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COMIC THEORY: Is DEADPOOL a Mutant?? || Comic Misconceptions || NerdSync

COMIC THEORY: Is DEADPOOL a Mutant?? || Comic Misconceptions || NerdSync

– Here’s a question I get asked a lot. Is Deadpool a mutant? It is a really simple answer, actually. No, no he is not. But maybe. (rock guitar music) Welcome to Comic
Misconceptions, I’m Scott. And in the Marvel universe,
mutants are beings, usually human, who are
born with a potential to naturally develop superhuman powers without any additional stimuli. They do this through the X-gene, a genetic trait acquired
through natural human evolution. And because they are genetically
different than humans, mutants are actually
classified as a subspecies called Homo Superior, or more formally, Homo Sapien Superior. So, essentially mutants
are born genetically different than humans. Their enhanced genome allows for them to develop powers, abilities, or even just a unique appearance that the normal human genome
cannot normally express. The key thing here is that
mutants are born mutants. If a hero acquires super
human powers and abilities through external means like
cosmic rays, a Gamma bomb, or a radioactive spider bite, than they are not mutants
but rather, mutates. Same goes for Deadpool here. If you remember back to his origin, Wade Wilson was not born with any powers. He gained his healing factor
to fight his terminal cancer via the Weapon X program. Yes, the healing factor was from Wolverine who is indeed a mutant, but that doesn’t make Deadpool the mutant. You need to be born with a mutation not given one later in life. Deadpool for some reason does occasionally remark that he is a mutant though he is often sternly corrected by actual mutants that no, he is not. And this is made exceptionally clear in Heroic Age X-Men number one when it very clearly states quote, “He is not a mutant,” end quote. Again, classifying him as a human mutate. So, there we go. Shortest
Misconceptions ever. Deadpool not a mutant. But, and stay with me on this one. What if Deadpool’s cancer is a mutation? I know, I know, but there might be some, admittedly rather loose,
evidence to support this. Again, a mutation is
classified, by Marvel, as quote, “Genetic
abnormalities which grants “the subject abilities,
an appearance, or powers “beyond the normal variation
expressed in the human genome.” So, we have our criteria.
It must be genetic, and it must grant the subject some kind of trait that can’t be expressed in humans. Let’s see if his cancer
matches these standards. First up, we need to find
out if Deadpool’s cancer is a part of his natural
genetic code the same way a mutation would be. In Deadpool number three from 2009, we actually get our answer. Deadpool is fighting off
against a scientist Skrull who has taken his genetic
code and spliced it into Super Skrulls in order to give them Wade’s healing factor. Deadpool knows that he’s already won and doesn’t even need to fight them because there’s one tiny detail they overlooked when they were doing their experiments. Deadpool informs them that he has incredibly aggressive cancer, something they didn’t check for before copy-pasting his genes
into the Super Skrulls. They were only after his healing factor, and his cancer isn’t
exactly common knowledge, so they had no idea what they had done. Deadpool explains how he was not born with his healing factor, “It’s not a part of my
natural genetic code, “but you know what is? Cancer.” So, we have our first
criteria checked off the list. We now know that his
cancer is a part of his natural genetic code. One point for the cancer being a mutation. All that’s really left to
prove is that his cancer is not something that any normal human could get, and we could confidently call Deadpool a mutant. This is when it starts
to get a little tricky, but I honestly think
there’s some merit here. Let’s look at the facts. Again, Deadpool’s cancer
is incredibly aggressive. So much so, that if you have his same healing factor and you don’t have cancer, it’ll cause you to essentially explode in a matter of minutes. This is what happens to the
Super Skrulls from earlier, and how Deadpool was able to defeat them without even having to fight them. The reason for this is simple because his cancer is spreading so rapidly and violently the healing factor he was given, thanks to the Weapon X program, has to work double time just to replace all the cells that are constantly dying. When you put that
overclocked healing factor into a healthy body, like
those of the Super Skrulls, it creates massive
quantities of unneeded cells and things goes Splorch! That level of intense,
rapidly spreading cancer is unheard of in humans. Could this mean that Deadpool’s cancer is beyond the scope of
the normal human genome? Possibly, but don’t worry I’m not gonna leave my argument there. I mean, c’mon a cancer
mutation, that’s ridiculous. Mutations are supposed to
be beneficial and cool. Not always, take Ugly John for example, his entire mutation is
that he has three faces. Not exactly laser beam eyes. Nowhere in Marvel’s definition of mutants does it say that the
mutation has to be beneficial to the host. Again, all it needs to be is a genetic abnormality which grants the subject abilities, an appearance, or powers beyond the normal variation expressed in the human genome. So, could the cancer be a
kind of power, or ability? Well, yeah. In 1951, a woman named Henrietta Lacks died from cancer but researchers took some of her cancer cells
a few months earlier, and were surprised to
find that they were able to survive outside of
the body indefinitely. You see, normal cells in your body grow, divide to form new cells, and die at some point. With cancer, cells grow and divide, but they don’t die. They grow out of control and invade other parts of the body, so while normal cells would have died after only a few days, the
cells from Henrietta Lack’s body survived much, much longer. In fact, HeLa Cells, as
they were soon named, are still commonly used
in cell research today over sixty years later. They’ve been immeasurably
helpful in medical advances. They were instrumental in testing Jonas Salk’s Polio vaccine. Scientists have used
them to study the effects of radiation and toxic substances. Plus, they were the first human cells to be successfully cloned. If Deadpool’s cancer was a mutation, what if its benefit isn’t to Wade himself, but to mutant kind the same way that Henrietta Lacks’s cancer cells weren’t a benefit to her necessarily but to the rest of us. His mutation would allow for his cells to survive in vitro so that they could be studied for centuries, and hopefully progress
scientific research for mutants. You might be thinking, well
if that’s what Deadpool’s mutation is for, then why don’t they just give him a natural healing factor so he can live forever
and be studied that way. Well, mutations aren’t predictable and they definitely aren’t rational. Mystique doesn’t have to be blue, Rogue’s mutation doesn’t
have to hurt people when she absorbs their powers. Mutations are weird sometimes. And that comic I mentioned earlier that strictly states
Deadpool’s not a mutant, well that was written from the perspective of Captain America. So, who knows if he’s being accurate, or just going by the info
he’s gathered by others. Granted, this is all just
circumstantial evidence, but it would be kind of a
neat twist for the character if they revealed that he was
a mutant this whole time. I’m sure there would definitely have to be a lot of retcons for certain events, but holy cow would it shake things up. It wouldn’t be the first time Marvel decides to retcon an already
established character as a mutant, Namor anyone? And maybe this is why Deadpool has insistently referred
to himself as a mutant. He can break the fourth wall, and has shown that he’s more knowledgable about the real world than
most other characters, so maybe he’s well aware
that he is, in fact, a mutant and he’s simply trying to help the rest of us catch up. But hey, that’s just a theory, a comic theory. Please don’t sue me. What do you guys think? Is Deadpool simply a mutate as it’s been established in the comics, or could he possibly be a mutant? Let me know your thoughts
in the comments below, and please don’t just write
me off as some Deadpool fanboy in the comments. I really don’t even like
the character that much. I do think that it is simply
interesting to think about. If you do like Deadpool
you might like a previous video we did, wherein I
discussed whether or not Deadpool really was created
as Deathstroke ripoff. The answer might actually surprise you. And if this is your first
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Friday for another video. See ya.

