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Complete PACKTALK BOLD Tutorial

Complete PACKTALK BOLD Tutorial

Hi everyone, this is PACKTALK BOLD, the
newest generation of the world’s best motorcycle communication system and this video will show you all its latest tips and tricks hold on to your handlebar we’re about to begin reviewers around the world called it a
foolproof choice, the leader of the pack, the best comm system for 2017 and for 2018 the reason? DMC- dynamic mash
communication, an intercom technology that leaves all other Bluetooth communication systems of any brand far far behind and with this new PACKTALK BOLD we’re making it even better New high definition sound experience, new
man-machine interface, new app to run it, but above all else- the world’s first natural voice operation just tell it what you want and it will do the rest. We will kick off this video with a quick unboxing of PACKTALK BOLD’s brand new
packaging, we will explore its main features and go over its revolutionary
natural voice operation, we will guide you on how to install it on just about
any helmet and finally we’ll go through trouble shootings, frequently asked
questions and next steps, let’s rock! PACKTALK BOLD comes neatly packed inside a compact box that includes either a single, or like in this case a dual set
let’s open it and see what’s inside open the box by pulling the side flap, beneath
the cover you’ll find a blister containing either 1 or 2 PACKTALK’s, remove
the blister to reveal the documentation envelope underneath it. Inside the
envelope you’ll find a pocket guide, warranty and safety document and
installation instructions the bottom of the box contains either
one or two accessory boxes, inside of them you’ll find all the parts and fixtures you’ll need to install PACKTALK on your helmet a PACKTALK accessory box should contain a standard audio kit to mount PACKTALK on your helmet a set of two high definition 40 millimeter speakers hybrid boom mic for open-faced and module helmets wired mic for closed face helmets, extra
sponges for your microphones, a set of two speaker booster pads USB cable and wall charger four velcro’s; two square and two rectangular a glue plate for attaching your audio kit on certain type of helmets and two alcohol pads for cleaning, we’ll explain how to use them later on that’s it let’s move on out-of-the-box PACKTALK BOLD comes with
three activation buttons controlling media, phone and intercom it also has a
back roller for controlling volume press it to pause or stop whatever audio your’e listening to, but forget about buttons “Hey Cardo music on”; “music on” “Hey Cardo next track”; “Hey Cardo volume up”; “Hey Cardo battery status”; “battery staus 50%”, I think we’re still good to go “Hey Cardo music off” let’s start he tutorial to turn your device on or to shut it off press the media and phone buttons together now let’s go into the business of pairing PACKTALK BOLD has two downward pairing channels for pairing up to two mobile devices such as a mobile phone and a GPS. On the upward side PACKTALK BOLD can pair to a group of up to 14 other DMC enabled devices
It can also bridge in any Bluetooth only device of any brand via a bridge functionality switching PACKTALK BOLD to Bluetooth only mode will allow you to pair it with any other Bluetooth communication system via
two intercom pairing channels to pair a mobile phone, press the phone
button for about 5 seconds; “mobile phone 1 pairing” on your mobile phone Bluetooth screen search for PACKTALK ,and pair it; “paired successfully” pairing a second mobile device is almost similar
press the phone button for about 5 seconds; “mobile phone 1 pairing” then, double tap the phone button to switch to second pairing channel; “mobile phone 2 pairing” proceed with the pairing process
on your mobile phone “paired successfully” for GPS use the second pairing channel as described previously; “mobile phone 1 pairing” “mobile phone 2 pairing”, and then swipe the roller forward ‘”GPS pairing”, continue with pairing process on your GPS; “paired successfully” now that we got that part let’s start using our voice, just
remember to say “Hey Cardo”, for example to activate music, “Hey Cardo music on” “Hey Cardo volume up”;
“Hey Cardo volume down”; “Hey Cardo next track” “Hey Cardo previous track”; “Hey Cardo volume up” “Hey Cardo mute audio”; “Hey Cardo unmute
audio”; “Hey Cardo music off” you can also use buttons click the media button to start music playing play with volume, click again to move a track forward double click to move backward stop music now let’s play some radio; “Hey Cardo radio on”; “radio on” “Hey Cardo next station”; “89.9” “Hey Cardo previous station” “Hey Cardo radio off”, you can also use
buttons as well, to access radio via buttons, double tap the media button then,
like music press once to move to the next station “87”, or twice to move back to
the previous one “89.9”, perform auto scan by pressing and scrolling the roller
button “77.2” press the media button once to stop the auto scan process, press it
again to save the station “78 saved” you can also toggle between radio and music by
pressing the media button for 2 seconds or until you hear the second beep “78” got a phone call?Just say
“answer”, no need to say “Hey Cardo” want to ignore that call? Just say “ignore” but these are not the only thing you can do with your phone want to initiate a call? say “Hey Cardo redial number” if you happen to have an often-used number you
can add it through the Cardo Connect app or through the Cardo community
just say “Hey Cardo speed dial” missing your smart phone’s personal assistant? just call her name “Hey Siri”, “call home” if you’re using Android just say “Ok Google” wait for the phone to beep and then ask
whatever you want of course you can do all these things using simplified buttons operations, to answer incoming call press any button, to reject press any of the
three front buttons for two seconds to ignore an incoming call quickly swipe
the roller both ways and the caller would never know you had better things to do you can choose to share an active call with the members of your riding
group by pressing the intercom button this function works in DMC mode- more
details in that later on to end an active call click either the roller,
phone or media button, to access your smart phone’s personal assistant click
the phone button once don’t forget to wait for the beep “call 100-488-03636” “calling +1-800-488-0363”
double click the phone button to redial a number press it for two seconds
or until you hear the second beep for speed dial and now ladies and gentlemen
the moment we’ve all been waiting for the very thing that separates PACKTALK
from the rest of the pack- the group intercom Back in 2004, we pioneered the motorcycle Bluetooth market with Scala rider we learned a lot during those
