same. We will be gone and forgotten and other creatures will roam the planet and probably be here for a longer period of time like the dinosaurs. Do you realize there have been things like volcanoes erupting or rain for thousands of years? Read up on carbon dioxide because the earth can't survive without it. We've had engines and machinery emitting exhaust for 100+ years and you think that compares to a few billion somehow. If we detonated every nuclear weapon on earth all at once, we would die but the planet would come back!

  34. Carbon is eaten by trees. What emissions go up always fall to ground. Climate Change is by the Climate Changer Planes placing a fake world cloud layer to warm p the planet . FACT.Don't worry the gov are professional con artists and know exactly what they are doing. 1ST AUG RECORD COLD IN ENGLAND AND RAINFALL. GLOBAL WARMING SCAM.

  35. 1 degree warmer that 120 years ago. Such a small time frame as the planet naturally goes through warming and cooling periods over millions of years. You have fallen for the biggest con of the century….SPOKEN, LIKE A TRUE "ACTOR"

  36. The Global Warming Scam From 100 YEARS AGO

  37. You guys know climate change is all due to natural cycles and won't cause any problems, right? Relax and enjoy life, and stop believing all that rubbish

  38. Lmao. The science and data are false. The government is just looking for a way to tax people more money. Global warming has been debunked my many scientists. All you have to do is research it.

  39. To all of u in the u.s.a. Remember the hurricane floods in New Orleans ? How all those people were left in The astrodome for a loooong time.The gov. Is not going to save you,And the rich aren’t going to save u either. Rise up people,change now,demand and do action. THINK, be part of the solutions,talk about it to all your neighbors.we must do what it takes nothing less is acceptable. Extinction rebellion has a plan – if you want a sustainable planet to live on , join the rebellion!

  40. We can not even tell the whole world to stop using harmful drugs or stop buying sex. How are we going to stop the world from polluting the air. Sorry not happening sin is to POWERFUL.

  41. What about the tons of aerosols they are spewing out of military and defense contractor aircraft all day everyday? What is your opinion? Do you think it is helping stop climate change and global warming? Hope so.

  42. Corrupt governments represent and serve criminal banks, criminal corporations and criminal industries exclusively, and we all know by now that these sociopathic institutions put profits over people, the planet and all life. So what we need is a global revolution to save all life on earth. And if civilization has to take a few steps back for the planet to survive, so be it. Because if we do not change NOW, the natural environment will change us, and you can be sure that it won't do it gently.

  43. This terrified me and I cried. The sea level has risen noticeably over the month os July because of the heatwave causing high ice melt. WWF scientist.

  44. She states that 'social disruption' is going to be one of the consequences. This is the only significant understatement of the piece. There will be war, not over oil, but over water and food. Forced migrations will threaten to overwhelm nearby states and some authoritarian ones will kill those trying to enter their territory. Where more democratic states suffer this, governments will fail to deal with it effectively except by closing their borders, but this cannot be done physically, so the food and water-poor will come anyway with inevitable results are vital services collapse. That is what is in store within the lifetime of nearly everyone reading this thread. If you don't at least suspect that, then truly, ignorance is bliss. If you won't accept it, you are a fool. Act now, and only some of this will come to pass. Don't act and all of it will.

  45. And why should we panic? I don't see how panic would be useful in any situation. Keeping a calm head and thinking about problems rationally is what we need

  46. Acctualy the higest temperature on planet earth before industrial revolution was 25C,now in 2019 is 40C in north america and eurasia,and 50C in tropical nations.That means that our planet earth is acctualy 15C to hot to live on,so i suggest that you buy your self a bicycle this very moment.

  47. our government is busy,.we fight war ,we make guns,yeah we busy!do not bother us,we even busy creating terrorist groups.

  48. Something that is NEVER addressed when it comes to climate change: Logic. How/Why did/do Corporatist and rich powerful politicians think that they personally, would escape the effects of climate change? It was/is the greed of Corporatist and powerful politicians that has led to this crisis. What I can't for the life of me is figure out, is how they thought/think they will, with a few other rich friends in isolation, escape it? How? Do they think their fortresses will protect them from street havoc? Do they think their food will be imported in? And they will save or take along a few desperate souls to cook it for them? Do they think they will be able to fly to some perfect fruit and food producing islands? What/where is their logic? These must be people with very cold souls. I mean they cannot actually care for their children or offspring. It is like a mist overcame mankinds' reasoning power once the industrial and medical revolution hit. Everyone stayed in the fog of euphoria. We are all comfortable until we are not. There is plenty of blame to go around, for myself included, but it is these greedy types that prevented/prevent the changes needed when the "rest of us" noticed it was needed.

  49. Yes, people should really panic because according to GISTEMP we just hit 2.34 ºC in July so, forget about that 1.5 ºC thing and the year 2100, we are gonna see the effects of this climate disaster in 18 months, plus/minus 2 months, maybe less.

  50. The battle continues on. Plant trees. Garden. Nurture nature every chance you get… Like your life depends on it, because it does. All our lives depend on it, whether or not we succeed, whether or not we feel it can make a difference, we must try to make things better and one of the biggest and best steps we can do is to be vegan. It is real change, it is ending many many unnecessary cycles of death and suffering… And it can be joyful, and wonderful… So we have to work all the time for the rest of our lives at least will sleep well at night knowing we’re trying.

  51. I've written a song about the state of our planet and what we're doing to it please go check it out and share it we need to wake up!