21 comments on “COMIC THEORY: Is DEADPOOL a Mutant?? || Comic Misconceptions || NerdSync

  1. 3:52 So, along with that sickly green pallor, you little toads have got the Big C. Dun-dun-DUN! Of all the Deadpool jokes I've heard, this is the funniest. Laugh, suckers, laugh! It's the best medicine. ROFLMAOUIP.

  2. Maybe it's his massive cancer that makes up for the majority of his regen – in both cases it's just rapidly growing(multiplying) cells. Program treatment with wolverines material might have just diverted the cancer to be beneficial. Or just made it non-leathal. This is a fascinating thread that you found!

  3. In the deadpool viedogame when he is called a mutant he corrects them and says mutate. The viedo game is not cannon to the comicbooks but it was intresting.

  4. of course cancer is a mutation
    it's just not the x-gene, something inserted by aliens experimenting on people in the past

  5. wait a minute. In the movies they mention that they "awaken" the mutation with the serum and stress. So…Does that mean that he had it when he was born?

  6. Okay so Deadpool is a mutant because he has combat ablities he gained a healing power not superior inhuman combat ablties do u see the stuff he does like he perfectly nails his gun shots and katana throws and even kicks and punches (sometimes he’s not even looking) proving he’s a mutant

  7. So being born with a x mutation in the marvel universe, is like being born with a quirk in my hero Academia
    Sorry, I'm a nerd

  8. Why don't you like Deadpool so much? I'm…. uhhhhh…. I mean…. He's AWESOME! BTW I'm not going to sue you. I killed my lawyer. And yours. You're welcome.

  9. Hey bud, I don't think you know how cancer works. Cancer isn't cells dying, it is cells NEVER dying. So his healing factor would have to kill off these immortal cells, not replace them. Probably not the first to point this out. 1900+ comments I'm sure there's nothing original I could say. Also with that many, no one is ever going to see this. Why am I typing this then? Narcissism, probably. Yeah, it's narcissism.

    I typed this before he got cancer right near the end.

  10. Deadpool might have been a mutant before them gun skills are something else thinking he got sumpreme vision

  11. So it has been established that it wasn't the cancer itself that made Wade ugly, but rather as a byproduct of his body accepting another's mutation. This lead to a science guy making fake X-Men for North Korea, but they all had the grotesque, pitted flesh that Wade is known for. Therefore, he could be considered a mutant with the ability to readily accept and integrate new DNA, similar to how some bacteria do.

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