years and one of the things we learned was that Bluetooth is limited, so in 2015
we decided to reinvent the market once more and introduced DMC- dynamic mash
communication Unlike other Bluetooth units, this DMC
PACKTALK creates a living connection, it wants to make friends, it adapts. If a
rider or two leave the group, all the other units will work together to
leapfrog the signal and keep everyone connected when those riders return to range, they are automatically connected simply put, DMC powered PACKTALK BOLD
makes Bluetooth frustrations a thing of the past just connect it once and forget
about it, PACKTALK BOLD will do the rest for you and don’t worry about other
Bluetooth devices of any brand, PACKTALK will connect with them as well, now let’s
make some connections we will use four PACKTALK’s for this example, it’s the exact same process for 2, 3 or 15 devices make sure your PACKTALK flash green,
this means they are in DMC mode, we will explain more about this later. To set the
group intercom, press the intercom button on all the group devices for 5
seconds or until you hear the third beep all devices flashing? good, now press the
intercom button once on one of the devices which will now act as the group
admin, wait a few seconds for all the devices to connect; “grouping success”, and that’s it. really, that’s it, will stay connected during the day
and it will stay connected when you power the unit back on the following day,
the following week, or the following year. Now let’s say you want to change the
group, perhaps add a few members, no problem remember that admin unit? activate grouping on both the new unit and the admin by pressing the intercom button for five seconds or until you hear the
third beep, when grouping mode is activated, press the intercom button only
on the admin unit, wait few seconds for the two units to group, congratulations!
you just increased your group from four to five DMC is not an exclusive club, you
can also bridge Bluetooth units into the DMC party, let’s see how first step pair the Bluetooth unit to your PACKTALK BOLD switch your PACKTALK to Bluetooth mode
by pressing the intercom and phone buttons together please make sure music streaming is turned off before switching modes this unit should now flash blue
meaning it is in Bluetooth mode activate Bluetooth pairing by pressing the
intercom button for five seconds or until we hear the third beep, activate the
other unit’s Bluetooth pairing and let them pair PACKTALK has Universal pairing which means you can pair it with any Bluetooth headset of any brand, more on universal pairing later on “paired successfully”, good, the two units are now paired in Bluetooth toggle PACKTALK back to DMC mode by pressing the intercom and phone buttons together
ensure the indicator light switches from blue to green, back in a DMC group
intercom click on that intercom button and your preset Bluetooth bridge is now
part of the party please note that a bridged unit needs to be in close proximity, bridging works best in a rider to passenger scenario, now let’s explore
some tips and tricks to enhance your group intercom experience having along-lost pal calling you? answer “share that active phone call with the rest of the group” just press the intercom button while the call is active and get that person into the conversation like to have a private chat with any particular member of the group intercom? select that member through the Cardo Connect app first and then, double click the intercom
button to toggle between private and group chats want some peace and quiet from the chatter? click the roller for two seconds or until you hear the rolling beep to enjoy an intercom free ride click on that roller again for 2 seconds to unmute the group let’s say you meet your friends and discover you’re the only one with a DMC powered device not to worry, PACKTALK also acts as a fully blown Bluetooth intercom, let’s see how toggle PACKTALK to bluetooth mode, don’t forget to check indicator light turns blue; “Bluetooth intercom mode”
your PACKTALK is now a Bluetooth intercom unit press the intercom button for 5 seconds or until you hear the third beep to start mobile pairing on channel 1 activate bluetooth intercom pairing on the other device and let the two pair “paired successfully” when paired press the intercom button to open the intercom channel and again to close it to pair another Bluetooth device on channel 2 open the second channel pairing by pressing the intercom button for five seconds or
until you hear the third beep and then double tap the intercom button to
activate a second channel pairing; “rider B pairing” activate Bluetooth intercom pairing on the other
device and let the two pair “paired successfully” when paired, double click the intercom button to open an intercom channel, and double tap again to close it you can of course add more devices in this fashion creating a long Bluetooth daisy chain if you’d like to learn more about this watch our four way Bluetooth pairing video on the Cardo channel please note that this type of Bluetooth connection also applies for non Cardo Bluetooth intercoms for universal pairing watch the universal
pairing tutorial at the end of this video in the frequently asked questions section that’s it for now, to make the most of your PACKTALK BOLD grab the pocket guide and look inside this tutorial will cover both closed
faced, open faced, and half helmets we’ll kick off with an open-faced helmet, for
more information you can always refer to your installation guide that came in the box our first step would be to remove the
inner cheek pads to reveal the ear cavities inside once you located the inner ear cavities take the alcohol pad and clean each ear cavity grab a square velcro and attach it to
the base of the ear cavity repeat the process for the other cavity now we finished preparing the ear cavities let’s go ahead and install the speakers
note that your speakers have a short left side and a long right side, we will
take care of the left side first attach the speaker to the velcro with the cord facing the neck pad, to ensure optimal radio reception please follow the next
step- remove the head padding and run the long speaker cord through the top of
your inner helmet all the way to the other side, attach the right speaker in
its place and return the padding the long cord will now act also as your FM
antenna, if your ear cavities are just too deep use one of these spacers to
make sure the speakers are correctly placed simply attach the spacer to the velcro and place the speaker on top of it now let’s install the microphone- open
the second alcohol pad and thoroughly clean the left side helmet cheek,
grab a rectangular velcro and glue it to the base of the cheek, grab the second