    I would just like to say that I'm going to print flyers to stick under wipers in my little town of grassvally,CA
    And A few more in Nevada city, CA. I'll be using my money from the sales of my possessions, I've been accumulating over the years. it's All I can do, because Our government won't, if anyone in government Dems or Rep. really cared, pink Floyd, wouldn't have to sell his guitars,. and actors wound only talking about this catastrophe, and not shelling out millons like our elected officials would if they actually cared.
    Nancy Pielose is worth
    $ 100,000,000 million dollars. has anyone heard anything about somebody else donate to this crisis ?
    we The people, have to STOP ALL this corruption. the 1% like Trump just want us all dead. that is their plan to save the planet,
    think about it ? Wonka.

  53. I can’t remember who said it originally, but I heard in a TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson that “If humans exist, within 50 years our planet will suffer. If all humans died, in 50 years our planet would flourish.” I think it’s seriously unethical to bring children into a world that is increasingly getting worse climatically, politically, and morally.

  54. Thanks for this video. Meat production is a leading cause of climate change. Meat production makes more greenhouse gases than all the planes, trains, & cars in the world combined. The rain forests are being burned to make grazing land for cows so that people can eat hamburgers & steaks. Farm animals produce 100 times as much waste as all the humans in the U.S. The manure runoff ends up in rivers, streams & the ocean. Don't support this assault on animals & on the climate. You can stop this by going vegan. The rebellion begins on your plate.

  55. In stead of actors and celebrities would it be possible for you to interview scientists?
    Perhaps Piers Corbyn, you know, JC's brother who happens to be an astro physicist.
    You are scaring people…………..consumerism, which is mainly the fault of women I may add, is
    the thing you should focus on. The sun is out of your control unless you have special powers.

  56. Well we lived in a beautiful world, did my best and still go on till last minute
    monsters, for God's sake stop! creating extinction, yet we all know how it'll end, i just realised that we are more motivated to destroy earth than any second before

  57. Fact : Carbon Dioxide currently accounts for 0,004 of our atmosphere. Or 400ppm
    Fact: There is ABSOLUTELY no correlation in long term temperature to carbon dioxide levels.There are vast periods of warmth with very low Carbon Dioxide Levels, as there are vast periods of extreme cold with very high Carbon Dioxide levels.
    Fact: Carbon Dioxide is essential to all life.
    Fact: All plants will die if Carbon Dioxide levels fall below 180 ppm.
    Fact: The recent increase to Carbon Dioxide levels has helped save the planet from the terrible carbon drought it has suffered due to the warming since the previous ice age.
    Fact: Carbon Dioxide is the product of all activity of all living things on this planet.
    Fact: Carbon Dioxide levels are regulated almost completely by the oceans.
    Fact: The oceans make up 80 of the planet's surface.
    Fact: Historically Carbon Dioxide levels have ALWAYS followed temperature. As the planet warms for whatever reason the vast oceans release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. When the planet cools for whatever reason the vast oceans absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. One could say the oceans breath on vast timescales.
    Fact: The planet has been warming since the end of the little ice age (cir 1700)
    Fact: Carbon Dioxide has had no influence whatsoever on this process. It is entirely a product of this process.
    Fact: The sun has in the last 100 years been at its most active in the previous 11 000 years. The last time the sun was this active the earth was jolted out of the last ice age.
    Fact: This activity has now ceased, and the Sun has entered a period of extreme low activity.
    Fact: The earth is rapidly cooling and will continue to do so for the next few decades.
    Fact: The upper atmosphere is at the coldest levels in modern history.

    FACT: Very sophisticated, very evil forces are attempting to brainwash you. They are running out of time. Hence the emergency.

    Please check this.

  58. our situation may be cause by man,, but it is man triggered,, not man made. With or without man on this planet,, this planet will go through another mass extinction. We give ourselves way too much credit. We are only along for the ride. Mass extinctions have happened many times on this planet and man had nothing to do with it..

  59. Mass populations depend on machine farming > fueled by fossil fuels > no credible alternatives yet > millions will die if we stop using fossil fuels.

    This is just one example of how the modern world works. Why no mention of the side-effects of cutting carbon?

  60. Mass extinctions are normal. Remember the mammuts found frozen in the ground of Siberia. Or the massive layers of shells in some sediments. And don't forget the big flood in ancient times described in the bible. Can we change our fate? Are we gods?

  61. when you want them to think of the environment ant the planet, make people ask of themselves, "just how addicted to suicide AM i?" and "how much carbon monoxide should i breathe IN today?"

  62. if the whole planet were to become barren and desolate because there were no trees or plants, where would our air come from? and, technically, wouldn't the much much less dense atmosphere tend to be much much, MUCH, MORE vulnerable to solar decay as a result? do we really want to turn earth into a new MARS? Because i think thats what happened there, except an asteroid or something hit it and the FIRES, caused all the carbon monoxide to form and concentrate and slowly then sloughed off its atmosphere, think about it

  63. the rich are causing it, and then turn around and blame those who actually want to DO something about it, for its being as bad as it IS!!!

  64. Carbon neutrality is for the rich. I went to buy a car the other month and the electric cars are so expensive £30K for a car is just plain stupid. I try my hardest to be as environmentally friendly for instance when we go abroad we drive rather than fly as planes emit 250 odd grams of Co2 per passenger mile while my car emits 114grams no matter how many passengers are in there. I grow my own fruit and and some veg, I have planted as many trees as possible on my gardens. I even solar panels, they are thousands of pounds, I can’t afford that, my wife and I are on average salary’s, yet all the solutions are far expensive.
    We do try. We bought a house close to work so we could walk every day, we only use the car over the weekend to actually enjoy it, as neither of us want to spend our lives in the house staring at 4 walls and never seeing the world.

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