rectangular velcro and place it about five centimeters or two inches away
towards the cheek opening for open-faced and modular helmets, use the supplied hybrid boom mic, note the base, the middle clap on and the yell triangle near the
boom- watch this yellow triangle, it should face your mouth- attach the base
of the mic to the first velcro and adjust the clap to fit the second velcro,
finally adjust the boom to meet your mouth with the yellow triangle facing you installing a microphone on closed faced helmet is a little different use an alcohol pad to clean the chin area take the corded mic unit detach it from
the velcro and glue the velcro to the chin area attach the corded mic and run the cord
along the left side rim of your helmet now is the time to attach the audio
cradle- this is a standard audio kit behind it, you’ll find a flexible clip
that should go between the helmet’s shell and the inner lining- squeeze the audio
cradle firmly into its place with the clip pushing on the helmets inner shell,
some helmets have a thick rim which is unsuitable for a clamp-based solution
fortunately, the audio cradle can also be installed using a specially designed
glue plate that came inside the box clean the designated area with an
alcohol pad, remove the sealing cover from the glue plate and attach it firmly
into the lower left side of the helmet allow 24 hours for the glue to solidify now that was fast! your PACKTALK audio kit has a release slot use a sharp metal object to press in it
and then push down on the clamp to remove it like this and replace it with a glue plate now let’s connect all the wires Okay, now that we got that covered let’s
reinstall all the padding’s to their original location Congratulations! we’ve just finished
installing the PACKTALK audio kit on your helmet now for the very last step- let’s
have a closer look, your PACKTALK audio kit has two sides, a connector side and a
release tab, to insert your PACKTALK start with the connector side- like this,
and then press firmly on the backside until you hear that click, to release PACKTALK push down on the release tab and your PACKTALK is off installing your PACKTALK on a half helmet is easy just make sure to have one of these half helmet kits first before continuing the integrated boom microphone kit is
available at any dealership depending on your half helmet, use either the clip based or the glue based solution attach the cradle and adjust the long boom to its correct position, don’t forget to place the yellow triangle directly
opposite your mouth- now slide the speakers into the correct location, don’t
forget to run the long cord through the top inner side of the helmet push the
right speaker into its designated place all right we’re pretty much done, just
please keep in mind that every helmet is different and may require some adjustments to the process you just saw when in doubt, contact your local dealer for additional help Just before you jump on and ride off
with your new communication system, make sure to connect it to your computer and register it on the Cardo community take the USB cable, connect to your unit and connect the other side to your computer go to, go to support
and click on the Cardo community link click on the enter link and sign
yourself in, if this is your first time in the community you’ll have to register
yourself first, fill in your details and a valid email we will send you a
verification email to that address to complete your registration, complete the
optional personal detail page, fill in the CAPTCHA at the bottom and click on
submit- if this is your first time in the community homepage you may be required
to download and install the Cardo updater app just click on the clearly
visible icon on the top left of the screen and press on all the usual
installation approval buttons did you remember to confirm your registration via the email we sent you? give a few seconds for the community to recognize, sync and analyze your unit Good news! there’s a new firmware update available for your unit, download and install it to upgrade your unit performance and
features set, this whole process can take between five to ten minutes but with the
miracles of digital video editing we managed to squeeze it just slightly. Now
take the time to complete your personal profile, and check the multiple settings
options available for your unit use the designated place to fill in the device name, speed dial, preferred language and radio stations sync your device to accept changes and import them to your device that’s it, well almost done actually- one last step remains download and install the Cardo app PACKTALK is equipped with Universal
connectivity which means it can connect to any one of these brands- let’s see how to activate Universal pairing start by switching your PACKTALK to Bluetooth mode; “Bluetooth intercom mode”, then activate Bluetooth pairing and hit the phone button; “Cardo gateway pairing”, on whichever non Cardo device you use, start mobile phone pairing this way you can pair a Sena or
an Interphone or a Uclear or any other brand you choose to use You’re talking over the phone or with
your buddy through the intercom and they tell you they can’t hear you very well,
something is wrong let’s fix it look at the yellow triangle does it face your
mouth? if it looks like this well, you’ve got to change it to be
facing your mouth like this You’re riding down the road and the
sound experience is not exactly what you’ve expected well there’s a solution for that- let’s see how our FREECOM’s come equipped with high quality, high definition 40 millimeter speakers but to get the most of them they have to be
placed correctly like this every person is different and your helmets designated speaker cavity may not match the location of your ear- put the speakers in
your helmet, put your helmet on top of your head and try to slide a finger
inside and see if the speaker’s location and your ear location match- if they do
not, you may have to place the speakers outside of the speaker cavity to ensure
best sound quality Sometimes you just need a reset and so
is your unit- luckily we have two types of reset- let’s explore them to reset all Bluetooth pairing including mobile devices and Bluetooth intercom start by switching your unit to Bluetooth mode; Bluetooth intercom mode” activate Bluetooth intercom pairing and then press both the media button and the intercome buttons until you see the
purple light flashes and then the unit will turn off. For a complete factory
reset press the three frontal buttons for a few seconds until you see the
purple light flashing- the unit will flash purple and then it will shut off “goodbye” That’s it, we’re pretty much done here.
for further questions and queries be sure to write us at [email protected] and follow our videos until then- Enjoy your ride and be safe.

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  36. so when you bridge in a bluetooth device to the dmc network can you only do one device in total or one device per unit?

  37. As some have mentioned, the NEW Packtalk Bold and Slim have JBL speakers that sound great. Sound MUCH better than the Sena. If you are reading the text, whoever wrote out the text got something wrong… it;s Dynamic MESH, NOT Dynamiic mAsh… his accent sounds like mash, but it IS MESH.
    My wife and I bought the packtalks from the local Cycle Gear, but they had just ONE Bold and ONE Slim, so I got the Slim and she got the Bold and we got the selections right. We both love our new systems and they automatically connect every time. (We have had them a couple of months.) We have not had the chance to use them with other brands in Bluetooth, but we bought these mainly to stay connected when we ride together. We each have our own bikes, and sometimes get separated, but so far up to about a half mile there was no problem with connection. I WILL SAY if you have a lotta wind hitting your mic it will affect you. At high speed we have to raise our voices, and a lot at 75 or 80! But we usually take back roads and are 65 or under most of the time and they are clear as a bell for the most part. We both have 3/4 helmets (Mine is Z1R with the Slim and hers is Sedici with the Bold). Of course the mic is sensitive enough that she tells me to turn my dang fairing stereo system off or way down cuz it sounds bad through the mic. heh But the FM radio and phone music pairing sound great.
    Taking a call works great and you can call a preset primary number with the "Hey Cardo Speed Dial" command or to have more flexibility we use the "Ok Google" on the Android phones. 😉 (Much better than Apple! heh heh heh) Overall, we love the Packtalks and they are worth every penny!

  38. Been running the Pack Talk for about 3 years now no problems ever! Simply the Best thanks for a great product!

  39. The biggest concern I have is the small size of the buttons. Clearly not designed for us ATGATT folks who always where leather gloves. I know the voice command should lessen the need for buttons, but my voice controlled Garmin GPS still has occasions where I need to use the touchscreen.

  40. A 1.5 week Long there is a malfunction on your site.
    Therefor jou can not change your personel settings!
    Is there a soulution for??
    De harde
    Ed Schippers

  41. The voice command activates when I speak loudly into the microphone. At first, I like this feature, i thought it would get really handy. But in time i find this feature really annoying, especially when I tried to talk to my friends or other people that are not using intercoms. It always activates when I don't need it to be activated. Can i turn this feature off? If so, how?

  42. Love my bold & just got the slim for my wife’s helmet. Keep up the great innovations leading the way!!!

  43. It would be nice to have a voice command to scan for FM radio stations. Something like “Hey Cardo scan up”, “Hey Cardo scan down”, and “Hey Cardo, stop scan.” The presets are only useful when riding around your home. When traveling they are worthless and the scan function is needed all of the time and is not easy to activate when wearing gloves.

  44. Hi I'm new to this scala cardo stuff i have a scala rider packtalk duo and im having issues talking to the second pack or passenger? Everything is for single packs on youtube nothing recent for the duo setup? can't get the voice to work too

  45. Great tutorial. I have a Cardo SHO-1 on my XR1100 but looking to buy a Mesh unit for my Shoei NXR and this looks to fit the bill perfectly. I do have a question that seems to remain unanswered……when a call comes in and is answered how do I keep the Samsung S10+ screen from coming on..? Ideally I would like the 'ok Google' commands to function with the screen locked as I have encountered problems with the phone in my pocket calling random people which is obviously a problem.

  46. Just bought a dual pack of BOLDs yesterday. So far not super impressed, the Music volume is so low when intercom is enabled, the mobile app keeps telling me there is an update, yet can't update from the mobile app? What kind of crap is that? So went through the process to sign up for community and download for windows, yet the website kept failing to load like the host that I was being redirected to was down community1 … Eventually, the page would load 5-6 min later. Just kinda janky so far. The packaging was super nice, maybe they should have put more money into better mobile app developers instead of dope packaging? Just not sure yet.. I'll give it a week or so, but the first impression…. seems like these guys are not spending the money in the right places.

  47. Good thing I watched this good informative video. I didn't realize I'd have to buy additional accessories for a half bucket.

  48. doesn't work as smooth as this under riding conditions, wind and engine noise, and speakers are not so good after 50 mph.I'm disappointed with my smart pack.

  49. people can absolutely not hear me when we are riding 50+mph I had a friends clutch cable break while he was less than 400 yards away. His voice didn’t come through comms at all and he keeps complaining he could never hear what I said only every 3rd word or so both are pack talk bolds $600 down the drain

  50. I am try pairing to BT intercom headset s3 (BT-S3) via bluetooth, pairing successful in pactalk speaker and in aplication, but i still can't communication to BT-S3. Please help

  51. Hello just installed my new Bold today, Question if I pair with two Sena units do I need to push the button to talk to the other two units or is it an open channel between the two?

  52. If I am using the Bluetooth intercom will the GPS over ride the intercom so I can get my directions? And can I leave the intercom on all the time so I can talk to my pillion?

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